McCain And The Media Class

Regular visitors to this website will know that besides it being a generally conservative site, it is unique in that it consistently argues that the US and UK political processes are being attacked and subjugated by a new ruling class (in the Marxist sense) – the Media Class.  Mr. Radical and Mr. Right have long argued that this newly empowered Class can and does make and break politicians in pursuit of an agenda of its own. We argue that the Media Class political agenda is mostly aimed at remaking civil society in its own image. Since this involves destroying all traditional (Christian and conservative) moral values this radical agenda is rooted in Leftist ideology and the new Class has taken control of the Parties of the Left and center. Its enemies are those political parties and institutions that represent the traditional family, defend the existence of the independent nation state, and oppose the growth of government control over families, individuals and institutions.

We have no doubt that the Media Class is dominant in all democracies, but we mostly limit our commentary to the two Nation States that we know intimately. In the UK, the tax-funded and Leftist-dominated BBC occupies the lead role for the Media Class. All of its news broadcasts, its entertainments and its social programs are, in essence, propaganda on behalf of the Media Class agenda. It is the intellectual home (though not the only Media Class home) of Leftist ideologues, those who reject traditional moral virtues and internationalists. In the USA, where tax-funded broadcasting has a puny audience, the New York Times and the Washington Post together occupy a position strikingly similar to the UK’s BBC. The NYT is perhaps THE most important voice of the Media Class and every day the ‘news’ stories that appear on its pages set out the political agenda for the rest of the Media outlets to follow.

Only recently, the NYT endorsed the candidature of John McCain for the Republican nomination. This was no surprise to conservatives, for McCain has been one of the few Republican politicians to get favorable Media treatment over the last seven years. The NYT and its followers liked his maverick activities because they hindered President Bush, the man the Media sought to destroy. McCain may have been flattered and deceived by this favorable treatment, for the Media Class only seeks to divide and destroy conservatives.

Yesterday John McCain got a rude awakening, when the NYT ran a front page smear attack on his integrity. Ever since last November, the ‘newspaper’ has been trying to put together a case against him. We now learn from McCain’s attorney (the Democrat big-time lawyer Robert Bennett) that the McCain camp has been providing documentary evidence to the NYT to refute allegations that eight years ago he had an improper relationship with a glamorous female lobbyist and because of this relationship used his Senate Committee chairmanship to wangle concessions for the companies she represented. McCain must have thought he had provided enough material to squash the story, but yesterday he learned that the NYT was out to get him. There are several interesting aspects to this case and they have been of great interest to conservative commentators, especially those on Fox News and Talk Radio.

As far as the two allegations contained in the NYT story are concerned, the following can be said. The Times informants are said to be at least two past ‘associates’ in the McCain organization. The Times says they wish to remain anonymous! They do not actually allege that he had a sexual affair with the lobbyist, but a ‘relationship’ with her that some staff members considered to be unwise and warned him and her to end. To date, the Times has not produced any evidence of actual contracts that McCain gave special treatment to, apart from a letter to a Government agency asking them to speed up a decision that had been lagging for 800 days. This would appear to be very thin stuff on which to base a major front-page denunciatory story during an important election. Supermarket gossip magazines rarely run stories on celebrities with such little substance.

It may be that McCain had an affair with the lobbyist and the NYT will ultimately produce the smoking gun. As I write, not a shred of evidence is forthcoming and McCain and the lobbyist have both denied anything other than friendship. We on this website will not be alone in suspecting that a sexual relationship took place, for men of McCain’s age (he would have been about 63) are vulnerable to dangerous temptation and none more so than politicians. The innuendo has been put on the front page of the Nation’s leading ‘newspaper’ and as one Democrat operative gleefully claimed last night on Fox News “there is no smoke without fire”. Nevertheless, without a shred of evidence to support such an innuendo, we on this website would not run such a story about anyone and we are not charged with living up to journalistic standards!

The alleged McCain misbehavior is eight years old. The story has been lurking in the NYT office since November, since when their reporters have been digging furiously without uncovering more dirt and during that time the ‘newspaper’ has endorsed McCain. On the current evidence, the NYT stinks though it is McCain who has been tainted, perhaps sufficiently to sink his Presidential campaign prospects. Some say that this concocted smear story will help McCain, as it will unite conservatives behind him. This is wishful thinking and even if true the smear has more deadly effect amongst the wider electorate for whom McCain’s big asset was his clean reputation for public duty.

Last night conservative commentators were asking why did the NYT do it and why now? Here’s why!

The Media Class had intended to anoint the Clintons for the White House. It assumed that the Clintons would skate into November as the Democrat Party candidate(s) and then landslide into the White House on the anti-Bush sentiment that it believes it has successfully built up over the years. The Clintons would then, with large Senate and House majorities, usher in all the legislation that the Media Class yearns for, plus the appointment of several Leftist Supreme Court judges who would put the US constitution to one side. All threats to abortion on demand would be removed. Same sex marriage would be introduced throughout the land. Sodomy as a normal practice would be taught in all schools from kindergarten upwards. God would be banished from the public sphere. The country would be swamped with the most undesirable immigrants the world has to offer. The list is endless and any reader can add to it.

Suddenly, the Democrat anointment has been thrown into confusion by the emergence of the Black upstart Obama. His strong showing, capitalizing on the wider public’s dislike of the awful Clintons, was not anticipated. It is not that the Media Class finds anything wrong with Obama’s agenda. Indeed, he seeks to outflank the Clintons on all their Leftist policies, including the social ones. The trouble is that, given the Clintons will make it hard for them to be ditched, Obama is tearing the Party apart along race and other fault lines in a destructive struggle that threatens to go right to the Convention. No-one foresaw this! At the same time, horror of horrors, the Republicans have almost anointed their candidate and he is already in a position to be able to start attacking the Democrat front-runner. It is McCain’s attacks on Obama (and to a lesser extent Hillary), using the Media spotlight that the Democrat’s civil war is bringing to a wider audience, that has led the NYT to knife McCain at this time. McCain’s very effective speech on the night of his victory in Wisconsin was not about an ongoing Republican internal battle but a deadly attack on the Democrat candidates. Obama and the Clintons, both vying to win the Democrat Party’s very Left rank-and-file, are being forced to reveal their Leftist credentials to a wider voting public. They are likely to do more of this as they race neck and neck. In doing so, they provide the most damaging evidence of Leftist extremism for the November contest. We still believe that the Clinton(s) will win the democrat nomination by unsavory means and in so doing will alienate vital voting blocs come November. If Obama wins, he will do so by having gone even further to the Left than the Clintons. None of this is good news for the Democrat Party and its Media masters who suddenly face the possibility of a McCain Presidency. By beginning to look and sound Presidential in his TV-carried speech after Wisconsin, McCain was suddenly perceived as a real threat to the Media Class achieving full political power. His goose was cooked from that night. The NYT will not retract its smear story, no matter how much outrage conservatives express and no matter what evidence McCain produces.

This smear will both distract McCain from his attacks on the Democrat candidates and permanently damage his reputation. I think it will put the Presidency beyond his reach no matter how untrue the allegations might be. He is now on the defensive at a time when he might have gained a headstart. The NYT knew that all other Media outlets would pick up the story and amplify it. This is how the Media Class works. There may be some very damaging stories out there about the Democrat contenders, including some with ample evidence to provide veracity, but they will not surface. There was a time when the Leftist MSM would not have behaved in so openly a partisan and unprincipled manner, but those days are gone forever. The Media Class is now confident in its power to resort to blatant propaganda and is impatient to have its agenda items implemented. This is understandable given that many in its hedonistic ranks either do not have long to live or are characterized by insatiable and psychopathic appetites.

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