Limbaugh Defers to This Website

Regular visitors to this website will know that for ten years we have maintained that the Democrat Party is a tool of the Ruling Media Class. Anyone wishing to fully understand the current social and political upheaval in the USA must start from the recognition of the relationship between the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Far-Left Democrat Party.

Today, on Talk Radio, Rush Limbaugh was asked to explain a new (for him) viewpoint he had expressed last week, to the effect that the Democrat Party was a subsidiary of the MSM, and not vice versa. Limbaugh expanded on this and confirmed that he had shifted from his long-held opinion that the MSM was the tool of the Democrat Party.

In response to another question from the same listener, he attempted to explain why the MSM ‘marches in lockstep’ (our phrase-not his!). He attributed this unity to the indoctrination of Journalist School education (propaganda) and the social world in which journalists move. At this point he was struggling and waffling.

His failure to explain the unity of the MSM (Class interests and a Class agenda beget unity in action) suggests that his new view of its leading role has not been directly lifted from our website. If it had, he would have also known why the MSM is so united in its agenda and language.

The explanation, as we have long maintained, is that the MSM is the mouthpiece of the Media Class and its most powerful weapon of propaganda, promotion and destruction.

The Media Class, incidentally created by technology and economics in the 1970’s, and nurtured by more of the same thereafter, developed, over the rest of the century, its own agenda and an unavoidable appetite for political power.

In seeking to become a Ruling Class (in order to impose its own agenda on the Nation), it became Revolutionary, for its agenda required the destruction of the old society and its values.

 Not being numerically powerful enough to capture America’s legislative machine, it forged a natural alliance with the Far Left, and re-created the purged Democrat Party into a truly Revolutionary Party. We define this as the Media Class/Far Left Alliance, and in 2008, with the Media Class-chosen recruit Obama, the Alliance captured legislative power and embarked on the stealthy Revolution that was interrupted by the election of Donald Trump last November.

Since a near-completed Revolution was interrupted, we describe Trump and his supporters as Counter-Revolutionaries (whether or not that is how they see themselves!).

Most of this is beyond the understanding of Rush Limbaugh, for he as yet does not understand that behind the MSM is the Media Class, which in alliance with the Far Left captured legislative power in 2008. Nor does he understand how the Media Class was formed, what are its constituent parts, why it has a Revolutionary moral agenda, and why it is, for now, the senior partner in the Alliance.

Failure to recognize and understand the Media Class, why a new Ruling Class must transform society into a mirror image of itself, and why this is Revolutionary, results in a failure to recognize that ‘morality change’ is at the top of the Ruling Class agenda. It is no accident or oddity that the homosexual agenda and now other perverted practices, are at the forefront of the Alliance agenda. Nor is it accidental that there is a war on Christianity and America’s old culture.

The Far-Left partners in the Alliance have their own agenda, though mostly it overlaps the Media Class agenda. What it has added to the Media Class priorities are Internationalism, destruction of borders, language and culture, inflamed racial divisions and Balkanization, race war against White identity, economic redistribution, shared poverty with the World, a temporary Fascist-style truce with Big Business, and violent street activism.

Because on this website we recognize the forces at work, we can place in context and clarify the daily events that are too familiar – seeing the wood for the trees.

We maintain that the Ruling Class Alliance may have temporarily lost the White House and Congress i.e. legislative power, but it has lost none of its other powers and can prevent a Counter-Revolution from proceeding.

We maintain that America is in the midst of its second Revolutionary civil war that until now has been advancing by stealth but may soon burst into open warfare. Limbaugh is still some way from a full understanding, and as someone dependent on the Media, may balk at going all the way.


  1. What a pedestrian worldview you and Rush both have. “Journalists”? Really? These are merely teleprompter puppets of the Money Masters and their Monopoly Money Counterfeiting Ring laughingly called a “Central Bank”. They are not players, they are pawns. Makeup and hair with a corporate leash around their necks. They don’t march in lockstep, they kneel before ZARDOZ the big fake empty head. Like Old Hickory Andrew Jackson said, its a DEN OF THIEVES. Stealing you blind and making you play horse races where they already own all the nags.

    • Thanks for your comment. We can at least agree that they are not journalists. I would call them propagandists. What we disagree on is who they lie for. My view is a Marxist one of Class. ‘Central Bank’ is a bit too vague for my liking and too small a group to win elections and drive the homosexual agenda.

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