Comey Cracked Up When Under Clinton Strain

There can be no rational person on the Left or Right who, following his two Clinton fiascoes, believed Comey was any longer fitted to lead even a girl scout’s march. After the first Media conference (unprecedented in the history of the FBI) where he listed Clinton’s crimes and then found her ‘not guilty’, it was obvious that the man was becoming unhinged.

His irrational behavior as FBI Director could at first have been attributed to uncharacteristic poor judgment, Presidential pressure, inflated ambition, or even fear for personal safety. Perhaps all these human character weaknesses played a part, overwhelming the upright character he was said to have once been.

Certainly, the upright character – if that is what he once was – was unlucky to be sat in the crucible of such a key public office at a time when a new Ruling Class and its Far-Left allies were in danger of losing the Presidency just when their Revolution was on the brink of completion.

For better or worse, Obama and his masters had allowed – despite all the evidence of gross unfitness for Office – Hillary Clinton to be nominated for the Democratic Party. This meant that a long series of crimes and reckless activities had to be officially ignored or concealed during an election contest that was being watched by the world.

It may be that the Ruling Class assumed that its MSM, combined with a DOJ that Obama had purged and politically corrupted, could suppress the Clinton crimes and scandals. In this it underestimated the Internet and Talk Radio, but more significantly did not anticipate WikiLeaks, which proceeded to reveal the ramifications of Hillary’s massive email scandal, plus the dirty works of Podesta and the Clintonites inside the Democratic Party machine.

Comey, as FBI Director, should have collected the evidence of Clinton’s years of law-breaking and requested that Lynch prosecute forthwith – publicly resigning if she refused. This would have tipped the formidable forces of the Revolution (now known as ‘deep state’) and the MSM, into both panic and rage.

Comey was probably torn between old principles that have become redundant in a Revolutionary era; fear of consequences; and an opportunity to exercise power in the limelight. He could have plotted with Obama and Lynch, simply kept quiet and prevented the FBI from taking action. Perhaps an uprising in the FBI’s ranks prevented this, or the attraction of the limelight was too powerful.

More likely a sweating, sleepless Comey, both exhilarated by the power he felt he had and alternately overwhelmed by fear, lost his mind from the pressure and began a series of illogical and irrational actions. The rest is history!

The vengeful Revolutionary forces were thirsting to demand Comey’s head on a platter right after the election.  But then they resurrected the Russian narrative and FBI Director Comey, who had stumbled and bumbled in indecision and been reduced to a laughing stock, was suddenly useful again.

The MSM/Far-Left Russian narrative, now deliberately vague in content, no longer has anything to do with election machine tampering allegations on which it started. It is all about the WikiLeaks revelations, which they are convinced were obtained by the Russians and passed to Assange.

 It can legitimately be argued that these tipped the election against Clinton.  But the Assange leaks cannot be talked about openly because they are beyond dispute and too embarrassing for the Democrat Party and its masters. And so the Russian allegations against Trump have to remain permanently non-specific.

It is our view that Comey is a mentally broken man and should enter a clinic for a long rest. That will probably not happen, for many unhinged people fail to see when their game is up, and in this case powerful forces see a continued use for Comey provided he can be promoted as both credible and a Trump victim.

The South Korean election result has given Trump and the USA a new scenario and a different problem. The new regime’s victory may have been caused on the surface by the corrupt practices of the predecessor, but most likely, too many SK voters, wallowing in materialism, would prefer to put off again the day of confrontation with the megalomaniac in the North. Perhaps they hope to placate him with bribes and timidity.

Trump might be best to withdraw American troops out of harm’s way – and possibly a future as hostages – and put them in Japan. Let the SK’s work out their own destiny!

Climate Change Check

Here in Middle California, apart from a few normal hot days, the unseasonal cold spring is following on from a cold winter. Is this really global warming?

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