March With Media Madness

My final February article was about the Homosexual campaign to punish the Boy Scouts of America because that organization will not admit known active homosexual into its ranks of vulnerable young boys. This particular story concerned the (Democrat-controlled) City of Philadelphia, but the campaign against the Boy Scouts is being waged all across the US.  In the UK, I am told that the Scout Movement has already given up resisting the homosexual urge to hammer down every door that inhibits or stigmatizes the practice of sodomy.

As I have noted many times before on this website, homosexuals punch way above their weight in the US, the UK, Canada and many other places in the Western world. Numerically small and carrying the baggage of sodomy (a practice that nauseates normal people) and the make-belief of same-sex relationships, homosexuals nevertheless are ruling the political and legal roost, as they impose their grotesque behaviors on school curriculums, on national laws, on employers, voluntary organizations and the public. Only this morning I read how a Proctor and Gamble financed TV ‘soap opera’ is allegedly under fire because it has not yet featured two homosexual characters kissing. We are told that many viewers are campaigning to press the Company to relent and let everyone enjoy the uplifting and romantic sight of two grown men kissing in a sexual way. Proctor and Gamble will be only too happy to cave, since the company is even more homo-friendly than Ford Motor Company and advertizes in homo magazines at every opportunity.

I move amongst many people and listen to their conversations in bars, restaurants, neighborhood gatherings and meetings and I never hear anyone say anything positive about homosexuality. As I see it, homosexuals outside of the workplace move in their own circles. This is understandable since in the great preoccupation of life (sexual attraction) no-one wants to waste time. This is better for them and the rest of us. I find it hard to believe that non-homosexual people are clamoring to see same-sex kissing on their TV programs. Nor do I believe that many heterosexual people (especially parents) want to allow homosexual scout leaders sleeping in tents with young boys. The “clamor” is, of course a Media clamor and a Media-orchestrated clamor of politicians, though I expect billionaire Gorge Soros finances a few organizations that do their bit.

Now we have reports from the BNP website that a top Tory MP is about to ‘tie the knot´ with his boyfriend, and all to the delight of Tory Leader Dave “hug a hoodie” Cameron. Cameron’s response to the romantic news is calculated to sound casual and matter-of-fact as he looks forward to attending the ceremony later this year. Soon, we shall hear that the Archbishop of Canterbury intends to be there too. Like Cameron, this old fool is keen to be seen as open-minded, forward-looking, inclusive and ready to bend-over backwards (sarcasm intended) in the race to reject every Christian tradition and wise teaching. I sincerely hope that in the approaching May local elections in the UK the people turn out in droves to vote BNP. It is the only Party in the UK that is not radical but socially conservative.

Recently, several US newspapers have carried reports that a recent ‘study’ has revealed that the US has more people ‘incarcerated’ than any other Western nation. The implication in all the articles is that this is something bad and that the US is bottom of some sort of international league. We have all been brainwashed by the Media and its Leftists over many years to believe that putting criminals in prison is reprehensible. There are many (Soros-funded?) academic organizations that exist solely to denounce the practice of putting criminals behind bars. We are told by them that prison breeds criminality, wrecks families, deprives children of fathers and breadwinners and is socially unjust (targets the ‘poor’) and racially motivated (Blacks and certain minorities are over represented in the prison population). As someone who grew up in a poor city area and eventually worked in Child-protection services, I can tell you that all these arguments are without merit.

I think that apart from one aspect, the US can be proud that it is top of the international league in catching and punishing anti-social riff-raff and putting them where they can no longer prey on its hardworking decent people. My one complaint is that far too many killers linger on Death Row for years, occupying cells that are desperately needed. Let us have more capital punishment, not in order to lose that first place in the international league table, but in order to get the maximum return on our tax investment in the prison service.

Finally I return to the Democrat Primaries. My money is still on the Clintons though I have to admit that the Media Class now has a split in its ranks. Important segments of the Media Class have deserted the Clintons for Obama, and not just Oprah and Geffen, but AP, MSNBC and the staff of the Wall Street Journal. I did not foresee the Media Class embracing a new choice, but of course the Media Class is not a conspiracy but a political, social and economic Class which is united by an agenda (mostly social) and a Class interest and not by a loyalty to individuals and politicians. Obama obviously looks more electable to some Media people and his commitment to the Media Class agenda is unquestionable. He is, in fact, more Left and socially radical than the Clintons and has no negative baggage from the past (at least as far as we know yet!). Like Rush Limbaugh, I hope that the Clintons stay in the race after tomorrow, for it is hugely satisfying to see Democrats bitterly divided over race and gender and the two candidates constantly trying to outflank each other on the Left in order to win the Party base and the Soros money. Once the Democrat candidate has emerged, we can be sure of one thing and that is that the Media Class will be united behind him/her and will stop at nothing to destroy John McCain and his Party. Will the Obama bubble burst soon and can the Clintons prick it (no pun intended!)?

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