2017: A Year Of Counter-Revolution Beckons

Eight years of Obama’s Revolutionary regime are coming to an end unless the Far Left can engineer a coup in its last twenty days. Thanks to a very resolute President-elect Donald Trump, a coup is looking decidedly unlikely. What looks decidedly likely is that the incoming Trump administration will face guerrilla warfare by extremely powerful forces, led by a Washington-based Obama and the Nation’s Mainstream Media.

The MSM is already in full attack mode on the incoming Trump Administration and never a day goes by without a plethora of attacks from every quarter. In these last days of his White House occupancy Obama is using all the powers of office to advance the Revolutionary agenda, and he claims he will continue out of office to block any and every attempt to roll it back. We should take his threat very seriously.

At the moment, the MSM and its Far Left allies are still pounding away at elevating Russia as a great threat and America’s deadly enemy. Certainly this is intended to reinforce the absurd charge that Putin engineered Trump’s election victory, a charge that simultaneously de-legitimizes Trump’s Presidency and will paint any Trump success in improving America-Russian relationships as evidence of Trump’s collaboration with an enemy and debt-settling.

Beyond these obvious motives are the deeper ones being pursued by our out-going and still-powerful Ruling Class. Putin cannot be forgiven for his flagrant Nationalism or for his related resistance to homosexuality and its Nation-weakening agenda of perversion.

We know our website visitors are reluctant to believe that a Media Class exists, that the MSM is its powerful weapon, and that it has an alliance with the Far Left as junior partner. For the Media Class, the destruction of Christian morality, not economic redistribution, is of paramount importance, for the Media Class is the most degenerate in human history, driven to remake society in its own image. Hence the priorities the Obama Administration afforded same-sex marriage, homosexuals in the Armed Forces, homosexual indoctrination in schools and colleges, and the absurd, science-defying transgender nonsense. We have been subjected to the official normalization of the grossly abnormal, all in the service of making an abnormal group of powerful people feel normal. This is a leading factor in the hostility to Putin.

When Trump begins his Presidency and embarks on ‘draining the swamp’ and rolling back the Revolution, the Senate will become a MSM theater, for it has the legislative power to obstruct a President when reinforced by the MSM’s propaganda powers. Do not be misled by the Senate’s powerlessness of the last four Obama years. That was because the MSM supported Obama’s abuse of Constitutional power and chose not to be a watchdog. This will completely change for Trump.

Unfortunately for Trump, the Republicans have a small majority in the Senate and several Republican Senators are only too willing to sell themselves in exchange for favorable MSM exposure.

What do the three old ladies Jan Chamberlin, John McCain and Lindsay Graham have in common? Chamberlin is an obscure member of the 100-strong Mormon Tabernacle Choir, which has agreed to sing at the Trump Inauguration. Chamberlin contacted the MSM to announce that on principle she will not sing for Trump and instantly achieved celebrity fame that her singing failed to achieve. The 99 other choir members will remain anonymous but Chamberlin has the MSM microphone that will enable her to be heard all across the world. Just for good measure she smeared Trump with the Nazi brush, so we can assume that she is no political novice.

In the coming months McCain and Graham will be in great demand from the MSM as Trump opponents, and we can be sure that they will strut and preen themselves before the cameras, filled with self-importance and the highest of principles whilst selling themselves like whores and collaborators. They will almost certainly be joined at times by Susan Collins, Murkowski and Portman. However they will meet their match in the determined and wily Donald J. Trump.

On this website we frequently draw attention to jazz and popular music from the past before the ascendant MSM succeeded in creating a popular culture that is a mix of degeneracy, ugliness and pre-teen appeal. After writing about the death of George Michaels and dismissing the ‘music’ of him and his era I searched for the reasons why, and here a couple. No doubt our website visitors, all corrupted by exposure to cultural garbage, will disagree.

Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Charlie Parker, Chet Baker (in his early years), Clifford Brown, Bud Powell, Anita O’Day and the rest, were driven above all else by their love of the music itself. Boy George, the Beatles, Madonna, Bowie, Dylan, Reggie Dwight et al have been driven and inspired by love for themselves. Their music lacks soul, they are as shallow as their ‘music’, juvenile and without dignity. Quite often their ‘music’ is ugly and angry, the lyrics rarely rhyme, rarely make sense and could have been written by two-year olds.

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