December 19th – The Final Legal Obstacle For Trump

The Electoral Vote

Tomorrow in each of all the States of the USA, the appointed delegates of the Electoral College will gather to cast their votes. If all vote as they should, the Republican Donald Trump will receive 306 and Democrat Hillary Clinton will receive 232. At the end of the day we shall know if Trump has his 306 or a clear majority.

The Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies have been working flat out to find Republican delegates (Electors) willing to switch their votes to Clinton, abstain, or vote for another candidate. Working ‘flat out’ has included identifying all the Republicans, circulating their names, addresses, email addresses, work addresses and telephone numbers.

As a consequence the Republican delegates have each been bombarded (some numbering thousands) with pleas, offers and threats. Some of the threats have included death threats. In some states the Republican delegates have had to have police protection. This is, as far as we can tell, unprecedented in US election history.

The Divided Nation

When there is Media talk of a divided Nation, this is the evidence, and the refusal to accept an election result and resort to persecution of opponents is clearly a Leftist tactic. Since the FBI has failed to pursue the death threats and the Obama Government and Democrat Party leadership have made clear they approve of the campaign of persecution, the Republican delegates find themselves seeking to exercise their election duties in an officially hostile Nation.

The Mainstream Media (MSM) which is both the propaganda arm and the weapon of persecution owned by the Ruling Class Alliance, has not only failed to condemn this hostility but has orchestrated it. On this website we anticipated such hostility and more, because the Presidential election has been a contest between a Revolutionary Government and a Counter-Revolutionary opposition. One has an agenda to fundamentally change America and the other has an agenda to restore America. This is not, and cannot be, the old politics of the past!

“Politics as Usual”

Since the MSM, as the voice of a Ruling Class imposing a stealthy Revolution, prefers to maintain a façade of ‘politics-as-usual’, it will not admit that its hostile tactics are Revolutionary and represents a rejection of the peaceful transference of power. This is a fundamental point for the Broad Right to take on board, for it reveals that the Ruling Class has no intention of playing the ‘old game’ of politics where Parties ‘take turns’. It is the reason why the Democrat Party, as the agent of the Revolutionary Ruling Class, will not ‘move to the center’, drop its politics of Balkanization, play by the old rules, reject violence as a tool, work within the Constitution or make genuine concessions.

Those scribblers who write about the failure of the Democrat Party to learn lessons from their election defeat and pursue more moderate policies, have failed to understand that Revolutionaries do not abandon their Revolutionary agenda.

Because the American Ruling Class is still hiding its Revolutionary identity and its very nature, it has invented a rationale for its rejection of the election result. It is that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and the Electoral College is an outdated and anti-Democratic process. Never mind that if the election outcome had been the reverse, the forces of the Far Left Revolution would have been demanding an acceptance of the process. The Far Left operates on the basis that the ends justify the means and morality and laws are never absolute but always relative.

Fraudulent Voting

The MSM narrative is that Clinton had a National majority of 2.8 million votes. Since Clinton won in California by 4.5 million it is clear that Trump had a majority across the Nation. California is a State where the Far Left Administration has facilitated the registration of illegal immigrants as voters, and relentlessly encouraged illegal immigration and ensured their journey to the polls. Los Angeles has a huge population of illegal immigrants and Clinton had a majority of 1.3 million there.

Without California’s corruption of the voting process – and let’s forget Detroit, Philadelphia and numerous other inner Big City places non-citizens and the dead vote – Trump would have a majority of the total vote.


If enough Republican delegates are bought or intimidated to desert the Party with their votes, there may be an indecisive outcome tomorrow and then America will move on to the next legal obstacle to Trump’s rightful inauguration. A clear victory for Trump tomorrow, will mean that future obstacles can only be Revolutionary and likely ignite a civil war.

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