America’s Third Civil War Looms

Americans like to call the break from Britain a war of independence, but it was in reality also a civil war. Loyalists who survived the following persecution moved to Canada.

The war between the southern Confederate States and the north-eastern States was indeed a civil war, a complicated war, a very bloody and costly war, and one whose wounds have yet to completely heal.

On this website we have long claimed that thanks to the emergence of a new Class (the Media Class), its alliance with the Far left, and its concealed bid for political power, America has been in the grip of a Revolution by stealth. If Hillary Clinton, chosen by the Revolutionary alliance to succeed Obama in the White House and complete the Revolution, had been elected this month, the final stages of the transition would in all probability have been completed without an obvious civil war. The aftermath, on the road to totalitarianism, would have involved the quiet suppression and then destruction of Conservatives, traditional Christians and Nationalists. Ruling Class oppression is the substitute for a civil war.

The election victory of Nationalist Donald Trump, now leader of America’s Broad Right, has temporarily halted the final transition intended by the Revolutionary forces. Trump’s victory was unexpected and the soon-to-be-ousted Ruling Class made no provision for it.

It makes no difference that the Media Class and its Far Left allies do not see themselves precisely as a new class conducting a Revolution, or that Trump and the Broad Right do not see themselves as Counter-Revolutionaries. Historical forces are often partially or completely blind. But a new Ruling Class and its allies do not passively concede the power they have only just enjoyed, nor allow their gains to be snatched from them.

This is why we are now witnessing the ‘defeated at the polls’ Ruling Class refusing to accept the election result, and rejecting the traditional peaceful transfer of the Presidency. It has little or nothing to do with the character flaws of Donald Trump or the mechanics of the election process. These are excuses meant to confer legitimacy on an illegitimate resistance.

The Stein challenges in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania have little to do with Russian interference or Hillary Clinton, and everything to do with the plans of a Ruling Class oligarchy of Media billionaires led by George Soros. Clinton has probably been discarded as a main player but will be drafted if required. Stein, a fringe character, is being offered an opportunity to become a leader of the Far Left. Or so she thinks! Most likely she will be discarded just as Cindy Sheehan was discarded when her usefulness was worn out.

We believe that Clinton was more than happy to bow out of public life after reassurance by Trump of legal immunity. That she has been drafted in a minor role is proof that a Ruling Class manipulates pawns. We doubt Soros and his shadowy partners expect to win in the three States, but who knows? After all, John Roberts was persuaded to throw away his reputation and Scalia lost his life.

More likely the election challenges are a ploy to maintain a climate of instability, and fuel a growing campaign of street violence. The Ruling Class is desperate and has the resources to fund an insurrection. And it has the Mainstream Media. Its Far Left allies are spoiling for a fight in the big cities and no doubt believe that the hordes of illegals can be mobilized.

As with all moments of political instability, no-one is in complete charge and many act out blindly the subterranean forces that are at work. The signs are that America’s third civil war is brewing and the Far Left is impatient for it to start.

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  1. It’s hard to win a civil war without control of the government. They don’t have much time if they intend fire up a conflict that they have a chance of winning.

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