Comrade Obama is our Great Leader

It now seems certain that our Great Leader will issue his Executive Order legalizing some 5 million illegal immigrants tomorrow. Originally it was to have been Friday during a visit to Las Vegas. Vegas may have been chosen because Nevada is the illegal alien capital of the USA. He has brought the announcement forward as he cannot wait to humiliate the Congressional Republicans. He sees that they are both divided and mostly craven. Although our Great Leader has been issuing Executive Orders by the dozen since 2010, this Executive Order (EO) is unprecedented, unmatched in its scope and for its brazen disregard of the Constitution.

Regular visitors to this website will not be surprised by his audacity. For the record, my old English dictionary defines ‘audacious’ as “Bold, daring, spirited, impudent and shameless”. It also includes the words ‘effrontery’ and ‘insolence’. All of these words can be applied to the actions and behaviors of psychopaths and we have never doubted that the current occupant of the White House is just that. His self-proclaimed audacity (and ponder my dictionary’s definition!) is one of the reasons he was chosen in 2008 by the billionaires of the Media Class to front a Leftist revolution.

Every US citizen with even a modicum of intelligence knows that Obama has casually been exceeding the powers of his office since the Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives in 2010. With his expected EO tomorrow however he will be signaling that his loss of control over the Senate will not slow the pace of the Media Class Leftist revolution he leads. America will be irrevocably transformed by 2016. He will henceforth, rule America with his pen, his phone and the crucial encouragement and power of the Mainstream Media. That is unless the Republicans in Congress and the citizens of America who wish to live under the freedom of Constitutional government, stand firm. The evidence so far indicates that many Congressional Republicans are intimidated by the power of the MSM and that too many citizens wallow in ignorance.

A President who so openly flaunts his contempt for the Constitution he swore to uphold, signals his lawless intentions ahead, and embarks on an action that will so negatively impact most citizens, is cockily audacious and truly revolutionary. Everyone on the Right and everyone in the center ought to view this coming EO as precipitating a constitutional crisis as serious in its consequences as that of 1859. Yet the fact is that the MSM may succeed in defining it in the public mind as just ‘more politics as usual’. NBC today has a headline on my computer which reads “Obama Set to Make Major Announcement”. The headline should read “Obama About to Assume Dictatorial Powers”, for that is what he intends to do. Unless the Republicans in Congress and in the States treat this as a Constitutional crisis and bring his government to an immediate halt, followed by a call to the citizens to take to the streets, he will succeed in crossing the Rubicon.

Make no mistake the forces on the Left who are calling on him to act are well aware that they are demanding illegal action. The Union leaders, the Congressional Democrats led by Pelosi and Reid, the Leftist academics and the Leftist activists across the Nation are all aware that he has no legal authority for his EO. Even as they cite EO’s by previous Presidents to claim ‘politics as usual’ they know full well that this EO will be unprecedented and lawless. As we have constantly maintained on this website, the Democrat Party, the Union bureaucracies, the Federal Judiciary and Federal Government Offices have long been purged of dissidents and patriots and are now disciplined revolutionary organizations. They all recognize that the Constitution stands in the way of their ‘progress’ and that a revolution requires that it be discarded. Obama, in their view is to be lauded as bold, daring and impudent. The ruling Media Class, whilst defining this in its MSM as ‘politics as usual’ is fully aware that it is not, for their billionaires are looking ahead to the many EO’s Obama will, if the Republicans fail to stop him, be empowered to issue before 2016.

Some conservative commentators are predicting that Obama’s announcement will be deliberately overshadowed by the outbreak of rioting in America’s big cities and which is programmed to spread from the Black ghettos to the Downtowns. Michael Savage claims that the DOJ is manipulating the release of the Ferguson Grand Jury decision. He may well be right. However, the best laid plans of mice and men can go awry and there is also the law of unintended consequences, for which this website has great affection. Once mobs are unleashed they are unpredictable and unmanageable. It is possible that widespread rioting and looting will be laid at the door of Obama and his comrades and will so ignite popular opposition to his amnesty EO that the Republican leadership will be unable to ignore it. We can only hope!

It is a feature of our revolutionary times that black has become white and nothing is too far-fetched—boys electing to be girls, scarce medical facilities used to change girls into boys, men marrying men, judges setting aside popular votes and Presidents ripping up the Constitution and all with official approval. Last week Politico reported that Elizabeth Warren, the lady who once gained admission to Harvard as a Cherokee or Apache on the basis of the shape of her grandmother’s cheekbones, received a Rock Star’s welcome during a closed-door speech to major Democrat donors at Washington’s Mandarin Hotel Banquet Room. The gathering was organized by ‘Democracy Alliance’, a club of major liberal donors. Politico reported that the “Democracy Alliance has had an outsize influence in Democrat politics. It works to leverage its donors’ massive bank accounts to steer the Party to the Left on causes dear to liberals-including fighting to reduce economic inequality and the role of money in politics. Warren has emerged as a standard-bearer for these fights”.

Am I alone in finding it breathtaking that a report could write approvingly of billionaires (major funders of the Democrat Party) organizing a club with the twin aims of exerting influence on the Party (to causes dear to their hearts) and to reducing the influence of money in politics? Soros has been a member of this club, along with Steven Gluckstern, Simon Rosenberg, Rob Stein, Ann S. Bowers and David Gilo. We are also invited to believe that these fat cats are fighting to reduce economic inequality! You will not be surprised to learn that among the causes dear to rich hearts is GLBT Advocacy and HIV/AIDS. It so happens that homosexuals are among the richest minorities in the USA and their purchasing power is often used to justify businesses groveling to their demands for special treatment. Despite this affluence nearly every Big Business in America is now donating to their degenerate parades and political campaigns. The latest additions are Kellogs, Walgreens and Peets Coffee. Meanwhile PetSmart is refusing to use the word Christmas in its business. None of these big companies worry about alienating the Christians and heterosexuals who make up the vast number of their customers, yet pander to a tiny minority of perverts. This seems mystifyingly illogical. The explanation is that homosexuals are a core element of the ruling Media Class that now controls the Democrat Party and the Government of our Great Leader.

It was recently reported that an American student was caught having sexual intercourse with a sheep. He has since claimed that he was under the influence of drink or drugs and suffering from depression. It seems that he may be prosecuted. He should defend his right to express his sexual appetites as he chooses and that the State should keep out of his barnyard. He and his woolly partner are entitled to equality. Inserting his penis into this female sheep is surely no more unhygienic or perverted than if he had inserted it into a human anus. On reflection it may be a little less perverted and cleaner.

Global Warming Watch

Parts of the UK have been experiencing high winds and plenty of rain which is normal for the time of the year. Much of the USA is experiencing unusually low temperatures and early snowfall. In this Alice-in-Wonderland world where Black is White, big companies grovel to a small minority of perverts and boys can elect to be girls, we are being told that this cold weather is clear evidence of man-made global warming.

Music Choice

When I was young I disliked the voice and songs of Doris Day. To my mind she did not measure up to the standards of Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Dinah Washington, Anita O’Day, Mary Ford and others in the jazz world. Unlike the warbling of so many Pop Stars of today however, some of her songs have stood the test of time. A couple of years ago I hiked in South Dakota and was reminded of ‘The Deadwood Stage’ which was written by Fain and Webster for the 1953 Broadway Show ‘Calamity Jane.’ This jaunty tune and clever lyrics paint a memorable picture of the magnificent open plains and Black Hills of that wonderful unspoiled State. Are there any compositions these days that capture a place and time and lift the spirits?




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  1. Democrats may finally have overstepped the boundaries of political expediency because of the looming Ferguson decision. That, coupled with executive (imperial) amnesty, may set off the fuse. Phyllis Schlafly says Obama’s actions may be our next Fort Sumter.

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