Despite MSM Onslaught Trump Holds Supporters

After three months in the White House and an unprecedented constant Mainstream Media (MSM) hostile campaign of ugly propaganda, Donald Trump emerged from a Washington Post/ABC opinion poll with his support intact. 96% of those who voted for him last November would vote for him again, and the poll also reluctantly reported that he would lead Hillary Clinton 43% to 40%. These numbers indicate that he would now win the popular vote as well.

It says much for Trump’s character and his unique method of communication with Americans, that the MSM’s lies and disinformation, have not demoralized his supporters. It also suggests that the poor Republican showing in the Georgia primary last week reflected Republican Party weakness and not Trump support.

It remains the opinion of this website that the Broad Right, including the Republicans in Congress, should unite behind his Presidency and postpone differences and criticism of his initiatives. Although Trump’s ‘populist’ policies may not be all that the ideological Right or the Social Conservatives hold dear, three quarters of the glass is better than the empty glass that would result from his defeat.

The big picture here that should inspire all on the Broad Right (traditional Christians, Conservatives and Nation State Nationalists) is that Trump is rolling back a near-completed Revolution that has been stealthily advancing for more than a decade and would have obliterated opposition if Clinton had been elected.

Although we risk shocking many of our website visitors, we have to acknowledge that Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus and Mitch McConnell, have so far marched in step with the Counter-Revolution. It was the ideological Conservatives in the House who sank the Trump health-care Bill and stalled the momentum of his first hundred days.

Certainly the proposed Bill was a compromise which would not have swept away Obamacare, but Trump had promised that Obama-care would be dismantled in stages. In our view, Trump is more mindful of the needs of American workers and their families (those who broke from the Democrat Party and ensured our victory) than the wealthy Rush Limbaughs who wrongly equate purchasing health care with purchasing groceries and cars.

I write as one who has experienced the serious short-comings of nationalized health care and who is well-covered by an expensive employer’s insurance that I can afford. For many low-paid citizens, the health-care solution is somewhere between the two extremes. Trump, despite his own great wealth, has demonstrated an understanding and a commitment to those working Americans who have a daily struggle.

For those who dig into the real news, Trump has been remarkably true to his campaign promises. Not only has he – and McConnell! – put a Constitutionalist on the Supreme Court, but will likely do so again in the next year. If Gorsuch is the real deal, this is a tremendous Counter-Revolutionary victory. It should bring joy to Christians, Conservatives and Nationalists.

Meanwhile Jeff Sessions (for whose appointment as AG we can thank Trump and McConnell), has shown real determination and backbone. Deportations of illegals (and not just criminals) have been quietly proceeding despite the DOJ being infested with Obama’s Far-Leftists.

With Trump in the White House and Sessions as AG, many States have been moving forward on gun rights, Planned Parenthood funding and other Counter-Revolutionary advances. We should soon see advances in school voucher programs, and Trump’s opening private health-care to some vets is another achievement.

On this website we would prefer Trump put foreign affairs on the back-burner and concentrated on purging the Far-Left from Federal and local government, but we will hesitate to give his enemies at home or abroad any encouragement.

Last week, we spent some days in Santa Barbara. The usual White dopes (school teachers and aging 60’s hippies) gathered in the Downtown on Saturday for Earth Day. The MSM predictably promotes such events – for they continue the weekly destabilizing protests – but the real story is that the vast majority of people continued to shop, drink coffee, get their nails manicured, flaunt their fashions and thighs, and otherwise concentrate on materialist trivia.

The down side of this is that for the same shallow reasons these Americans are not having children (but pampered small-brain dogs), and are not paying attention to the Islamic Imperialist invasion and colonization, and the loss of free speech.

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  1. Very good write up as usual, however, I do take umbrage with your thoughts on Ryan and McConnell. Ryan tried pushing an “Obama light” down the Freedom Caucus’ throat and they knew that it was a very bad deal for the American people and it would have backfired on the President….We the People (as can be better understood, as the rhetorical counterpoint to “those in Government”) want Obama Care repealed and replaced, not just putting a “bandaid” on a gaping wound. And as for McConnell, he is a Neocon and cannot be trusted.

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