Cameron Big Talk Deceives American Conservatives

A number of otherwise smart American Conservative commentators have been foolishly lauding the UK’s Prime Minister David (‘Hug-a-Hoodie’) Cameron for his recent much-publicized remarks about Islamic ‘extremists’. No doubt the opportunity to compare his ‘boldness’ with Obama’s reticence is tempting, but Cameron is never ‘bold’ except when dancing to the tune of Britain’s Media Class. He is ‘bold’ in certain circumstances just as Obama is ‘bold’ when lying about almost everything. On this website we prefer the word ’brazen’, for it is better suited to any action by a politician who is speaking or acting with total insincerity.

Cameron’s recent tough talk speech about Islam is just that, ‘tough talk’, for he has never acted tough about Islam, immigration from the Third World or any other threat to Britain’s native people, their safety, National integrity and sovereignty. He is a calculating and opportunist groveller to the Media Class who, having failed to win outright a General Election, climbed into bed with the few surviving Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party members to form the coalition government he now heads as Prime Minister. For the record, the Lib-Dem Party is the most anti-British Party in British history – other than the old Communist Party of the Stalin era.

The Lib-Dem Party has always been the Party of abject surrender to the EU, a Party to the Left of the Labour Party on immigration from the Third World and a Party infested with sexual perverts. The Lib-Dem Party has, from its beginning, been to the Left of the (Socialist) Labour Party on every issue except marketplace economics. It has been the Party that has promoted homosexual advancement, slavish adherence to the UN, limitless Overseas Aid, uncontrolled mass immigration, fervently opposed to capital punishment, pushing reform of the penal system that would remove concepts of right and wrong and has been in the forefront of political correctness. It has been FOR just about everything that genuine American Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists abhor. It is the Party of sanctimonious probation officers; social workers who have enjoyed privileged lives and want to ‘do good’ for the under-privileged, and ideological Leftists who are uncomfortable mingling with uncouth Union officials that a Labour Party career would require . It has drawn its small membership from those local busybodies who flock to twinning committees with foreign towns, wear ‘Peace’ insignia, and own organic vegetable shops. It has also been the Party of those Leftists who are ambitious to be elected but too impatient to serve their time in the Labour movement or who live in areas where an openly Leftist Party has no chance of election success. It has always attracted political opportunists and the Party has occasionally enjoyed brief and localized election success garnering a protest vote. Since the last general election it has become a shell, as revealed in local and by-elections thanks, to the protest vote being acquired by the UKIP.

The Lib-Dem’s internationalist policies have invariably been outflanked by those of the Labour Party, as have their immigration policies. Their Far Left social policies have restricted their appeal in working class areas and they have never enjoyed the support of Organized Labor. This has left them squeezed between the Conservative Party and the Labour Party at election times, for the Tories have always been able to pose as more ‘business-friendly’, and Labour as more ‘worker-friendly’. They may best be compared to America’s Libertarians, though less principled. One thing is certain! The Lib-Dems have had nothing in common with the Conservative Party until the emergence of David Cameron and his opportunity to become Prime Minister and their opportunity to ‘be in government’.

The last general election was a lucky one for the Lib-Dems for it occurred just before the Media Class and Big Business threw some weight behind the UKIP in order to siphon off any support from the genuine Nationalist Parties, and particularly from the BNP. Rising Nationalist support in Holland, France and Hungary had raised the specter that the BNP might enjoy similar popularity in England and so Nigel Farage’s UKIP (a ragbag of suckers, opportunists and disillusioned Conservatives) received the temporary benefit of friendly Media attention. In a General Election today, the Lib-Dems would be annihilated by the UKIP and Cameron’s ruling Conservative Party would not be far behind in decimation. This is because Cameron’s pact with the Lib-Dems, his embrace of same-sex marriage and other permissive social causes-all necessary in order to clear the way for his Lib-Dem pact and to neutralize Media Class hostility – has driven away a large slice of Conservative Party members and voters.

Cameron has been too clever by half. No doubt his promotion of SSM and other permissive social issues are in tune with his own views but he has also calculated that ‘his’ Conservative Party can only survive in the new revolutionary era of the Ruling Media Class by pandering to its social agenda. In order to do this he has had to force it on his own rank-and-file, many of them elderly people who have not been wholly morally brainwashed by modern education and Media propaganda. In reality, just as the Republicans in the USA cannot outflank the Democrats on social issues and progressivism, so he cannot outflank the Labour Party.

Cameron has long been a Europhile and a UNophile, which are also requirements for minimal Media Class support. Just like Cameron’s support for permissive social causes, these have created serious divisions within the Conservative Party rank-and-file and even amongst Conservative MP’s. Not that there are many genuine conservative MP’s left from the past as most of today’s survivors are as unprincipled and ambitious for office as Cameron. The Party has been slowly jettisoning its conservatives and nationalists since the Thatcher days and consequently shrinking in the ranks.

Widespread unrest among the native English people has been growing in direct proportion to the influx of immigrants and the policies of favoring all but the natives in their overcrowded island. It is probable that there has also been growing discontent with permissive social policies. Since draconian laws prohibit anti-immigrant (even reading a Winston Churchill book aloud in public can lead to denunciation and punishment) and anti-permissive speech, there have been few legitimate outlets for discontent. British politicians claim that they can do little to stem immigration or halt permissive social change because the EU controls such issues. Consequently, membership of the EU, never popular, is now hugely unpopular. To ride this unwelcome wave, Cameron has promised a referendum on EU membership knowing full well that his Lib-Dem partners in Government are EU fanatics. Opinion polls have shown that through a referendum the British people will decisively reject EU membership and so Cameron has been wriggling around to stall the vote.

Unfortunately for him a member of his Parliamentary Party, Douglas Carswell, has exposed the wriggling by resigning his Parliamentary seat in Clacton, joining the UKIP, and standing in the pending by-election for the UKIP. The opinion polls suggest that he will win a resounding victory for the UKIP and that the new Conservative candidate and the Lib-Dem candidate will both be humiliated. (Latest poll numbers are Carswell UKIP 64%; Conservative Party candidate 20%; Labour Party 13%). Carswell claims that his actions are the result of no longer believing that Cameron is sincere about the referendum. Carswell may be an opportunist jumping a sinking ship that he has been happy to sail on for a long time, or he may have experienced an epiphany. Either way this is a great embarrassment for Cameron and promises to be an even bigger embarrassment when the by-election takes place.

Running parallel to this is an erupting scandal concerning the grooming of poor White children – mostly girls – for sex with Pakistani men. Many British towns have big Pakistani populations who have increasingly enjoyed police-free domination thanks to a combination of fear of violent Muslim retribution and the coddling of certain minorities. The BNP alone (and certainly not Cameron’s Conservative Party) has actively campaigned against this exploitation of White girls and has done so for several years, including in the town of Rotherham where this latest scandal has finally surfaced. An official report has identified around 1400 Rotherham child victims. The BNP has been legally persecuted for its efforts to reveal the truth about Muslim child-sex grooming. Its one-time leader Nick Griffin was prosecuted by the Government and only escaped jail because of the jury system. No-one has been more strident in accusations of BNP racism than David Cameron, who has been an active supporter of the Red Mob that goes under the name of ‘Unite Against Fascism”.

As if all this were not enough to endanger Cameron’s political future, the beheading of two journalists and the victories of ISIS, have added fuel to the anger of those who have had enough of Islam in Britain. To distract attention from his past collusion with Islam and hold off his Party’s collapse at the polls, Cameron has been ramping up fears of an imminent terrorist attack. The raising of terror alerts is a typical tactic of frightened and guilty governments, for such threats need never be made explicit, can make it sound like the government has its eye on the ball, and is doing something. It is a win-win tactic for government. If nothing happens it looks like the government’s security system defeated a terrorist plot and if a terrorist event takes place it looks like the government was correct to be alarmed.

Calculating that this ‘alert’ was not enough to overcome his domestic political problems, Cameron has made his ‘tough’ speech about the ISIS threat in the Middle East. He is relying on his new Media friends to erase his past romance with Britain’s Muslims whilst he poses as the West’s strong man. Notice however how he is careful to target only Muslim ‘extremists’.

On this website we always draw attention to the effectiveness of words, why honoring their true meaning is important for counter-revolutionaries, and how the Media Class, its perverts and its Leftist allies corrupt them. In the context of Cameron’s ‘tough’ speech, the significant word ‘extremist’ is used to exonerate the world’s Muslims. The word ‘extremist’ is intended to imply that the bloodthirsty butchers who are beheading people in front of the cameras, carving their way across the Middle East, and causing terror alerts in the UK, are at the fringe of Islam. What else can ‘extremist’ mean other than a fringe, for if ‘extremists’ are part of the mainstream they cannot be categorized as extreme?

It is time to denounce all this talk about ‘moderate Islam’, ‘religion of peace’ and ‘extremist Islam’. Whilst no-one denies that there are millions of Muslims in the world who are not participating in beheadings, it is crystal clear that there are now huge numbers of Muslims who are committed to deadly and cruel violence in the name of their religion. In the Middle East there are large armies of them marching across deserts and cities, lusting to shed blood – both their own and that of non-Muslims. To sustain an army on the march takes another army of supporters, feeding, refueling, supplying arms replacements and replenishing the ranks of the casualties. It also takes money, lots of it! Everywhere, huge numbers of Muslim soldiers in irregular armies appear to have all the resources that only great civilian support can sustain.

Meanwhile we learn, outside the Middle East but in Europe and North America, Muslim recruits are streaming to the cause. For every young Muslim American citizen or British Muslim citizen who heads to join ISIS and die for Islam, we can assume that there are countless others who go with him in spirit. These sympathizers are surely the friendly sea in which domestic Muslim terrorists are swimming as they plan our destruction. Daily, their numbers are increasing through immigration and birth-rates. Cameron, like Obama, plans to do nothing to stop the Muslim invasion through mass immigration and porous borders. Both, and their Leftist henchmen, will denounce as bigots and racists any politician or citizen who dares to sound the real alarm.

Their false denunciations of patriots would count for little however, except that the MSM is orchestrating and amplifying them relentlessly. The resistance to the deadly threat of contemporary Islam (mainstream, not Cameron’s misleadingly defined ‘extremist’) has to begin here in the West by defeating the revolutionary Media Class. For it is this powerful yet dissolute Class that, in order to advance its own sick and unpopular agenda, uses its MSM as a propaganda tool to hide truth and destroy those who represent sanity and morality. There is a simple litmus test for American Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists to apply when voting in November. Which candidate is being attacked by the MSM?

Other Issues that the MSM hides and lies

Some $3m dollars of taxpayer’s money has been wasted on ascertaining why lesbians are over- weight. We can be sure that the results when announced will not be scientific but politically correct and will be explained as a result of victimization. Much taxpayer money could have been saved by seeking the answer here on this website. Many years ago, Mr. Right wrote about this after he found himself in a San Jose bar where over 100 lesbians were gathering for a social evening. Most were very overweight but with only two exceptions all were very ugly. As an ugly person himself, Mr. Right had sympathy with these ugly, fat women. It is probable that all had given up on finding a male partner in life and were now, understandably, seeking companionship with other women.

Lesbians have little in common with male homosexuals, most of whom are driven by abnormal sexual appetites and are naturally hugely promiscuous. Lesbians do not indulge in the disgusting and sado-masochistic practice of sodomy. They are not the threat to society that are sodomites and we should try to view their physical disadvantages with sympathy.

Whilst on this subject it has been widely reported in the real Media (the Internet) that Hillary Clinton has been attending many homosexual events and making speeches. Since the Clintons do nothing without a selfish motive we can assume that this is part of the strategy for a run at the Presidency in 2016. Hillary has realized that the homosexual hold on the Media is all- powerful and that homosexual money makes and breaks candidates. Whether she can undo the damage that Bill once did by ignoring or belittling homosexual advancement remains to be seen. Some homo websites were quick to resurrect the Clinton’s past neglect and late ‘evolution’ though no doubt many lesbians may find Hillary attractive. It will be interesting to see where the Hollywood dollars go in late 2015 for the MSM’s propaganda will follow.

On this website we pay attention to language and its misuse as Leftist propaganda and deceit. All MSM reports on the Ferguson riots and looting (rarely mentioned) now refer to ‘unrest’. ‘Unrest’ is the Media Class code word for Black rioting and looting. We are not reading about unrest in earthquake devastated Napa or in any Asian area of America’s big cities.

Definition of the word ‘blowhard’ – Vice President Joe Biden.

Global Warming (Climate Change) Check

Here in middle California August passed without a triple digit day. This is unusual. The first days of September have seen temperatures in the 90’s but September is always a very hot month. In the UK, our contact reported chilly weather and the usual rain in August. Meanwhile, absolutely not reported in the MSM but widely reported in the real-news media (Internet) is the dramatic freezing over of the Arctic sea. Some 1.7 million square km is now frozen, reclaiming for ice all that was lost to melting in the last two years.

Music Choice


When I first heard the recording of ‘Joy Spring’ by trumpeter Clifford Brown I was struck not only by his creative and controlled playing but by the originality of the composition itself. Later, when I had caught up with more of his recordings (for they were difficult to acquire in England at that time) I realized that he was the composer of many unique melodies that were part of jazz rather than the rich popular music of the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s which jazz musicians mostly chose for improvisation. “Joy Spring” is a happy tune and Brownie was a happy player who was clean living and a jazz giant from the beginning of his short career. He was killed in a car crash and coupled with the earlier death of Fats Navarro a vacuum was left which Miles Davis filled. Davis was not a happy man and he took jazz in a different direction, one that I think was ultimately detrimental.

‘Joy Spring’ is a complex tune that sounds simple and has a bridge which is a challenge to improvise on melodically though Brownie has no problem. The Quintet had Harold Land on tenor, George Morrow on bass, Richie Powell on piano (brother of the genius Bud Powell) and Max Roach on drums. Powell died with Brown in the car crash. Warning! This is adult music and not for those who like the warbling, tinkling and emptiness of Rush Limbaugh’s pal, Reggie Dwight.

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