America Quits Global Climate Accord

The propaganda that is spewed out hour by hour and day by day by the Mainstream Media deserves our respect for its skill, cunning and instant co-ordination. It was predictable that the MSM would explode with moral condemnation of Trump and repeat dire warnings of catastrophe for the world. It was also predictable that ‘world leaders’ would rush to distance themselves from America and restate their commitment to the fight to save the planet.

The heading of this article is lifted from today’s Wall Street Journal – with just one alteration. We replaced the word “Trump” with “America”.

Ours is an accurate heading, for it is America that is quitting the Paris Accord. But the cunning of the MSM, and its co-ordination, lies in that one word they employed. Top of the Media Class agenda for this issue of withdrawal is to report it as the act of a single man who dictates a doubting people, and not the act of a President representing a nation that duly elected him.

The WSJ heading – and almost all MSM headings have adopted the same formula – serves several propaganda purposes. It pins sole responsibility for a catastrophic decision on the man the MSM is completely intent on destroying, Donald Trump. It is intended to separate him and his actions from the American people, as though they would remain in the accord if they were given a choice. It reinforces the campaign to treat Trump as though he is not a legitimate President speaking for the nation.

It is worth noting that the editorial in the WSJ supports the Administration’s decision. (and note that we use the term ‘Administration’s decision’, for Trump is acting as the President of an Administration). Yet the front page and all pages other than editorial/Opinion pages are relentlessly anti-Trump. This is proof that the ‘reporters’ as a ‘profession’ are all-powerful, and not the tools of editors. Perhaps they are so well unionized that editorial boards have limited control.

Despite research, I am finding it hard to identify how the Administration’s decision will impact. What automatic changes in laws will enable miners to start digging for coal, car manufacturers to redesign engines, and oil companies to take additives out of gasoline? Or does it all depend on state governors and legislatures?

Obviously, Trump’s Administration’s decision has a symbolic component, for although he couched his decision in terms of fairness of economic burden between nations, he has implicitly challenged the concept of man-made global warming and even the fact of warming in general.

Much is being made of who the USA is now aligned with by not being a member of the accord. But those who remain in this accord are still aligned with North Korea, China, Russia, and a host of cruel dictatorships.

Rising sea levels, Islam as a religion of peace, same-sex marriage as an expression of normality, and gender being a matter of choice share one common denominator. In accepting them as truth, we have to abandon common sense. We are being ruled by a class whose wealth and power is founded in fantasy.

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