Berkeley Bash Beefs Broad Right

We just couldn’t resist this title’s cheap alliteration in response to last night’s little shindig at California’s Berkeley College. Most unfolding historic events are decorated with interludes of farce, and as the Media Class/Far Left alliance recklessly pumps up its supporters for an unpredictable civil war, the mob’s attack on Starbucks will have brought a smile to patriot lips.

The Berkeley shindig was conceived and executed for a riot by all concerned. A British-born un-closeted homosexual, Milo Yiannopoulos who somehow became the editor of the free speech Breitbart website, has been touring America’s colleges to give speeches that offend their speech codes. It appears that he is invited by some of the bolder College Republican groups. Initially their intention was to test or re-assert the right of campus free speech – and some might say ‘about time too!’

But it has long been obvious that free speech and intellectual honesty in public (and most private) education, has no place. Some institutions become so corrupted that they need pulling down and a new start. American education was captured by the Far Left almost as long ago as was the Library Association and the Probation Service.

And so, right from the start, the Far Left that owes its employment and mod cons to the Education industry, where it trains the young for the brave new world of mindlessness, mobilized to prevent an intruder, even if he was ‘one of those’. The consequence has been that every Milo event has been a literal ‘bash’, either never getting started or quickly ending in mayhem.

Most of the participants – except for a few naïve souls who cannot see the wood for the trees and been violently assaulted – have enjoyed this Milo tour. The Mainstream Media likes to cover the chaos, whilst ensuring that rioters’ identities and more vicious crimes are not exposed. The rioters, always described as ‘protesters’, enjoy an exciting night out, burnishing their Revolutionary credentials, smashing things, and getting into training for the big event soon to come.

Since College administrators, professors and lecturers also take part in the excitement and smashing, we have to assume that:

a) They do not see college buildings as their property.

b) Taxpayers and insurance premiums pay the repair bills.

College security employees and college cops watch over the mayhem on paid overtime and obey orders to do nothing.

Milo, as befit’s an extrovert homosexual, enjoys the Media attention, the notoriety and the excitement. Well, perhaps we are prejudiced and he really is genuinely standing up for free speech and risking his life. He is at least exposing the Far Left.

What was enjoyable about last night at Berkeley was the attack on Starbucks, bankroller of all Revolutionary social causes. If only a Ben and Jerry’s had been next door to share the attention of the young comrades. Of course, some small businesses suffered damage, but anyone who opens a business in Berkeley is a gambler.

Last night’s rioting by a student crowd enriched with comrades from further afield, was a nice reminder for the Nation’s Broad Right forces that the time for settlement is near.

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