Limbaugh Admits that Media Controls Democrat Party

Last week Rush Limbaugh came to the conclusion that the Media was the real opposition and that the Democrat Party was almost irrelevant. It has taken Limbaugh a long time to recognize this relationship, but perhaps Rush has been peeping at our website.

We have maintained for ten years that the Media Class, using the awesome propaganda power of its Mainstream Media (MSM), has been a political, economic and social force in its own right, seeking to control America’s legislative machinery of Government in order to remake America in its own image.

The Media Class, unlike other powerful Classes in history, has sought to hide its identity and its agenda, and has been, until now, successful in remaining concealed. There have been two reasons for its coyness. One reason is that its main weapon (the MSM) has more power and influence when the population can be lulled into thinking that the news and entertainment it consumes is neutral, objective, diverse and benign.

The other equally important reason for concealment is that the Media Class agenda, if revealed at the start and in one whole package, would have been rejected by a conservative people as hugely Revolutionary, morally gross and destructive. It was and is, an agenda that can only be achieved by deceit, increments and the suppression of opposition.

The Media Class, even now, is numerically small (as are its component parts of libertines, homosexuals, cross-dressers, drug addicts, neurotics, entertainers, psychopaths, greedy materialists and misfits) and so in the 1990’s it purged the Democrat Party of Christians and social conservatives, and, having acquired a political machine, turned it into a Party of the Revolutionary Far Left.

In the election of 2008, the Media Class and its Far-Left allies, captured the Presidency and Congress and proceeded to use the full Government machinery to complete a Revolutionary agenda that had been advancing by stealth for decades. Limbaugh is correct to say that the MSM is a political movement in its own right, but fails to identify the Media Class sheltering behind it.

Identifying the Media Class and its component parts is crucial to understanding its power of hidden propaganda, its full agenda, and to recognizing that as a Revolutionary force, it must destroy, by force if necessary, the society it seeks to replace.

Its ally (the Far-Left Democrat Party) is also a Revolutionary force, equally committed to remaking society by any means necessary, and committed to an Internationalism that has no use for Nation States and divided races and cultures. Like the Media Class, the Far-Left Democrat Party dare not reveal its whole agenda, but must advance it by increments until it possesses sufficient Government power to employ open suppression of all opposition.

It is not enough for Rush Limbaugh to recognize the MSM (Media Class) as the senior partner of an alliance. The components of the alliance must be understood and their shared Revolutionary agenda.

In yesterday’s article we argued, though perhaps not clearly enough, an essential fact about the alliance. Both allies are united by a (concealed) commitment to a Revolution that must deny the realities of human nature and common sense.

Male is male and female is female. To pretend otherwise is to venture into fantasy. Our common sense and instincts tell us what is abnormal. A Nation that is lured or forced into accepting fantasy as a norm, is doomed.

Equally, people are not equal, are naturally competitive, and motivated by self-interest. Nations are not equal and cultures are not equal. A world of equals is a fantasy and can only be pursued by abandoning common sense.

Both of these fantasies (sexual and economic, libertine and Socialist) can only be pursued by the criminalization of common sense, and must lead to disaster.

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