Almost All Opinion Polls Will Lie If Necessary

Rush Limbaugh, who is now on our side even if he hesitated when Michael Savage didn’t, keeps forecasting that the polls will ‘tighten’ as we get closer to election day. He bases this prediction on past elections. The independent permanent polling organizations, as distinct from those conjured up by the Mainstream Media for the campaign, have a reputation to protect beyond the election, or so he believes.

He might be right. He is contrasting ‘real’ polling organizations like Gallup and Rasmussen with those quoted by Fox, WSJ and CNN etc. Certainly the former have been more sober in their predictions than the latter. Another week will confirm or confound his belief.

The problem is that what Rush is really saying is that we can still predict the future based on the past. And that is too close to viewing the current campaign as ‘politics as usual’ but just a little more extreme.

On this website we have argued since 2008, that America has been experiencing the ascent to power of a Revolutionary new Class (the Media Class) and it has been governing with junior allies. The first junior ally was the Far Left consisting of a purged (by the MSM) Democrat Party/Public Service Unions bloc.

Obama’s first Presidential victory, and the Democrat’s capture of Congress in 2008, was the moment the Media Class became America’s first true Ruling Class. Since then the political landscape has changed beyond recognition – as one would expect as the result of a new Class acquiring the complete political power of Government, and simultaneously possessing the power of mass communication. As we keep saying, these are Revolutionary times. Unfortunately, the control of mass communication has enabled the Ruling Class and its allies to fool the general public and invite the Congressional Republican Party into behaving as though America still has ‘politics as usual’.

Obama was never an intellectual. But as a psychopathic opportunist he has proved to be extremely skilled and a fast learner. On this website we certainly under-estimated him. Of course, being protected by a near-monopolistic MSM, is a big advantage, but he has moved the Revolution forward with an impressive combination of stealth and boldness.

He has purged the Federal Courts, and (so important for a Revolution) packed the Justice Department and FBI leadership with Far Left warriors. And without a peep of protest from the Republican Party. He has also purged and packed every Federal Government Department and used their powers to set aside the Constitution and rule by edict. Losing control of Congress to the Republican Party has not hindered his progress. Not bad for a man with no previous accomplishments before ‘community organizer’ and politics!

He has also postponed the catastrophic economic effects of a Revolution that has more than satisfied Far Left allies. The economy has not yet collapsed despite reckless public spending of other people’s money and money-printing.

Another development we never foresaw on this website was the alliance that has developed between the Media Class, its Far Left allies, and Big Business. At this point in time America ‘enjoys’, not Revolutionary economic Socialism, but something akin to Fascism (corporate Socialism). Some call it ‘crony capitalism’ , and its Globalism sits comfortably with Socialism. It has spawned a Ruling Class criminality just made for the Clintons to inherit.

Donald Trump innocently ignited a Counter-revolution of Nationalism that has coincided with this election. There can be no ‘politics as usual’, despite appearances on the surface. And as increasing numbers of Americans are recognizing, there is not a thing that is ‘usual’ about this election campaign, for we are really entering the dangerous scenario of an open civil war. Obama has been preparing for it. His stealthy purging of the military leadership, and the demoralizing and degrading of the troops with the imposition of a perverted code of ‘tolerance’ are further evidence.

Nothing that emanates from the MSM and Government can be believed. The opinion polls – all of them – will probably carry false information right up to election day and beyond. Trump may be far behind or hugely in front and we consumers of the ‘news’ cannot know for sure. Most likely it is all propaganda, the polls merely differing in intensity and intended to depress the turn-out of Trump’s Counter-revolutionaries.

On the Internet, we who diligently search, can see that Trump is leading a mass movement and we can take heart, but we must not over-estimate the American people after decades of MSM cultural rot and lies. Be ready for an immediate, Government-instigated violent reaction if Trump wins, and a ratcheted persecution of the Broad Right if he loses!

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