Mainstream Media Does Much More Than Lie

Regular visitors will know that the fundamental assertion of this website is that today’s political and social turmoil is, above all else, the consequence of the rise to power of the Media Class and its Far Left ally.

Our broad definition of the Media Class includes the News Media, Television, Hollywood’s movies, and all the professional activities that exist, support, intermingle, depend on, and prosper around them. We include Advertising, Fashion, Pop Music and professional Sport.

The power of the Media Class lies in its own awesome creations – the Mainstream Media (MSM) News and MSM Entertainment. These two lie at the core of its propaganda power.

The Media Class, despite its power through the MSM, was (and is) too numerically small to win the political legislative power that would enable it to revolutionize and remake society in its own image. The problem was solved by a comfortable alliance with the revolutionary Far Left. As we explained in a previous article, the MSM systematically purged the Democrat Party of (social) moderates and transformed it into a Far Left Party in which revolutionary social policies were as important as economic ones.

We leave it to intelligent website visitors to fathom how the MSM purges organizations. One way to fathom it, is to pay attention to its war on Donald Trump and his followers, for the Media Class is attempting to purge Trump and his followers from the American body politic. If this is achieved, the Far Left will purge them from America’s life and the Revolution will be completed!

To digress for a moment. There are other theories on the political Right that ignore or diminish the role of the Media Class in attempting to explain today’s Revolutionary turmoil and underlying tensions. They include the ‘ secret Jewish agenda’, the ‘Industrial/Military complex’ agenda, the ‘inevitable decline of civilizations’ theory, the ‘New World Order’ conspiracy, the ‘Socialist playbook of Saul Alinsky’, and several others.

There are websites that are devoted to them, just as ours is devoted to the Media Class Alliance explanation. We read them and acknowledge that some are well-written and argued by courageous individuals, and almost all of them have a point or two or three. They uncover dangerous forces at work and we are all better off for knowing about them. But we stick to our belief that America (and many advanced Nations) at this time suffers from the emergence of a new Class powerful enough to have aspirations to remake society in its own image.

The Medias Class is not a secret conspiratorial force even though it mostly acts in a conspiratorial way and is semi-secret. It was born and has grown as the result of blind technological developments. It is now in the process of growing even more powerful as the result of the technology that has created revolutionary Silicon Valley billionaires and their intrusion into news and information.

On this website, though we fundamentally disagree with the other aforementioned theories, we do not spend time disputing with them and their distracting diagnoses, for they are part of the Broad Right. At this time, when the Media Class Alliance has enjoyed 8 years of Government and almost reached the point of purging all of the Broad Right from American life, we need unity behind Trump and his Counter-Revolutionary Presidency.

Trump battled the Media Class and its MSM in his previous contests and that conflict will not end. The MSM, in desperation, threw off its journalistic camouflage in the Presidential election, and the Broad Right saw what we had long maintained on this website – that the Democrat Party in Congress was only a tool of the Media Class, and a tool with little to say or do when the chips were down. The MSM was the opposition to Donald Trump.

The MSM marches in near lockstep because it is the weapon of a Class and its agenda. Some on the Right say the MSM abandons old journalistic standards and culture, and lies, smears, and descends into fecal sewage, in its search for profit. Wrong! Most MSM outlets are willing to lose customers, lose money, lose credibility in the pursuit of its Class agenda and the capture of political power. Fecal sewage is a characteristic of its cultural and entertainment output, and an ever-present ingredient of the love-lives of many of its ‘community’. It does not descend into it, it is already there in it!

The weapons (and crimes) of the MSM are those of all propaganda that serves an agenda. Lies, exaggerations, inventions, and extracting from context. Hiding news and information, ignoring context, misquoting, character smearing, ridicule, demonization and one-sided investigations, adulation, creating celebrity, repetition of lies and emotional manipulation. This in not an exhaustive list, nor are these brand new to journalism. What is new is the unity of the Media as a Class with an agenda, its monopoly, its politicization of everything and its ever-presence in everything you see and hear.

Trump’s success in winning the Presidency despite the MSM opposition, lay partly in his policies, but also in his speedy recognition that the MSM was his enemy, could not be won over or negotiated with, and had to be bypassed in order to reach the people. He is continuing to do this (Good for him!) and to denounce them all as evil liars (which they are!).

Trump is probably the first politician and certainly the first President to fight back against the MSM. The Media scribblers are reacting. Some are defending their lies (the size of the inauguration crowd) and repeating them so that they win by sheer repetition. Others are saying that Trump is a constant exaggerator and liar. Others are attempting to stop his tactic by saying it is petty to dispute ‘trivial’ matters and will distract from his agenda.

A constant drumbeat is that Trump is carrying on a war with the MSM and its ‘reporters‘, when the truth is that they are at war with him and are outraged that he is resisting. Normally, politicians fawn, apologize, retract, grovel, hide, surrender or are sent packing. Trump has not!

Many years ago on this website, we named Wall Street Journal propagandists who were posing as journalists. Many of those we named like John Harwood, eventually reappeared in Democrat Party and Far Left organizations. It is time to mention some more Far Left propagandists in that prestigious Journal. Jess Bravin, Janet Hook, Laura Meckler, Byron Tau, Carol E.Lee and Harriet Torrey.

The Journal continues to be internally split between Far Leftists and its Opinion page scribblers. Some scribblers like Peggy Noonan and William McGurn attempt some honest writing. But Bret (Israel First) Stephens, who is also on the Editorial Board, is now even more poisonous about Donald Trump than he was during the election campaign, when he was an ‘anybody but Trump’ member.

Stephens has so far been wrong in all his predictions about Trump’s chances, character, finances and policies. This seems to have stoked his hatred even more and suggests an emotional, irrational belief at work. We draw attention to it because we believe that many secular Jews are driven to the Left by the same emotions. After all, Trump seems to be emerging as an Israel sympathizer, yet this is not enough for Stephens who is obsessed with Israel’s survival.

We think it all dates back to Europe in 1848, when Nation States emerged along ethnic lines from the oppression of an Empire. For the Jews, scattered across the whole of the Empire, and some benefiting as servants of the Empire, there was no Nation State, only statelessness. Zionism had not yet been invented.

This experience hardened the Internationalism of many successful Jews that had existed since the Diaspora. It also drove them more to International Socialism and opposition to Nation States. The creation of Israel should have relieved this fear, but some Jews prefer to remain in the comfort of America as long as Israel exists as a bolt-hole.

Stephens in his writings reveals a fear of the (White) people in America and Europe whenever they express the slightest Nationalism, racial identity and secure borders. He heard the tramp of Nazi jackboots at Trump rallies and as he implies today in the WSJ, Trump is America’s Hitler. My advice to Stephens is, find a shrink!

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