39 Days To T-Day

If the USA continues to hang on to Constitutional Democracy for the next 39 days, Donald Trump will become its 45th President. As things stand we can expect January 20th, Inauguration Day, to be like no inauguration day of the past.

There may have been some fractious times when an incoming President faced widespread hostility on the day of transition, but never before has the day marked the formal exodus of a Revolutionary lawless President and Administration, and the commencement of a Counter-Revolution. Such a transition will surely be marked by unprecedented violence. Of course, that is assuming that Revolutionary lawlessness and violence in the preceding 38 days fail to derail Trump’s march to the White House.

It now looks like attempts by the Far Left Revolutionaries to overturn Trump’s election by extra-legal means in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania have failed. The decision by Federal Judge Diamond to dismiss Jill Stein’s attempt to set aside the Pennsylvania election result, has very effectively blocked this Soros-backed strategy.

The strategy was already heading for defeat when it failed to surmount a legal hurdle in Michigan, coupled with a Wisconsin recount that is predicted to confirm Trump’s victory there. Stein and Soros must have been calculating they could find Obama-appointed Federal judges willing to create arbitrary law by inventing new election rules. With hindsight the three challenges look quixotic. But given how judges around the USA have set aside popular votes against same-sex marriage, and John Roberts made tax law to pass Obama-care, Stein and Soros had reason to be optimistic. Since Soros has the deepest of deep pockets, legal costs are no deterrent.

In any case Soros and his anti-American, anti-Christian comrades will be pleased that the challenges have contributed to the de-legitimizing in the public’s mind of Trump’s win, whilst stoking the rage of the restless Far Left urban mobs. For Stein, who we have identified as a genuine Revolutionary fanatic with unquenchable ambitions, this setback will not be a deterrent. For weeks she has been the face and voice of the Far Left’s dedicated opposition to a Trump presidency. In that time she has emerged from a candidacy that attracted a derisive popular vote, to a prominence that elbowed Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren out of the Mainstream Media (MSM) headlines. We predict she will be driven to continue to frame herself as the grass-roots leader of the Far Left by either further legal appeals or some new campaign issue.

Unfortunately for Stein, the next round of Media Class attacks on Trump’s victory leaves little room for her intervention. The ‘Russia hacking for Trump’ ploy belongs to the Washington Post and New York Times, in collaboration with Obama. In this one she has to compete with the prima donna publicity-hawks McCain, Graham and McConnell. These three preening dinosaurs of a Senate that has become politically irrelevant under Obama, have already spotted an opportunity for the limelight and galloped to the enemy’s MSM cameras and microphones. They realize that they can confer a semblance of bi-partisan respectability on the ‘Russian hacking’ Media narrative. Stein appears to have little further to offer the MSM at this point.

Incidentally, this ’Russian’ episode once again reinforces the constant theme of this website, which is that it is the MSM that represents the new Ruling Class and is its primary voice and weapon. The Congressional Democrat Party mostly waits on the sidelines, playing only a walk-on part when summoned by the Media barons.

It is our assessment that the Ruling Class and its MSM have already put the ‘vote machine hacking’ theme on the back burner, and will now go full-blast with the ‘Russia elected Trump’ theme. It is not a promising one, unless Obama has the steely nerve to announce that he is setting aside the election result and the Constitution in order to call a new election. In order to do that he needs mass protests of such intensity and stamina that the country looks ungovernable. The weather and the holiday distractions make that hard to organize – even for the Soros network. Still, the Russian story is the best they have got unless they can achieve a breakthrough with Republican electoral vote defectors – another long shot!

The remaining 39 days of Obama rule, with Christmas, the New Year and blizzards squeezed between, are all that is left for a desperate Ruling Class. Worse still for them, Donald Trump is Action Man and not a career low-energy Republican with an ‘On Sale’ sign around the neck and a yellow streak down the back. If we pass the New Year and Trump is still not removed, only two options remain for a Ruling Class determined to hold on to power – the sniper bullet or an Inauguration Day disrupted by unparalleled street conflict in Washington DC.


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