Far Left Seeking To Annul Presidential Election And Create Crisis

Jill Stein has now lost her case in the Michigan Court system but may attempt to go further in the Federal Court system or the Supreme Court. She has no problem with funding as George Soros and others are bankrolling her operation, and there will be Leftist lawyers falling over themselves to act for her campaign.

What is the purpose of the campaign? It is to create an atmosphere of crisis so that the inauguration of Donald Trump can be cancelled. Stein, Soros and the rich extremists behind Stein probably now realize that their legal ploys will fail to set aside Trump’s election victory. But continuing the legal challenges serves to prolong the atmosphere of crisis and illegitimacy that will provide a background to their next twin moves.

These are to ‘uncover’ a credible flaw in the election process, and simultaneously feed the righteous anger of the Far Left ground troops to the point where the streets of big cities can, on cue, erupt in violent protests. The sudden decision of Obama to order an investigation into ‘Russian hacking’ suggests to us that Obama has been given orders to do so. His claim that the investigation is not intended to undo the Presidential election result, is calculated to mislead Trump and his supporters.

Significantly Obama has instructed that the investigation must report before the inauguration of President-elect Trump. We are certain that the investigators have been given orders to ‘discover’ proof. A regime that can make climate change ‘settled science’ without facts, will have no problem manufacturing Russian interference in the election. The groundwork for this baseless charge has already been laid in the public’s mind. And a Mainstream Media that is wholly dishonest and skilled in selling propaganda will be poised to denounce Russia and demand fresh elections.

Meanwhile, Soros’ Communist Front organizations are using the Internet to mobilize for mass protests. Stein, who we dubbed a Far, Far Left extremist, is rehearsing with a mass protest tomorrow. We have no doubt that Obama and his Administration are now laying plans to step into a Constitutional crisis with an interim government whilst a new election, supervised by the DOJ, is held against a backdrop of supportive street protests and marches.

On this website we are not claiming that the Revolutionary forces behind the Obama government have a blueprint. They were not prepared for a Trump election victory on the 8th November, or for a Trump who is dynamic, inexhaustible, focused, determined and committed to forming a Counter-Revolutionary government. They have been caught off guard and are desperately improvising with time running short. But they are prepared to risk civil war for they are more aware than ever before -thanks to Trump’s appointments – that their stealthy Revolution will be defeated in its final phase.

So do not be surprised if Jill Stein and Barrack Obama emerge at the last moment as the joint leading public figures of an ‘official’ movement to suspend the Constitution and halt the inauguration in January, risking a tragic and costly civil war between Revolutionaries and Counter-revolutionaries.

In such a situation much will depend on the resoluteness of the Republican majority in Congress, and Republican Administrations in the States. If they stand with a determined Trump, a civil war can be avoided. At the moment the Republicans in Congress are failing to publicly defend the Trump election, and some like Graham and Flake are signaling a willingness to change sides. Although most Americans are not paying sufficient attention, these are extremely dangerous and unprecedented times!

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