Lone Wolf Packs of Extremists Stalk London

The news from culturally enriched London is that lone wolf extremists have been active on London Bridge, and nearby Borough Market. At least two people are reported dead and many more injured, in what appear to be coordinated terrorist attacks this evening.

An eye-witness described a vehicle travelling at around 50 mph deliberately striking pedestrians. This incident has a remarkable similarity to a deadly terrorist attack some weeks ago.

In this evening’s other attack people were stabbed, seemingly at random.

The driver of the vehicle on the bridge is reported by a witness to have been arrested.

The police are on the scenes and some are armed.

The authorities and the BBC will, no doubt, be examining their lists of known extremists, and top of the lists will be the extremist British National Party members, for we have been told many times recently here in the USA, that Right-wing terrorism is the world’s major danger.

Be prepared to learn that those arrested are British-born Britons and that so far there are no known links to ISIS. In no time at all, Mrs. May, the UK’s Prime minister will be calling for calm, denouncing violence, expressing sympathy for victims, reassuring Muslims that they are among the UK’s most treasured citizens, and asking people of all races and religions to work together.

For Mrs. May, these attacks are not good news for she has to take a public position with an election only one week away, and her party’s lead in the opinion polls slipping.

In a sane world, these latest attacks would ensure a massive vote for the BNP and a boost for May’s Conservative Party, for the opposition Labour Party, the LibDems and the Greens are all unashamedly committed to more immigration from the Third World, more multi-culturalism, multi-racialism and more restrictions on any free speech in protest.

But in a nation whose soccer-addicted males have been brainwashed for 50 years by the BBC and the great and the good, condemned for their Whiteness, endlessly warned that Conservatism and Nationalism are expressions of bigotry and ignorance, and increasingly intimidated by courts and police, many wavering voters will conclude that relief from terrorism can best be purchased by turning the other cheek to Islam and voting Labour.

Mrs. May is not a conservative, nor a Nationalist and probably not a real Christian, but an opportunist. Like all opportunists, she has no stomach for leadership. Leadership requires saying and doing things that are unpopular with the Ruling Class and opening a Pandora’s box. She knows that the last major politician willing to speak truth and predicting “rivers of blood”, ended up becoming an instant pariah, and almost as infamous as America’s great patriot Joe McCarthy.

Muslim terrorism did little to boost Le Pen in France and it is unlikely that Muslim terrorism in the UK will put any backbone into British voters.

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