Ferguson Insurrection Orchestrated by Media

Ferguson’s rioting and looting that erupted spontaneously in August, when the young thug Michael Brown was shot in self defense by a policemen, must now be considered an insurrection. There is nothing spontaneous about the violence, looting and destruction now taking place each day and night in this small Missouri African American town. Nor is there anything spontaneous in the effort to spread it all across the USA.

Earlier this week, Rush Limbaugh expressed puzzlement. He could not, he said, put his finger on what was happening in Ferguson, but the events there were no longer a riot and there was something much deeper taking place. He did not think there was a conspiracy behind the violence but clearly it was not spontaneous. So near and yet so far is Rush (and other conservative commentators) in his observations. On this website we have the full explanation.

Events in Ferguson are being orchestrated by the Mainstream Media on behalf of our new Ruling Media Class. Any detached observer will have seen that NBC, CNN, MSNBC, AP, REUTERS, ABC, NYT, WASHINGTON POST and virtually every newspaper and magazine in the USA (and many in the Western World) have been camped in Ferguson, encouraging its Black losers with flattering publicity and a diet of grievance. The MSM propaganda machine has been flat out, day after day, re-packaging the facts there in order to control events and mislead the world.

On this website we have long argued that the Media Class believes, with some justification, that it has the power to hide the facts, ‘create’ new ones, erase real history and invent new myths, silence its enemies, manipulate its allies and fool all the people all of the time. The Media Class made the news of Michael Brown’s (justified) killing a continuation of the news of Trayvon Martin’s (justified) killing, and in each case the motive was to create racial tension, inflame Black resentments to benefit Barack Obama (their man in the White House) and his Democrat Party at the November 3rd elections, and nourish White Guilt.

We see here at work both the Ruling Media Class short –term tactic and its longer term strategy. We also see here the Ruling Media Class rewarding its allies on the revolutionary Far Left whilst simultaneously enabling the feckless Black mobs to prosper at the expense of the industrious. The Michael Brown death, despite the MSM’s thorough re-packaging of it for the voters benefit, generally failed to prevent a Democrat Party defeat at the ballot box. We can speculate that the MSM  over-played its hand and that White, Latino and Oriental voters are sick and tired of Black victim stories and are experiencing enough Black crime each day to discount the MSM ‘news’. Let us hope so!

The facts about Michael Brown’s death were discernible almost from the beginning, not because the MSM let them slip into the public arena, but because a video emerged on the Internet showing Brown and his partner-in-crime violently and shamelessly robbing a little Asian shopkeeper in broad daylight and just minutes before their confrontation with the law. In the video, it was clear that Brown, the much larger of the two criminals, was the leader and the more violent and so it was not hard to believe that Police Officer Darren Wilson was justified when they met in shooting him in self-defense. No amount of MSM propaganda could erase that video. And nor could Internet images of endless Black mob violence and looting, no matter how much the MSM attempted to cast it all as the desperation of an oppressed minority.

The MSM, as always has, in lockstep (no, no conspiracy needed, Rush!) brazenly misused the English language to fool the world about Ferguson. The words ‘unrest’, ‘disturbances’, ‘protests’, ‘marches’, ‘vigils’ have all been endlessly employed when ‘mob’, ‘riot’, ‘arson’, ‘wanton destruction’, ‘mass looting’, ‘greed’, ‘ignorance’ and ‘radical agitators’ were appropriate. The innocent owners of the properties looted and burned have been cynically rendered invisible by the reporters, who have instead chosen to portray their greedy and feckless predators as the victims.

The MSM seized upon the original shooting and spontaneous riot, and as with the Trayvon Martin incident and motivated by the same agenda, rushed to judgment, confident that it had the power to re-make any subsequent facts fit its narrative. It is at this point that we see the Media Class agenda take precedence over that of its allies. It was not in the interests of the Missouri Democrat Party that the violence and looting in Ferguson continue, for the Governor is a Democrat and like many of his elected comrades needs White and Asian votes. He was also the official tasked with responding to the mayhem.        He had already damaged his reputation by pandering to the Black mob against the police. He now found himself caught between a rock and a hard place. At first reluctant to antagonize his Black voters he responded ineffectually. Then as the MSM transformed rioting into constant insurrection, he found himself driven to marshal adequate force, especially when it became clear that the Grand Jury decision, irrespective of its content, was to be the spark to ignite uncontrollable violence and disruption beyond Ferguson.

Governor Nixon (Democrat) called up the National Guard as if intending to finally protect property, restore order and ring-fence the violence. This would belatedly have endeared him and his Party to Missouri’s non-Black voters (perhaps even some Black voters). Instead, when the Grand Jury decision was revealed, he stood down the National Guard. It is almost certain that he did so in response to a directive from the White House via Eric Holder. Few State Democrats are willing to defy Obama’s White House and the MSM, knowing that they are vindictive and all-powerful. We may speculate that Obama and Holder have great emotional and political sympathy with the Black mob, so that they had no difficulty aligning with the needs of their masters in the Media Class.

However, as we have already pointed out, the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown uprisings were and are, MSM orchestrated– and the MSM is the powerful weapon solely of the Media Class. The Ruling Media Class, as we have written many times, is a degenerate one driven to satisfy its own unhealthy needs. At its core are individuals whose sexual and emotional development is permanently arrested (perverts of every variety). Their main weapon (the MSM) reflects their character as well as serving their political needs.

Civil violence, looting, and arson by the envious and discontented are the meat and drink of MSM business, providing news fodder that requires little effort to find and report. But those destructive behaviors also satisfy the inner emotional needs of Media Class members, for they too are discontents who wish to pull down conventional society and vanquish hard-working conventional (Christian and patriotic) Americans. Burning buildings excite Media people; they rejoice that theft punishes and demoralizes the hardworking; they celebrate that destruction clears away the past. Rampaging mobs are clear evidence that the traditional family has perished. Why would perverts care about the long-term future of a once-proud Nation?

The MSM, on behalf of its Media Class core, is compelled to nurture civil unrest whenever it serves a destructive revolutionary purpose. In so doing it is even willing to sacrifice its more conservative Democrat and Union allies, whilst pleasing the Black underclass and encouraging the nihilists that the Godless Universities are producing. The Media Class is confident that it can quickly construct a heroic myth around Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and others still to come. It will relentlessly pursue Officer Wilson * just as it pursues George Zimmerman, for both are symbols of opposition and must be hunted down as a lesson to all. If the Media Class and its Far Left allies succeed in their march to totalitarian power many more of us will also be hunted down.

It is probable that the Ferguson uprising will fizzle out, for the Black mobs have little stamina once the stores have been emptied and the projects filled with booty. The MSM and its allies in Academia soon will be busy rewriting history for posterity and for the school curriculum, and Hollywood will prepare a ‘Michael Brown Story’. Still, America’s productive people have been further diminished, demoralized and divided and Barack Obama will concentrate more power in the White House. This episode has once again demonstrated that it is the MSM, on behalf of the Ruling Media Class (not the leaders of the Democrat Party) that is setting and driving the political agenda.

*Website visitors may be aware that Officer Wilson’s home address has been revealed (by the MSM, not by the Democrat Party), thus putting his life at great risk. Below we print the names and addresses of the two N.Y.Times reporters who were responsible. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander! We ask you to post these names and addresses everywhere on the Internet and invite people to express their contempt to the guilty.  We are grateful to CLASH DAILY for the info.

Julie Bosman

5620 N. Wayne Ave. APT 2

Chicago, IL. 60660-4240  Cook Co.

Campbell Robertson

1113 Dupre St. New Orleans, La. 70119-3230

Orleans Co.

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