Mainstream Media Is Our Enemy Revealed

Today, most Broad Right websites and commentators acknowledge that the Mainstream Media (MSM) is in complete alliance with the Democrat Party. A few even recognize that the MSM is our main enemy and that it is a propaganda machine.

On this website ten years ago we began arguing that the MSM was the weapon and propaganda voice of America’s emergent Media Class, and that the Media Class was intent on becoming America’s first Ruling Class.

We also argued that by using its MSM’s ability to create winners and losers, the Media Class had purged the Democrat Party. Purged of ‘morally old-fashioned’ and ‘patriotic’ leaders and members, the new Democrat Party provided the ground troops and the legislative machinery for the Revolutionary social agenda of the new Class and its grab for political power.

The Media Class had no problem forging an alliance with the Far Left in its many forms, for all were anti-Christian, anti-patriotic, desiring big government power and the dismantling and transforming of the American State. We began writing of the Media Class/Far Left Alliance, and in 2008 the Alliance succeeded in capturing all branches of the Federal Government, whereupon it set out to complete, by stealth, its Revolutionary agenda.

On this website today, we must repeat that the MSM is the direct voice of the Media Class and its Far-Left ally. As such the MSM totally controls the Democrat Party – not the other way around. Through organs like the NYT, the Washington Post, the LA Times, the Boston Globe and almost all TV stations and Hi-tech news outlets, each day’s political news agenda is decided. Democrat Party leaders take their cues from the MSM and often play little part in the current war between the Nationalist (Counter-Revolutionary) Trump and the temporarily-ousted Ruling Class.

The Ruling Media Class and its MSM are able to march in lockstep not through conspiratorial meetings (though they surely take place!) but because a Ruling Class inevitably has an agenda of its own interests to follow and impose.

How the terrorist attack in London is identically reported in America’s MSM (and MSM around the Western World) provides ample evidence of the Media Class/Far Left agenda (destruction of borders, language and culture¹) and the MSM’s ability to substitute propaganda for News.

The agenda is dominated by the need to protect mass Third World immigration into America and hide the dangerous consequences from the people. Consequently, MSM reporting must bury the event as speedily as possible, play it down, detach terrorist acts from alien religions, cultures and minorities, and denounce public anxiety as bigotry and discriminatory.

This difficult task – for it requires the suppression of common sense – is made easier by the MSM’s near-monopoly of information, the public’s misplaced trust in the MSM, and the skillful and corrupt use of words. This corruption of words, (foreseen by George Orwell and which we often denounce) is proceeding apace in colleges and schools.

In today’s Wall Street Journal (one of the few American newspapers to continue mentioning the London Muslim attack), the front-page headline is “Briton With Extremist Ties Named as London Attacker”.

Khalid Masood may have been born in Britain, therefore technically being a British citizen, but it remains a Far-Left fiction that he was British. The MSM and those it speaks for, have an agenda that includes stripping culture, identity and religion away from the concept of Nationality, and reducing Nationality to a near-meaningless technical term.

But the headline also serves other dishonest purposes. It implies that the killer was one of the native people and so his guilt must be shared with the British people. It also removes the need to mention his religion which was the motivating force behind his terrorism.

Every MSM outlet will emphasize his criminal record or his mental health record as another means of setting aside the one factor that explains his crime. In the WSJ’s long article the word ‘Muslim’ is mentioned only once, and then (quoting an academic) only to say that Birmingham’s Muslim community is well-integrated!

In emphasizing Masood’s British birth, the MSM inadvertently reveals that the technicality of birthplace has little relevance for behavior when compared to culture, race, religion and diversity.

There is another misuse of a word to which the MSM resorts, and it is ‘extremist’. This word, whose origin is as an adjective, is now used to avoid a more accurate word – in this case ‘Muslim’. Extremists must be extreme about something for no-one can be just an ‘extremist’. And incidentally, Leftists are never described as extreme, and sodomy, water-sports and rimming are never described as the extreme sexual behaviors they are.

As I complete this article, there has been no vote in the House on the Healthcare Bill. I hope it passes, not because I have any time for Paul Ryan and his motives, but because President Trump’s Counter-Revolutionary momentum needs to be maintained, and that is more important than any single issue.

¹Acknowledgment to Michael Savage whose most recent book “Trump’s War” has topped the NYT best-seller list.

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