Anti-Trump Rioters. Snowflakes. WSJ Call For Clinton Pardon.

As I write, reports are coming in of more violent Far Left rioting in Oakland and LA. The latest Oakland riot was prepared in the afternoon, when high school children and their teachers began to gather with the Soros-funded agitators. By early evening the mob had grown to more than 6,000. The usual stone-throwing, vandalism, arson and looting followed.

Similar pre-organized riots have been taking place in other big cities where young African-Americans seem to have the time and energy for anything but education and work. Still it would be wrong to view these anti-democratic disturbances as the work solely of Blacks. White school teachers and college lecturers, along with White Soros-funded Trotskyites, are probably providing the cadres of Revolutionary mob organization aimed at repudiating the democratic process.

The additional tactic -grafted on to the blue-print of rally, ‘peaceful’ march to stone throwing to vandalism to arson to looting – is invading freeways and disrupting the lives of commuters, truck drivers, medical emergencies and travelers. This tactic has consequences for ordinary working people.

Quite frankly, on this website we don’t much care if the rabble burn down their own neighborhoods, local stores and gas stations. It is tough on the law-abiding who have inner-city businesses, on police officers and fire crews, and it does ultimately cost us all in insurance pay-outs, but mostly it is a case of cutting noses to spite faces. Disrupting freeways, on the other hand, hits the innocent majority.

Way back during the commencement of the Presidential campaign, we confidently predicted that a Trump victory would be followed by rioting and mob violence. The (Trotskyite) Black Lives Matter staged a number of rehearsals during the primaries but believing that Obama’s successor Hillary Clinton was going to easily defeat Donald Trump, thus securing the last stage of the stealthy Revolution, the BLM rioters were given stand-down orders.

We confidently predicted post-Trump-victory rioting because we have always maintained that America is experiencing a Revolution and that our new Ruling Class and its Far Left allies would not passively allow the Revolutionary advance to be halted. There is no longer a politics-as-usual scenario. In any case, its ground-troops are not easily controlled and already frustrated by inaction.

We doubt the Ruling Class has fully prepared for this Trump victory and only now is fashioning a plan to frustrate it. Widespread rioting building to a crescendo for the inauguration would offer a desperate Obama an opportunity to declare Martial Law – and who knows how that would work out? Probably civil war!

An alternative strategy of the Ruling Class might be to seduce and intimidate the Republican Congress in the hope that Trump will prove to be a typical Republican compromiser who becomes overwhelmed by the Washington atmosphere, rewards and pleasures and prevented by Congressional obstruction from effectively legislating.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial call today that Trump should show magnanimity to Hillary Clinton and drop his campaign vow to investigate her criminality, is an attempt to lure him into concessions, compromise and then into surrender. This issue will test Trump’s courage, commitment and resolve. It is central to his claim on the Presidency, and a repudiation of the Revolution and its Ruling Class, that no-one is above the law, especially the Ruling Class and its servants.

Trump must eventually make clear that his Government will fully and relentlessly investigate every member of the Clinton gang, and those in the Obama regime who have broken Constitutional laws. Lois Lerner, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch belong at the top of the list!

Fortunately for the Broad Right, Trump is not a typical Republican politician, and the campaign seems to have strengthened his resolve and insight. He might at this stage of the transition to office strongly hint at retribution rather than clearly confirm it, but any evidence of magnanimity will demoralize his followers and weaken his ultimate authority. It will only encourage and embolden the opposition.

Clinton’s refusal to face her gathering of followers on election night was interesting. Maybe she was simply exhausted or needing medication for her concealed health issues. Maybe she was too angry and too much of a poor loser to compose herself. More likely she wanted to buy time in case the pending results offered an opportunity for litigation. In the end, once Pennsylvania’s result was confirmed, she probably calculated that to litigate several States’ results was a bridge too far.

Her concession speech the next day was a superbly acted performance with brilliant content. She said all the right things with aplomb. But of course, as we know, she is a willing cheat (accepting questions in advance!), a crook and a total liar, and her graciousness that so impressed the WSJ, is wholly false. We believe the intent was to placate Trump and thus avoid investigation in January.

What she, Huma, Bill and the gang will do now facing prosecution on major charges is anybody’s guess. In political terms she is surely out of the picture as anything other than a bit player. It is Obama who shares center stage with Trump, and Obama will not by temperament be a lame-duck. In any case the Ruling Class who placed him in the White House will not allow him to waste these final weeks of Revolution, and he himself may fear being caught up in a Clintongate investigation or a Trump enquiry into treasonable acts.

One thing is certain, Donald Trump, if intending to drain the swamp, must ensure his personal safety at all times. If he lives to occupy the White House he will be able to take advantage of big city rioting by effectively crushing it and demonstrating the resolve that law-abiding Americans have been longing for.

A few words about the College snowflakes, who are surely a different set than the rioters. The tearful young women (mostly White) and pansy-boys we see in the videos, who are in desperate need for counseling, safe spaces, diaper-changing, therapy groups and great understanding, provide a compelling Nationalist argument for closing colleges and sending their ‘students’ and teachers to the coal mines of West Virginia and Kentucky for some real life experience.

No wonder the world’s Muslims, seeing these young American snowflakes, feel confident that America is rotting from within. Add to them the disgusting vermin of Hollywood and the perverts of SF’s Castro, and America must look like a decomposing carcass. The Showbiz loudmouths who have ‘threatened’ to leave Trump’s reclaimed America will not go (unfortunately) because no-one will take them. And a Nationalist America will tax them to destitution before they depart and distribute the proceeds to disabled veterans.

Here is a prediction. Senator Manchin of West Virginia will join the Republican majority in January.

Finally a quote I have only slightly altered and which appeared in a blog on Free Republic. “Socialism is the planet’s herpes. It keeps breaking out and you can never get rid of it”.

The most appropriate old song we should all be singing is ‘Happy Days Are Here Again”. Ironically Barbra Streisand recorded a great version.

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