Election Outcome

The announcement today that Obama’s regime is opposing quarantine for health care workers returning from West Africa is evidence indeed that America’s Revolution will go marching on. Those who understand the dynamics of revolution will not be surprised. Revolutionary movements, once they gain momentum, and especially once they have captured State power, do not pause, do not compromise, do not risk their momentum by flirting with tactics.

Since instituting a period of quarantine is mere common sense and obviously popular it would have seemed certain that Obama would have looked the other way when New York and New Jersey governors acted to protect their respective publics and thus gained in popularity. With crucial elections only a week away Obama could have waited a mere 7 days before resolutely opposing quarantine and leaning on the two governors. Yet he acted with vigor and decisiveness and New York’s Cuomo quickly caved. That Christie partially caved is a powerful reminder that despite Christie being an opportunist, Obama’s Federal government now wields enormous power. Christie must know that being seen weakening is not good for his image but, like the Supreme Court’s John Roberts and many other prominent people, he fears more the reach and retribution of this revolutionary government.

Obama no doubt has personal racial reasons for redistributing (ill)health from Africa to America but ensuring that America’s borders are now meaningless is a revolutionary goal of his government and must not be compromised, not even for short-term electoral gain. Christie’s premature release of Nurse Kaci Hickox from quarantine, whilst protesting to a hostile Media that he is not retreating, shows the fear that politicians have of both the MSM and Obama’s Revolutionary Government. Hickox, as far as I can see from pictures, is African American but is also an employee of the CDC and a Leftist activist. Significantly, she had no financial problems hiring a lawyer to fight her quarantine and the MSM rushed to present her situation in a favorable light. She is now traveling to another State but supposedly not by public transport.

Not quarantining returnees from West Africa is a purely political decision that sets medical considerations and public safety to one side. On this website we have already argued that we do not see much of a risk of an Ebola epidemic in the US but great caution is simple common sense. However no-one should be surprised when a Revolutionary government sweeps common sense aside in pursuit of the revolutionary agenda. Placing vulnerable foster children with homosexuals, allowing homosexuals into the Boy Scouts have also involved sweeping common sense aside. So is inviting tens of thousands of Central American teenagers into the country. Purging effective military leaders and replacing them with perverts is another example of a revolutionary agenda trumping common sense.

The MSM has done well in hiding the military purges from the American public and has effectively sold the infestation of the Boy Scouts as an equality issue. It will do all it can to sell Obama’s Ebola policies too, but this is a tougher task so close to the November elections. There is no doubt that the Media Class desperately wants to prevent the Senate from slipping out of Democrat control but not because their man in the White House might be at risk of making compromises in his last two years. Obama will have no reservations about ruling with his pen and phone. Indeed, given his arrogant, racist, psychopathic traits he may relish ignoring both a Republican-dominated Senate and the Constitution. In its way this will demonstrate the hiatus from the old American politics. It is fear that a Republican Senate may block Court appointments that most drives the Media Class and its allies to hold the Senate for the Revolutionary Left. Leftist Courts, hostile to the Constitution, will advance the crucial sexual agenda, set aside voters decisions, continue the suppression of free speech, will enforce more legal privileges for selected minorities and keep open borders.

Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists should not underestimate the enemy or the precipice. The MSM will continue to throw everything into smearing Republican candidates, promoting Democrats and inflaming Black voters. Leftist allies of the Media Class will respond and voter fraud will be employed wherever necessary and possible. The Media Class, stuffed as it is with the fabulously rich, will pump in money. For sure, many Republican Senators will be irresolute in the face of Media and White House hostility. A handful may even sell out, just as John Roberts sells out, when things go down to the wire. But these are challenges to be met when they occur, and are no reason to be resigned and defeatist now. If controlling the Senate was not important, the Media Class and its Leftist allies would not be fighting tooth and nail in Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana and elsewhere. In our view, the Revolutionary Left cares little about the House at this time but does care greatly about the Senate and this is justification enough for voting for McConnell, Roberts et al.

Some on the Right are forecasting a Republican wave but given MSM power and Media Class wealth we are skeptical. We were sure that Romney would win in 2012 yet the voting machines gave Obama renewed power. The same may happen again and if so, America and freedom may not recover.

I saw a report on the Internet (from the UK’s Media) that a 75 year old man in the UK who was traveling to Spain for a vacation was pulled aside when the airport x-ray machine suggested he had metal. Asked to remove his shoes he protested that he was not a Muslim, though he complied and removed his shoes. It seems that a security guard (identity not revealed) reported this as an offensive racial slur. Readers should check on the legal persecution this elderly Englishman then experienced and has only just been freed from. This man was not a BNP member. They have long received such treatment but now it is being extended to the rest of the native population as was inevitable. Note that Dave ‘hug-a- hood’ Cameron, the Conservative Prime Minister and his Lib Dem comrades have nothing to say about this. Probably the UKIP leadership will also be silent. This is why we continue to write that the BNP is the best hope for the British people, despite their Socialist economic policies. These are times when holding the nose and voting for anyone on the Right is necessary.

As America teeters on the brink of a November fall into totalitarianism Michael Savage today bemoaned the inattentiveness of its people. At the weekend he was in a San Francisco restaurant when diners erupted and danced on the news that a local sports team had won. Savage is right to note their preoccupation with trivia when disaster threatens. We will draw attention to a much greater indication of the decline of the American people. The extract below is from the WSJ of October 25/26 2014 and the section ‘Notable and Quotable’ which refers to a Government research project.

“Mothers have the same reaction when looking at photos of their dogs as they do to those of their own kids, according to recent government-funded research published this year………..

Participating moms were solicited “via advertisement in local media, veterinary clinics, dog parks” and a hospital research program. Dogs and children were first “photographed in the participants’ home”……

Anyone who read about the international uproar on the Internet over the putting down of an Ebola affected dog in Spain should be shocked at the equivalence exhibited here. The Western Media, Feminism and Leftism are responsible for it. Babies are murdered by the million for convenience without a protest but one dog arouses massive compassion. There is outrage about more money being spent on human health care in America yet most will happily spend fortunes on dog medical care.


It is wet, cloudy and cool in the UK. Finally, we are having cooler days in middle California, but little rain.

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Pianist Horace Silver was still composing, playing and recording in 1996. His album, (“Hardbop, Grandpop”) is not one of his greatest, but is still worth hearing. The opening Silver composition “I Want You” is cheerful and lively with good solos from Steve Turre (trombone), Michael Brecker (tenor sax) and, of course, Horace Silver on piano. The band also has Claudio Roditi (trumpet), Ron Carter (bass) and Lewis Nash (drums). Plenty of good musicianship on display! Enjoy!

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