Far Left Media, Tonight’s Debate, Clinton’s Health, Opinion Polls

Over the weekend the Mainstream Media (MSM) went into over-drive to smear Donald Trump as a liar. This is a classic Far Left tactic employed ever since the days of Joseph Stalin. Ferociously and shamelessly accuse your opponent of your own most exercised sins. Such a tactic can only work if the MSM has a monopoly. Unfortunately in the USA it has a near monopoly, and so Hillary Clinton, the MSM’s candidate and the worst liar in the history of American politics, will enter tonight’s debate seeking to reinforce this MSM propaganda line of ‘Trump the Liar’.

Fortunately, the MSM’s monopoly is incomplete. Fox News, and its subsidiary the Wall Street Journal, are anti-Trump but not fully on board for Clinton. And then there is the Internet, which is owned and manipulated by Leftist, Globalist, footloose billionaires, but which is not yet able to shut down free speech. They will do so if Clinton wins the White House, but at this five to twelve time, they cannot suppress the truth on people’s computers.

Never forget that on this website, when we reference the MSM, we also include local newspapers, local TV stations and the Entertainment industry. All speak with one Revolutionary voice! Trump really is David versus Goliath and we members of the Broad Right are the suppressed people seeking freedom and survival.

We do not under-estimate Hillary Clinton as a debater. She is an utterly shameless liar who benefits from a life-time of lying practice. She is also quite an actress and has spent many years in front of cameras playing roles. She has spent a lifetime playing ruthless attack and she is not burdened by ANY principles. When she enters the studio tonight she knows she is in more-than- friendly territory. She and her Media sponsors will play the ‘brave little woman’ card for all its worth.

Donald Trump has little or no experience in debating, he is not by nature a liar, and when he enters the studio he will step into the enemy’s camp. The moderator, the camera-men, the majority of the audience will be hostile and the MSM will employ all their formidable skills immediately after the debate and into the next day, remaking reality so that Trump loses and Hillary wins.

There are many voters on both sides who will not be swayed by tonight’s performances. Some have already voted. If Trump arrives on stage drunk, drops his pants and urinates, I will still vote for him. There are hordes on the Left who will act outraged about the smallest Trump deviation from the whole truth and nothing but the truth, yet swoon over Hillary’s skill at lying. But the reality is that there are many foolishly impressionable potential voters whose decisions will decide if America has a future or is destined for a corrupt, Far Left totalitarianism.

Those Far Leftists who pant at the prospect of complete power flowing from a Clinton victory, will be dreading an episode that will reveal her health problem to the hundred million viewers. What if her eyes wobble, or she has a coughing bout, stumbles or drifts into space. Will her large Black minder be on hand to render assistance? We can be sure that she will be well-medicated and that there are plans ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ to deal with any emerging crises. Perhaps such a possibility is why 100 million viewers are anticipated. Medical shows have always been popular on TV. Trump goes into the debate as front-runner in the polls, a fact the MSM is playing down.

The MSM has been busy mopping up Friday night’s Muslim near-catastrophe in Washington State. The WSJ has a front-page picture today of the ‘Hispanic’ Turk Arcan Cetin and above are the words “A Troubled Outcast, ‘Big on Guns’”. On page 3 is a half-page article under the heading “Suspect Described as a Troubled Outcast”. Three reporters sought out those who knew him who would reinforce this picture of him as a marginalized, unstable individual. The words ‘Muslim’, Islam’, ‘religion’ do not appear in the article. By the time his religious motivations are allowed to surface, the public will have forgotten this episode of terrorism. Good job, MSM and Authorities! This mall attack could have been so bad for Hillary and just before the debate!

Take note of other MSM ploys. Every picture of Muslim refugees features women and children. The propagandists must have a hard time finding them among the hordes of young men. Most pictures of BLM protesters have at least two (Trotskyite) Whites in the forefront. This is to confer ‘inclusiveness’ on the Soros-funded crowd of violent Blacks.

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