America Is Divided – By A Revolution

It is a frequently heard and read complaint in the Mainstream Media (MSM) that America has become divided as never before. The observation is correct, though rarely for the reasons put forward.

Some on the Broad Right claim that the division is racial and has been caused or exacerbated by Obama and his Presidency. There is some merit in this claim. Many bought-and-paid-for scribblers bemoan how Obama’s election as a Black man was believed to herald a ‘post-racial’ era, and that in some mysterious way – unconnected to Obama’s personality and policies – race relations have worsened.

Few genuine commentators, and no scribblers, are willing to discard the bland word ‘race’ in favor of the more accurate term ‘Black’. As everyone knows but few admit, the ‘race’ problem in the USA is a result of Black social and economic failure and the resulting Black resentment. Black Americans exist largely outside the world of all other Americans. This is not true of other ‘people of color’, to employ a phrase much used by Blacks, their apologists and their Far Left allies. This phrase ’people of color’ is purely political and intended to unite disunited non-Whites.

For the purposes of this article we need not explore the causes of Black failure, merely note that there is a dangerous race divide. It is exploited by the Revolutionary forces that are responsible for the more fundamental divide that has been revealed by this vicious and at times, violent Presidential election.

America is now divided on almost every issue, caused by the creation and rise to power of a new Class that seeks to remake the country in its own image. On this website we have identified the new Class as the Media Class. Because it is numerically small, it has forged an alliance with the Far Left, which shares most of its Revolutionary objectives.

A new Class that seeks to rule is inevitably Revolutionary as it goes about the task of changing a society to suit its own needs and reflect its own new values. One consequence is that almost everything becomes politicized as all that went before has to be defeated and destroyed. Put bluntly, the old society has to be erased to make way for the new.

The new Media Class has been growing in power and wealth, developing its agenda, capturing, purging and absorbing old useful organizations, and forging an alliance, for decades, much like a cancer in the human body. In 2008, it was powerful enough to completely capture the machinery of State, and put its nominee in the White House, supported by a mass Democrat Party that had already been internally transformed whilst conveniently keeping its traditional appearance.

Since 2008, America has been experiencing a Revolution by stealth, arbitrary lawmaking and Government regulations – all supported by propaganda, packaged and concealed by the Media Class great weapon we know as ‘the MSM’. This Revolution is the root cause of the great divide and cannot be wished away with nostalgia for the past, or by compromises. A historic struggle for radical change versus slow and careful gradualism is taking place.

The Media Class intends to replace the old Christian-based morality with a ‘morality’ that is non-judgmental on sexual behavior, materialist and not spiritual, focused on maximum enjoyment now since there is no after-life, dismissive of reproduction (dogs in place of children), and fantasy in place of uncomfortable facts. This list could be extended ad infinitum.

The Far Left alliance is also Revolutionary and seeks one-world government, totalitarian rule by government, redistribution of wealth (if necessary by sharing poverty), open borders, the erasure of racial, cultural, social and gender differences, and this list can also go on ad infinitum.

It is easy to predict how these two agendas work out. Eliminate the dominant White race by government engineered mass immigration, enforce the normalization of sexual deviancy, destroy by criminalization traditional Christianity, create economic leveling down by taxation and welfare, create by government favortism winners and losers among competing ‘communities’, criminalize Nationalism, allow privilege only for the Rulers, and this list can also be extended ad infinitum.

What is clear is that now the conflict between the new Ruling Class alliance versus the Counter-Revolutionary forces of an emerging Broad Right, has exploded into the open, it is unlikely it can be peacefully resolved. There must be a winner and there must be a loser in the next weeks and months. It is doubtful that anyone on either side fully understands the forces at work but blindly pursue their goals piecemeal.

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