Your Gun Is Safe For the Next Two Years – What about your Free Speech?

In our last article we wrote that citizen gun ownership is the single most important Right to be defended in the USA. The Right to bear arms, enshrined in the Constitution, is surely a unique ‘Right’ in the Western World. The physical vulnerability and political docility of the native British people, as they are driven from their cities by violent immigrants and then intimidated by the police and judiciary from voicing protests, should be a terrible warning to America’s working, law-abiding people and all conservatives.

The threat to citizen gun-ownership comes from America’s newly triumphant Ruling Media Class (billionaires represented by Obama and Holder and the Federal Courts they have packed with enemies of the Constitution) and its allies in the Far Left Democrat Party. What drives both partners in the coalition that now governs to citizen disarmament is their awareness of the unpopularity of their agendas.

The Media Class has a social/amoral agenda that is (when fully revealed and explicitly detailed) abhorrent to normal people. It can only be advanced by dishonesty, stealth and unchallenged, relentless propaganda. Its completion can only be achieved by forcible imposition.

The Far Left in the coalition, for now the junior partner because the Media Class controls the tools of propaganda, has a social and economic agenda that is equally abhorrent to America’s moral and hard-working people. The Far Left has embraced the perverted sexual agenda of the Media Class in return for acceptance of its own twin objectives of:

  1. a population totally controlled by government, and
  2. the elimination of income and wealth differentials based on work ethic, effort and thrift.

Whilst complete government control is appealing to the Media Class because it provides for the silencing of moralists and the indoctrination of the young, wealth elimination would seem to be more than distasteful to a Class that has an insatiable appetite for luxury, opulent living and the flaunting of its privileges.

The explanation for this seeming dichotomy of interests is that both coalition members understand that in a totalitarian socialist society the Rulers benefit from the economic and political suppression of the masses whilst conferring on themselves a monopoly of privileges, wealth accumulation and control over who may join them in the Ruling Class.

Clearly, the morally conservative, the hardworking and the ambitious among the masses-  together a large, energetic and self-reliant proportion- if armed are a formidable obstacle to even a stealthy transition to totalitarian Socialism.

An armed population can ultimately rise up against the forces of a predatory government of a Ruling Class that has acquired power by increments. But before that it can also protect itself and its property from the ravages of the indolent, envious and resentful mobs that a Ruling Class on its march to complete power manipulates to intimidate and demoralize a robust people. It becomes increasingly obvious, as America slips (degenerates) into Socialism that the mobs are growing in number, in confidence and in ambition. This is most notable and noticeable in those States where gun ownership is greatly restricted, and the lesson is not lost on the Left

In the UK, where the Right to own a gun was long ago denied by law,   ordinary citizens have been cowed into submission. Even before the invasion of Third World immigrants, burglary, robbery and intimidation on the streets were the lot of ordinary citizens who lived near big-city slums or public housing projects. And this was despite a police force and judiciary committed to socially-blind justice. Escape from such areas to safer places in suburbs, small country towns and the geographical fringes may have hugely accelerated since the government-sponsored invasion from the Third World, but it began when citizens were disarmed. Anyone today reading the Sherlock Holmes stories will be surprised to find that Holmes and Watson were armed and as a consequence the police forces were small. The UK today is a far more lawless place because its decent citizens have no defense from predators and –Americans should note this- are frequently punished for physically defending themselves and their property.

With Republican majorities in Washington’s Congress, and many States under Republican control, the Right to bear arms should be safe for another two years. Since this Right is of the greatest importance, we must ensure that all Republicans elected are devoted to it. We must keep this in mind when looking to purge those accused of being RINO’s. It should count as an important plus if the NRA confers its approval on a sitting legislator.

As the Right to bear arms has become the pre-eminent ‘Right’ for Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists now faced with a hostile revolutionary Ruling Class, all should robustly exercise that ‘Right’ by acquiring guns.

Free speech is a close second to the Right to bear arms and is dependent on it, for a disarmed people is soon deprived of it by a Ruling Class that is hostile to its own people. Americans are largely unaware that speech is anything but free in Europe, Canada and Australasia. The political correctness that has punished and silenced free speech in America’s academia, government departments, trade unions and many large private companies, is wholly enforced in most of Europe and Canada by the full force of explicit laws.

To take one example, in the UK, those natives who in print or in speech oppose Third World immigration, the spread of Islam and the advance of the homosexual agenda are intimidated and punished into silence by a catch-all group of laws that are open to whatever interpretation the politicized police and judiciary care to exercise. These laws are arbitrarily enforced by quasi-independent government bodies packed with Leftists and members of the potentially offended. They are enforced more energetically and ruthlessly than any other laws and benefit from MSM silence. Penalties are ruinous.

Nationalist Parties and their members have been effectively hamstrung in their activities by the loss of free speech and severely punished by the arbitrary exercise of the laws. The UKIP, proponents of a timid and very limited Nationalist agenda, will soon experience the reach of these laws if it gains significant electoral success.

Now that the Republican Party in the USA has power in Congress, it should go all out to repeal all laws that create and protect privileged groups of citizens from so-called ‘Hate speech’. It should also legislate to roll back the political correctness that paves the way to the suppression of free speech. Republicans should launch an all-out war on the ACLU, SPLC, the Anti-defamation League and all groups that seek to curb free speech.

The fights against citizen disarmament and speech suppression should take priority equally with the repeal of Obamacare and Amnesty.

This leads nicely into the current MSM campaign against Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, who has been denounced for his attendance and speech at a New Orleans political meeting way back in 2002. It is alleged that the people behind this meeting included David Duke, once a Republican State legislator, but now a campaigner for White Rights.

Whilst campaigning for Black Rights or Homosexual Rights guarantees MSM and Leftist approval, any mention of White Rights has long been designated as ‘Hate Speech’. The arbiters of ‘Hate Speech’ are the SPLC and the Anti-Defamation League and their aim is to suppress free speech, an aim more or less achieved. Barack Obama sat in a pew and listened to the Rev. Wright for decades and now entertains Al Sharpton, two men who promote Black supremacy and have made anti-Semitic comments without being criticized by the MSM.

Given this website’s claims about the Media Class, it would be interesting to know how long the MSM has been sitting on the Scalise accusation. It is probable that other denunciations will follow in serial form in order to distract and delegitimize the Republicans who now control Congress. Since Scalise is not considered to be a ‘firebrand’ we can assume that the Media Class has absolutely nothing on Cruz, Lee and Sessions.

The alleged link between Scalise and Duke is tenuous and Scalise could be excused for not recalling the event. If he had been a regular visitor to this website he would have been on continuous guard against MSM hostility and ready to counter-attack. We constantly point out that since any MSM accusations are driven solely by political calculation, apologies or denials are in vain. Scalise should have met the accusation with “So what!” and “Just like Obama, I can address any gathering, anywhere and expound my opinions. That way I exercise my free speech! Get lost!”

Scalise is a sidekick of Boehner. Consequently, his predicament has been greeted with some glee by some conservative commentators. This is a mistake. All MSM attacks against any Republican should be met with closed ranks but more importantly conservatives should give no credence to the concept of ‘Hate Speech’ and should refrain from legitimizing the notion that those the Media Class deems to be ‘Far Right’ are beyond the pale. The Left never admits to the existence of a ‘Far Left’.

Sometimes we get it right on this website! We asserted that the Ebola threat was being exaggerated both in Africa and here in the USA. The  few thousand deaths in a backward and primitive region never seemed disproportionate and the number of deaths reported recently (around 7,000) can surely be eclipsed by many common diseases in that part of the world. Our Ruling Class is always looking to justify income redistribution from the West to Africa.

We would like to recommend a James Kirkpatrick article of December 28th on the VDARE website. It is entitled “Turning Our Backs-Its Time For Patriots To REALLY Break with the Main Stream Media”.

Kirkpatrick is correct. In fact it is long past time.  This writer threw out his TV set over 20 years ago, stopped going to the Movies and listening to Pop music, realizing that all the content was advancing an agenda. Everything the MSM issues is akin to a deadly virus and damages the brains and judgment of those who expose themselves to it. With regard to MSM entertainment, the more expertly it is performed the more dangerous it is.

Kirkpatrick unfortunately does not explain why the MSM does what it does. Only recognizing that the MSM is the voice of the Media Class and that the Media Class is now ruling the USA and imposing its agenda explains its pernicious role and why all of it marches in lockstep.

One website visitor suggested that the explanation for the lockstep is that the MSM is owned by Leftist Jews. He is probably correct in asserting that Jews own most of the MSM but this is an insufficient explanation. This writer has lived in small towns in conservative areas with local newspapers and magazines owned by Gentiles. The editors and journalists have nevertheless marched instinctively in the same lockstep. It seems that the concepts of ‘Class’, ‘Class consciousness’, Class interests’ and ‘Class agenda’ seem to be an insufficient explanation of today’s revolutionary politics. Conservatives and Nationalists seek a more conspiratorial explanation. Read Karl Marx on ‘Class!’ and all will be understood!

We wish all Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists a Happy New Year but we can be certain that Obama, his masters and his comrades will do all they can to ensure it is anything but.

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