Ferguson -The Teddy Bears’ Picnic: Media Cover-up of Black Crime Continues

This website exists to alert Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists everywhere in the US and UK that their real enemy is the newly ascendant and ruling Media Class. We claim that this rich and powerful Class, the senior partner in a coalition with the Leftists of Academia, the Public Service Unions, and certain disparate racial minorities, is a hidden ruling Class in each country. In the USA, the Media Class has placed and kept Obama in the White House for 6 revolutionary years. The long-since purged Democrat Party is its tool in the legislatures. We maintain that the Ruling Media Class, through its ownership and control of the Mainstream Media can and does make and break politicians, business leaders and almost any citizen who dares to obstruct the progress of its revolutionary social agenda or oppose the interests of its coalition partners.

We also make the radical claim that as a Ruling Class (the first in America’s history), and like all Ruling Classes who have ever ascended to power, America’s Media Class has embarked on a revolution, albeit by stealth, with the goal of remaking the USA in its own image. The consequence of this historic development is that all who stand in the way of its revolutionary agenda are treated as ‘counter-revolutionaries’ and destined to be eliminated. There can now, in reality, be no American ‘politics as normal’ no ‘old rules of the game’. However, it is highly advantageous to the Ruling Media Class that counter-revolutionaries remain unaware of their new designation (destined for eradication as social dinosaurs) and for them to continue to be bound by the old gentlemenly rules of political engagement. This deadly deceit is further advanced by the MSM presenting the Democrat Party as though it had never been severed from its past, was still a traditional American political entity, enjoyed control over its own policies and was committed to the US Constitution. The revolution can best be advanced by stealth, for the true American people are innately a conservative people. If they can be lulled into believing that contemporary politics can be contested under the old rules, they are like the man who has one arm tied behind his back, or the man who is willing to fight with his fists against an enemy who brings a gun to a knife fight.

In reality, the Democrat Party is a willing tool of the unseen but all-powerful Media Class. It has long been purged of social conservatives, traditional Christians, political moderates, adherents to the American Constitution and patriots. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi do not make Democrat policies but follow the lead that is signaled each day in the MSM. The MSM, which is the awesome propaganda arm of the Media Class, does not have its daily or long-term agenda decided by a conspiratorial clique, for a genuine Class simply has a set of natural common interests by which its members are naturally bound.

Reid and Pelosi are not members of the Media Class. They are its agents. But any newspaper reporter, no matter how humble, is, ipso facto, a member. So is every editor, every TV presenter, camera man, technician, Hollywood mogul, actor, celebrity, pro-Sportsman, advertiser, fashion-designer and, of course, every owner of a Media company. We can assume that those who seek entry into the Media Class are generally and unconsciously self-selecting but in any case the Media Class quickly rejects and eliminates those who betray any deviation from the Class agenda. At the present time, some in pro-Sports (a late addition to the Media Class as entertainers on TV) do not realize that their occupation/Sport has been absorbed by TV and so they make statements (sometimes in private) revealing their unsuitability as Class members. No matter how famous and successful, they are quickly investigated and purged! There can be no conservative reporters or editors in the MSM, no conservative sportsmen in pro/Sport, unless they are both concealing their conservative views and actively promoting the revolutionary agenda of the Media Class when required to do so.

It is necessary to keep repeating this description of Class conflict and Class domination at the beginning of our articles in order to make sense of the daily events we seek to clarify. This brings us to the Ferguson of our title – the small town in Missouri where back in August a police officer shot and killed a Black youth. Since the shooting deaths of Black youths are too frequent to arouse Media and public interest, there have to be other reasons why this un-singular event has resulted in major Media news, Nation-wide racial protests and Black mobs rampaging on the Ferguson streets to commit looting and arson.

Since the week-long rioting and looting of August there has been a lull in reporting of such criminality. It is not clear if this has been simply a deliberate MSM black-out (no pun intended!) of news of disorder, or exhaustion on the part of the mob. In any event, this third week of September has seen a new round of both MSM reporting and Black mob rioting. According to the MSM (remember it is primarily a propaganda tool and not a news source!), the latest violence has been caused by the burning of an ad hoc street memorial to the late Michael Brown.

On this website we like context, so in order to fully understand the Ferguson situation, we must re-visit the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida. We invite you to go back into our archive for much comment on that MSM jamboree but for our purpose here it needs only to be said that the MSM rushed into his death by shooting, on the assumption that his killer was a White man and that Martin’s death could be portrayed as an execution of an innocent Black child by a White vigilante. The Media Class was in need of a story that would (1) arouse and mobilize Black voters to turn out for Obama that November. (2)Stoke up White guilt, especially among the young, fresh from guilt indoctrination in school and college, and so ensure their turnout for Obama.

The MSM was impetuous where patience would have been advisable, for George Zimmerman was Latino, Martin was a young thug and there was irrefutable evidence that Martin launched an attack on a security guard doing his duty. Still, once embarked on the campaign there was no going back and indeed the MSM discovered that it had the power to re-make even the most threadbare story into a propaganda success. Martin has gone down in history and the popular imagination as a victim of White racism. Soon Hollywood (where the richest, perverted and most powerful members of the Media Class create Presidents and fantasies) will be completing the re-writing of the history of this event with a movie that will win awards and re-educate the masses.

Fast forward to this summer and the approach of the November elections and there is a need once again for the Media Class, through its propaganda arm, to arouse Black voters and White guilt, for otherwise the Senate might fall to the Republicans. At this point it is most important to note that it is not Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, not even the Congressional Black Caucus that has chosen and orchestrated events in Ferguson. As we wrote above, the MSM chooses the events, the timing, the narrative and the agenda and Democrat Party politicians hardly have a say! Ferguson has been chosen by the MSM and the Media Class for (see our previous article) it is vital to their interests and their agenda that Obama has a majority in the Senate when he appoints future Supreme Court Judges.

Michael Brown was in many ways a less appealing ‘victim’ than Trayvon Martin, and Ferguson was an unsuitable venue to serve the needs of the Media agenda. A big city with a large Black underclass would have been preferable and Brown, at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing God-knows- what, was no child. However the Media Class was desperate, for it is extremely rare for a White policeman to shoot a Black ‘unarmed’ young man. The days to November 3rd are running out and the MSM had quickly to find a scenario and a victim. Since the Martin success the MSM has become more confident that it can overcome any facts. Even the discovery, and Internet showing, of Brown robbing a store and attacking a little Asian shop-worker just minutes before the shooting, has not fazed the MSM or cooled the passions of the Black mob. It is a testament to the ability of the MSM to set aside and conceal facts, and a testament to the envious rage, the lack of basic morality and the racial prejudice of many urban African Americans, that Brown’s criminality has been deemed ‘irrelevant’.

The MSM has developed its own brand of ‘nu-speak’ and is masterly at writing misleadingly. NBC News today has a headline “Ferguson Tension Flare After Michael Brown Memorial Burns”. This is the introduction to a report of what was in reality plain old riot and theft but the MSM presents events as ‘tension’ that has ‘flared’. It is highly likely, if one reads all reports carefully, that the ‘memorial’ caught fire from lighted candles placed around it. The ‘Memorial’ is a pile of teddy bears and similar childish items placed around a metal pole on the sidewalk. I suppose these are meant to create an image of Brown as a sentimental kid who cuddled a teddy bear until quite recently, when he began entering shops, taking what he wanted and violently manhandling any store worker who dared to object. In what other racial community would residents erect Teddy Bear memorials to a thug and robber?

The NBC continues with “Angry protestors took to the streets late Tuesday after a memorial to Michael Brown was destroyed in a fire, renewing tensions in the St. Louis suburb wracked by protests after the unarmed Black teen was shot by police in August”.

No MSM account ever leaves out “unarmed” as though the powerful, violent Brown was physically handicapped. The suburb was, in fact, ‘wracked’ by rioting, looting and theft-all crimes that certainly went unrecorded and uninvestigated. Brown was shot by a lone policeman but increasingly the MSM state ‘police’ in order to paint a picture of a whole force involved.

“Many who gathered at the site Tuesday blamed police for the blaze”. Notice that this sentence is unquestioning and unspecific and makes no attempt to seek evidence for the accusation against the police. One Black youth at the site was described by the reporter as “shaking his head as he studied the charred scene”. This is meant to portray the locals as thoughtful, sad, resigned and pre-occupied, ‘studying’ the charred remains (Teddy bears!!). What could anyone be studying where a glance would suffice?

As an afterthought “NBC states KSDK reported that a beauty salon was later broken into on—- (street named)—which had been the scene of earlier unrest in the wake of Brown’s death……… A crowd gathered—some shouting slogans at police who had arrived at the scene of the burglary”.

Internet websites report that this same beauty salon was ransacked in the earlier rioting and presumably had been refurbished and restocked. The MSM loves the word ‘unrest’ to replace rioting, vandalism, arson and theft. Later in the same evening Ferguson youth sacrificed their sleep and the next day’s labors in order to ‘unrest’ with petrol bombs and some gunfire.

The NBC reporter of this propaganda is named as Antonio French who is Black and also happens to be a local alderman! He is University educated! What is glaringly missing from Mr. French’s report is any concern for the owner and staff of the beauty shop. They are probably not Black and therefore are considered unworthy of his concern. They might be Asian and they may have been impoverished and rendered unemployed by this Black, envy-driven theft which parades as ‘unrest’. They may be small people, having not had the benefit of a good diet and free medical and dental care and this in stark contrast to the big, healthy, ‘deprived’ rioters!

We on the Right should not underestimate the influence this MSM garbage has, not only on feral Black youth, but on the general population whose interests are work, childless marriages, dogs, golf, TV sport, burgers and movies. Rush Limbaugh addresses them as residents of Rio Linda and they are sleepwalking to servitude or worse. We recommend a visit to the website “New American” and the article of Monday 22nd September by Selwyn Duke and headlined “Black-on-white Violence Rampant, Ignored by Authorities and Media”. This article was brought to our attention by a website visitor and is a reminder that there is an epidemic of Black violence against Whites, Jews, Asians, Orientals and probably even Mexicans. This epidemic has been created by the occupant of the White House, his comrade at Justice and the collusion of the Media Class.

Global Warming (Climate Change) Check

The UK is experiencing chilly weather and no Indian summer. Here in middle California September has been only moderately warm so far and rain is forecast-the first since last March.

Music Choice

Silky- voiced Perry Como (1912-2001) was the 7th of 13 children. His parents were poor Italian immigrants and Perry was the first child born in the USA. He followed his hardworking father into mens’ hairdressing but his father made many sacrifices so that all his children should receive musical training. Perry learned to play several instruments but never took singing lessons. He just liked to sing! His smooth and appealing voice, his relaxed demeanor and careful choice of material resulted in many hit records over many years, followed by TV Shows when quality adult entertainment was still the norm.

“Don’t Let the Stars Get in your Eyes” was originally a Country and Western song, composed and recorded by Winston Moore, but in 1952 Perry recorded a more sophisticated version that had a neat orchestral backing. It was a big hit in the USA and UK and it appealed to romantics of all ages and both sexes (In those days there were only two genders). Como was a religious man, a good family man, dignified and married to the same woman for some 60 years. Enjoy his recording which has stood the test of time!

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