Madonna Leads Pink Pussies While Soros Pays

Yesterday’s Wimmins’ March on Washington DC, touted beforehand as a ‘Million’, failed to attract anything like that number. But even 600,000 pink pussy women marchers provides depressing evidence of America’s descent into degeneration, thanks to the rise of the Media Class, its 8-year occupancy of the White House, the control of education for generations by its Far Left allies, and several decades of Media Class propaganda by degenerates.

This website is no place for snowflakes, those perverts seeking safe spaces and protection from macro- and micro-aggressions, and those who plot for a borderless world. So we say it like it is! The women who marched in Washington, D.C. yesterday are a disgrace to women-hood and America.

They were more than willing to be led by a woman whose whole public career and celebrity is founded on a cynical calculation that employing the most foul language, exposing her private parts to simulate sexual acts, constantly searching for more disgusting behaviors, being as offensive as possible to decent Christian people, and smashing every convention of public decency, is worth it in the pursuit of money, notoriety and the corruption of America’s young people.

We have always argued that the Media Class is a plague on the world, composed of perverts, exhibitionists, greedy hypocrites and some of the most evil people of modern times. Madonna is a woman that no decent, caring parents would want in their home or anywhere near their children. No man with any sense would pick her up in a bar. And yet 600,000 American women were happy to have her as their leader, their spokesperson and their symbol.

And they claim to be marching for a better America! In marching yesterday they reveal that they are no better than her. The same women have been willing to overlook the deeds of a President who used his office and power to seduce a teenage girl, who was accused of rape by many women, and whose wife organized the persecution of his victims.

The women who invaded Washington DC yesterday were campaigning for the noble causes of sodomy, perversions, cross-dressing, pedophilia, and the mass murder of babies who are deemed inconvenient. Their banners were plastered with blasphemy, shocking vulgarity and profanity. No doubt many of them are teachers, educators and public employees.

Financing many of these marchers, their evil causes and their campaign to degrade America, is said to be the evil billionaire George Soros. Besides the disgusting Madonna, the ranks of the marchers predictably included the Hollywood parasites and almost all of America’s third rate entertainers.

The Broad patriotic Right must ensure that the Trump Counter-revolution purges America of their presence. Some promised to leave if Trump was elected. If America is to be made great again we need to make sure they all leave.

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