Bret Stephens at NYT: We Exposed Him Years Ago

‘Conservative’ scribbler Bret (Israel First) Stephens has left the Wall Street Journal and is now working for the New York Times. In theory, he should find a very comfortable home there, for he was the Wall Street Journal’s most vitriolic anti-Trump scribbler throughout the election campaign.

No accusation about Trump, his character and his finances, was too low for Stephens pen, and he was the worst of the gang-of-four, who ceaselessly attacked Trump and worked for the crooked Clinton to become America’s President.

Long before the Republican campaign had opened, on this website we had identified Stephens as a scribbler for whom Israel’s best interests always capped those of the USA. As we understood it, Stephens was on the Editorial Board of the WSJ, so obviously there is a substantial reason for the sudden parting of the ways and the trip to the despicable, propaganda organ of the Academic Far Left and the Ruling Media Class.

Stephens is a fanatical enemy of Nationalism in any shape or form if it appears in the Western World. Israeli Nationalism is fine for him, but he hears jack-boots marching and sees brown shirts in the streets whenever any European or White American starts defending their borders, language and culture.

It is our opinion that Stephens’ hatred of Trump – a mild and non-ideological Nationalist – was really a hatred for Trump’s supporters. All those decent, self-sufficient, White working class people who found their voice with Trump and packed his rallies in the South and mid-West, and who were in revolt against Globalism and moral corruption, must have reminded Stephens of the impoverished, conservative Germans who in the late 1920’s were sickened by the Bohemians and cross-dressers of Berlin, and the money-changers and Media barons then prospering at their expense.

Other than his irrational fear of Trump’s supporters and their mild Nationalism, Stephens was a typical MSM propagandist. The WSJ is as stuffed with them as is the NYT, Washington Post, SF Chronicle, CNN, AP, Reuters et al.

What tickles us is that Stephens has already come unstuck at the NYT. His first contributory scribble cast doubt on the science of global warming, and the Stalinists of Warming who read the rag have now demanded he be rendered unemployed.

Meanwhile three cheers for our President, who last night chose the company of Harrisburg’s working people and stuck two fingers up to the scribblers in Washington. Long may he continue to ignore them!

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  1. Ia Brett Stevens from his brother or something like that?
    He’s an Israel First guy who refuses to name the Jew.

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