Counter-Revolution Must Reclaim America

Those who have been visiting this website over the last decade or more will know that its abiding theme has been the evolution of a new Class (Media Class) and its stealthy acquisition of political power, culminating in the capture of the White House in 2008. We would argue that the American Media Class had long before formed an alliance with the Far Left and had been, to all intents and purposes, our Ruling Class since at least the turn of the present century.

The Media Class owes its dominating power to its monopoly over news, information and culture, exercised through its Mainstream Media (MSM). It is a morally corrupt Class – more so than any Class in history. Its success lies in the ability of the MSM to appear objective, diverse, neutral and entertaining, though this charade of neutrality was almost abandoned in its campaign to get Hillary Clinton elected. We could argue that the abandonment was the result of confidence and arrogance, or desperation.

The Media Class has had its wealth in Hollywood, from whence emanated the selection and financing of Obama and his Presidential campaigns, impressively reinforced by the Movie skills that in the popular mind replace reality with fantasy.

More recently, technical innovation has enabled Silicon Valley to emerge as another major source of corrupt news and entertainment, plus enormous wealth. Not surprisingly, Silicon Valley magnates have joined and reinforced the Ruling Media Class, following in the footsteps of the Fashion, Advertising and Pro-Sports industries.

The Far Left, with which the Ruling Media Class successfully allied, has long provided the foot soldiers required to win elections. In return for the alliance, the wealthy (Internationalist capitalist) Media Class has promoted a program of economic redistribution and shared poverty (that protects the wealth of the Ruling Class), repudiates the Nation State, and denies the historical validity of gender, race and Christianity.

On this website we have argued that the ascension of a Ruling Class can only be achieved by a Revolution, as the new Class strives to remake society in its own image by suppressing the old through legislation, intimidation and, if necessary, by terror. We assert that Obama, as the agent of the Revolutionary Ruling Class, has been stealthily transforming society. A Clinton victory, on behalf of the Ruling Class alliance, would have completed the transformation. So much was, and is, at stake, which is why the remaining days of the Obama Presidency are so fraught for a Broad Right that was destined for complete suppression.

If we are indeed in the closing days of a Revolution it follows that Donald Trump is leading a last-minute Counter-Revolution. We cannot allow his victory to be snatched away at the last moment, either by trickery or force. And looking ahead to Trump’s occupation of the White House, we must ensure that he quickly reverses all the gains of the Revolution, restores and reinvigorates all of the components of the old society, and destroys the weapons of the Revolutionaries and their allies. More of this tomorrow!

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