Clintons ‘Earned’ $139m in Seven Years

On this website we strive to use the English language with pinpoint accuracy. No doubt we often fall short but it is our belief that conservatives have a duty to treasure and conserve what they have been bequeathed from the past. The English language, properly used, is at the center of our heritage. Those who wish to erase our past take every opportunity to corrupt our language and make its old words meaningless.

We now live in Revolutionary times, dominated by propaganda, devalued by intellectual dishonesty, and dependent on the willful misuse of the English language. Words are continually perverted and corrupted in the MSM, their meaning turned upside down, so that truth is eradicated. This deliberate misuse of our language paves the road to totalitarianism.

By chance, just before sitting down to write this article, I came across a Malcolm Muggeridge quotation from his book ‘Chronicles of Wasted Time’. “Words are as beautiful as love, and as easily betrayed” In this Revolutionary era, betrayal is the order of the day and nowhere is this more evident than in the language of the MSM and the forces that control it.

‘Gay’ for the unnatural same-sex lifestyle, ‘fetus’ for the child in the womb, ‘loving relationship’ for the shameful and unhygienic act of sodomy and ‘inclusion’ for the imposition of a new and intolerant orthodoxy are just some examples of the successful corruption of our language.

On Friday, Hillary Clinton released a package of financial documents ostensibly revealing the joint worth of the Clintons. The MSM, at this point, and in the absence of a feasible and honest Democrat replacement, uniformly lauded this as an opportunity to bestow her with headlines and praise her financial ‘transparency’. Nowhere did I see expressed, Media surprise at the speedy accumulation of wealth, given that Mrs. Clinton claimed indebtedness back in 2008. What the MSM reported was that the Clintons ‘earned’ $139m in the past seven years.

We have no problem with the figure $139m other than, given the lack of transparency that has always characterized this pair of greedy operators, a lot more of their wealth may be concealed. Our problem is with the Media’s misuse of the word ‘earned’.

Here is an example of how a misused word can be used to conceal the truth. (earn, to reap as the reward for labor). We looked through the reports and failed to discover any income that was genuinely earned. Almost all of it came from ‘speaking engagements’ and one large sum for the authorship of a book almost certainly ‘ghost-written’ and bulk-bought. Mrs. Clinton gave 41 speeches for which she received around $225,000 per speech. Bill has been even more energetic giving speeches.

We find it hard to understand what either of this pair can talk about that other people would pay to hear. Their views on everything are already publicly known, as are their public activities. No doubt Bill’s private activities with Monica in the Oval Office and his endless romantic conquests around the world would draw large audiences and big bucks, but he does not talk about them. Similarly, Hillary’s romantic life might be titillating enough to pull in some dollars but we are led to believe that she has no private life, being consumed with a dedication to serving the public.

The reality is that the people who pay big bucks to attend the Clinton performances are buying influence and favors, not speeches. The Clintons, like many other Government office holders and those with aspirations to Government office, go through the charade of speech making in order to be paid for future favors.

On Saturday July 11th in the WSJ Peggy Noonan wrote a long article in which, in our words she “viciously attacked Donald Trump’s character and alleged opportunism”. Here we are, just three short weeks on, and Noonan, in the WSJ, is busy repositioning herself on The Donald. Avoiding the first person and ownership of any views expressed, but quoting the words of acquaintances, she sets out to explain his appeal to so many and in the process validates his supporters and draws back on her previous assessment of his character.

Noonan is not a supporter of Yeb Bush for when in the oval Office his brother managed to govern and speak without her help. She is also not one of the WSJ’s Internationalists, so her reassessment of Trump and his followers does not signal a sea change in MSM hostility. Nevertheless, we can expect to see Trump’s enemies in the MSM repositioning themselves. Dismissing him as a clown and publicity addict with no intentions to stay the course, have failed to halt his advance, so we can expect to see the MSM and the Republican elite embark on a new campaign strategy.

For the record, on this website we consider Ted Cruz to be the most trustworthy and knowledgeable conservative/patriotic candidate. We think Cruz in the White House would be solid on every issue. Unfortunately he lacks sufficient presence, confidence and charisma to overcome the hostility of the MSM and those who have been conditioned by its propaganda. The less trustworthy Donald Trump is able to generate sufficient excitement, confidence and sheer presence to set aside MSM impressions. We think he can win!

Governor Scott Walker showed backbone and stamina in the face of union thuggery but he most certainly lacks charisma and his governing talents seem only fitted to the smaller stage of State politics. He also seems to be a man who might, under pressure from a liberal wife and family, surrender to the homosexual agenda. We don’t see Trump being dominated by a wife.

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