2016: Not Politics As Usual

On this website, where we have long claimed that the 2008 election witnessed the culmination of the Media Class decades-long campaign to Revolutionize America by capturing the Government, we have ever since warned that the lingering appearance of ‘politics as usual’ is cultivated by our new Ruling Class to disarm and calm the opposition.

The old political contests of America, based on shared (Christian) values, Constitutional Government, and love of Country has been increasingly corrupted by the Mainstream Media since the 1960’s, but Obama’s occupation of the White House signaled the commencement of a Revolutionary civil war that has been waged (stealthily) ruthlessly by one side and been foolishly unrecognized by the other. It is necessary to set out this context in order to understand the amazing election now nearing a climax.

The Ruling Class entered this election confident that with its control of the Mainstream Media and the Federal Government machinery, and a brazen abandonment of all the old rules, it could hold the White House and complete the Revolution. It still believes it can win by lawless means, but is not nearly so confident.

The Media Class key to winning was always to use its MSM to dictate the political discourse, create a false narrative, and destroy the character of whoever stood in the way. Donald Trump and the appeal of his Nationalism has shaken the Ruling Class but not substantially altered its control of the narrative. The Ruling Class always knew that Hillary Clinton was a very flawed candidate but (perhaps near-fatally) hesitated to find a better candidate in the early Democrat Party selection process. Perhaps, Obama, like Ronald Reagan, failed to pay enough attention to the appointment of his successor.

Clinton’s arrogant and criminally-motivated use of unofficial computers at the State Department unfolded as an embarrassment to the Party’s real bosses. But it was calculated that the MSM could deal with it. We now know – thanks to Wikileaks – that Obama knew what she was doing at State. Why he did not stop her is a mystery, unless one assumes that he is lazy; does not look far ahead; or was happy for her to get into difficulties (whilst not seeing that he might ultimately be caught up in her downfall).

When Hillary’s email law-breaking unexpectedly broke into the open, it must have been Obama’s belief that Lynch and Comey could smother it, albeit with fall-out. Comey, like others before him including SC Justice Roberts, did what he was told at the price of a lost reputation for honesty. It is our view that the MSM succeeded in minimizing and obscuring Clinton’s reckless law-breaking for a majority of American voters. As Obama calculated, she survived sufficiently intact to stay in front.

Up to this point, Obama and the Ruling Class remained in control of the election narrative and must have assumed that they could push Hillary over the finishing line. So what changed? ‘WikiLeaks’ is the answer!

No-one could have anticipated that Julian Assange would burst on the American political scene, let alone attack Clinton and the Democrat Party with their (nefarious) secret conversations and thoughts. And no-one from Obama down knows what Assange possesses to reveal, nor how to stop him. The Ruling Class and its MSM has not only lost its tight control of the election narrative, but does not know what to expect in the final days of the election. Who would have thought?

We are convinced that Comey has always acted on Obama’s orders or with Obama’s permission and has now been cast as a fall guy. The MSM must now destroy his character, not only as an enemy and to save Hillary, but also to distract the voters’ attention from new WikiLeaks material that might be damaging to the Obama gang.

Do not be surprised if Comey commits suicide or appears to have committed suicide. Expect him to be the object of enormous MSM attacks on his past and his character. Some might say that he would be best advised to fall on his sword for it will suit the Obama regime’s plan for Comey to become the focus of MSM and Far Left rage unequalled in America’s history. Poor Man!

It all looks good (too good?) for The Donald but do not under-estimate the skills and power of the MSM or the gullibility of so many Americans of this new Media-dominated Century.

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