Homos And Boy Scouts

When I was a boy I joined a Salvation Army Wolf Cub pack. For the benefit of US readers, the Wolf Cubs were the junior version of the UK Boy Scouts.  As a vulnerable child with emotional problems, I have to say that the Wolf Cub experience provided me with many positive things. I found male figures who were good role models, I had fun, the Cubs taught good values and I went to camp. My mother (a lifelong Socialist by the way!) had one concern and that was that there might be a “dirty old man” lurking in the Cub organization. She was right to be concerned, for from time to time in our County, men who sexually assaulted and sodomized vulnerable young boys, were unmasked. Sometimes it was a school teacher, sometimes it was a choirmaster, sometimes a Sunday school teacher, sometimes it was a sports coach and not infrequently it was a scout master or cub master. These “dirty old men”, when caught were often a part of a ring and had been abusing boys for many years. Two or three rings were uncovered in my hometown over the years. The men involved were homosexuals and usually they had infiltrated the victim’s organizations for the express purpose of getting access to young boys and teenagers. Fortunately for me, my Cub Master, Dennis, was a young married man and a good Salvation Army Christian. He brought his wife to the Cubs events and to the camps.

In those days homosexuals were persecuted and had to resort to undercover social networks and secrecy in order to find sexual partners. Their sexual activities, even those with other adults, were criminalized and so they lived in fear of arrest and blackmail. This was clearly not fair or desirable. When the laws against sodomy amongst consenting adults were repealed, few foresaw that we would gravitate to a world where the homosexual agenda would include the indoctrination of children with homosexual practices at school and the demand that private organizations like the Boy Scouts should admit activist homosexuals to their ranks. I say without hesitation that putting a homosexual man in charge of young boys is like putting a fox to guard the chickens. No amount of homosexual rant can contradict the commonsense of that simile. Of course, none foresaw the rise of a Media Class that would come to exercise power over the political process and impose an agenda to reflect its own social composition.

One of the several items on the Media Class agenda is the destruction of any law, rule, practice, convention, activity or written/spoken idea that stigmatizes sodomy. In the UK where the lack of a written constitution has enabled free speech to be set aside with ease, the Media Class and its Leftist allies have already pretty much made criticism of sodomy illegal. Even when not strictly illegal, public criticism of sodomy is likely to lead to denunciation by homosexual activists and a harassing police visit to the perpetrator. Some Evangelical Christians have already experienced this and so few now dare to voice a thought in public. In Canada, recent laws have made it impossible for religious organizations to preach and uphold certain traditional Christian values, since they are deemed to be offensive to homosexuals and unlawfully discriminatory. In the US, the Supreme Court has upheld the right of non-State organizations to set their own rules of admission, thanks to a slender majority of Justices who stick to the US Constitution. (Ann Coulter please note!). Thus the Boy Scouts of America can legally bar openly homosexual men from its organization and does so! This has enraged the homosexual activist organizations, their Leftist allies and Media Masters, who have become used to steamrollering all opposition. Unable to manipulate the law, these people are now resorting to every possible means of intimidation of the Boy Scouts of America, including depriving them of every place where the Scouts have traditionally occupied public space at peppercorn rents. It matters not one jot to the homosexuals, Leftist ideologues and Media Masters that the Scouts are doing good for tens of thousands of young males in deprived areas. As we regularly point out on this website, one of the characteristics of the Media Class is the self-absorption of its members. As the Hollywood chapter of the Media Class demonstrates every day, these people are impatient slaves of their appetites.

In Philadelphia, where the political Left holds sway, a campaign is being carried out to remove the Boy Scouts from their traditional site unless the organization capitulates to the demand to open its doors to homosexuals. I have no doubt that eventually the Boy Scouts will succumb to pressure, just as I have no doubt that an article like this one will eventually be illegal in the USA. The election of either Obama or Clinton to the Presidency will speed up this process. Apparently this is of little concern to Ann Coulter and the conservative hysterics who are in a state of frenzy about John McCain.

In a society that welcomes competitive ideas, I would suggest a compromise. Let the homosexual organizations, well-funded as they are, set up a rival Boy Scouts. Let Philadelphia lease the new organization a property with a peppercorn rent. The organization could be called the Gay/Straight Boy Scouts of America and it could appoint homosexuals to all key positions and advertize its enthusiasm for recruiting young males who are confused about their sexual identity. Such youngsters could wear Girl Scout uniforms. All those Leftists in Philadelphia could then display their commitment to tolerance by enrolling their sons and sending them off to camps under the care and supervision of practicing homosexuals. If it is true that sodomites are not interested in seducing young boys, what have the parents to fear?

There are two things that strike me about this idea. One is that few parents will be prepared to place their own sons at such risk, not even rabid Leftist parents! The other is that homosexual activists are not interested in parents having choice, but in imposing their agenda on all of us. They believe that they can stifle the natural human revulsion about sodomy.

Mrs. Clinton and her husband must be looking forward to next Tuesday like Turkeys look forward to Christmas. At least that is the view of the pundits who pick over the opinion polls. Despite Obama’s much-talked-about momentum, I remain skeptical that Tuesday will be her day of defeat. I find it hard to believe that his exuberant bubble can continue to inflate. As the struggle between the two candidates gets more vitriolic, many Democrats in the Media are consoling themselves that a compromise will be worked out that enables one to be nominated for the Presidency and the other as Vice Presidential candidate. This seems to me to be very wishful thinking. Surely Obama, if he is leading in votes and delegates will not want Mr. and Mrs. Clinton breathing down his neck and coveting his position. It is even more unlikely that Mrs. Clinton would accept the inferior position. Age and time are not on her side and Obama would surely expect two terms in office. That is eight years!

The scenario that interests me, should Obama win the Democratic nomination, is the Clintons doing all they can to ensure his defeat by McCain in the general election. This would enable them to run again in 2012. Would it not be fascinating to see the Clintons working against Obama and Ann Coulter working against McCain?

Today’s big earthquake in the UK is surely yet more evidence of Al Gore’s global warming. I suggest that as the earth’s surface bakes from the man-created warming, the crust contracts everywhere. Perhaps a reader could email my theory to Al, the UK and EU parliaments, George Soros and the UN. Who knows, it could lead to me getting funding, a good position at a University and a Nobel Prize.

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