Ferguson and Freebies

Back in 1944, American troops arrived in the English city that was my home town. Most were White but there were also Black (segregated) army units. All were (unwittingly) gathering for the Normandy landings. Three things struck the locals! The Americans wore better uniforms, were better fed and they were generally much bigger than the English. This was as true of the Black soldiers as of the White.

Today, Americans (and especially African-Americans) are bigger than ever – if that’s possible. Younger Brits and Europeans are also generally bigger than they used to be but not as big as White and Black Americans. The reason for this is more food and better nourishment. Here in California, older Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipinos and Indians are small but their offspring are much bigger. The reason is that the past generations of Asians were poorly fed and frequently impoverished. These are the people who have arrived here not only smaller but very poor. They mostly have suffered deprivations of all kinds in their homelands, including lowly status and persecution. Since getting here they have uncomplainingly set about prospering through hard work and sacrifice. At one time I worked as a security guard for a Chinese-owned company and almost all the employees were Chinese. We worked for minimum wage. My comrades were a mixed bunch. Some were educated but had been cruelly persecuted and humiliated in China’s (Communist) Cultural Revolution, and had arrived in America penniless. Others were uneducated and spoke little English. All were of small stature as a consequence of lifelong hardship.

They were a very cheerful crowd despite the ongoing hardship of their lives. All were sacrificing whatever little current pleasures were available so that their children would be better fed and better educated. Their hardship and sacrifice is typical of most Asians and many Indians who came to the USA. Their stories do not appeal to the MSM for although they faithfully (and foolishly) vote Democrat, they make nonsense of the contemporary Media Class propaganda which is that there has never been opportunity in America for non-White people. In any case, the Leftist allies of the Media Class fear and loathe working people who pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, for they can only create their Socialist society on failure, leveling down, discontent, ignorance, envy and slothfulness. This brings me to Ferguson’s race riots of the last week.

In a recent article on this our new website, I listed the rules we abide by, including honesty, the facing of facts and free speech. I should also have included the rule that we do not write about politics unless we have something original to contribute. There is no point in repeating what other Counter-revolutionaries (conservatives, Christians and Nationalists) are saying and probably expressing more articulately. Most of all we strive to say what the MSM is hiding or corrupting, and concerning the events in Ferguson the MSM is in overdrive hiding and corrupting to suit its propaganda aims.

The facts about Ferguson – gradually revealed in the alternative Media – are that a young Black male, 19 year old Michael Brown – was shot dead on the street by a policeman. It transpired after the shooting that he was unarmed, which means to say that he had no gun. The policeman, who we now know is 28 year-old Darren Wilson and who has been on the force for 6 years, has been suspended from duty pending an inquiry. This is a regular procedure after a shooting death at the hands of law enforcement.

For reasons which say much about contemporary urban Black communities, some (perhaps most -who knows!) local people promptly decided that this was a racist police execution of an innocent Black youth. Since no-one thereabouts appears to have had gainful employment, an impromptu protest began in the streets. The MSM was quickly on the scene (in stark contrast to their absence for Black on Black and Black on White shootings) and faithfully reported as fact the utterances of every available protestor. The MSM quickly established in the public mind a narrative of ‘yet another unwarranted racist attack on an innocent young Black man’. Predictably, rioting lurked behind the protests, and soon neighboring store windows were being smashed, freebies acquired and then some burning of private commercial property. This continued over several nights (and at the time of writing is still continuing) and young Blacks and some Leftist White agitators from outside the neighborhood joined the happy, rapacious throng. Al Sharpton, the jackal of racism, is also now on the scene and searching for MSM cameras and microphones.

The MSM (and Leftist, for is there ever any difference now?) narrative has been that the late Mr. Brown was a young man happily minding his own business and walking with a friend when he was picked on by Officer Wilson driving a police SUV. Brown’s mother and other relatives quickly insisted to an attentive and unquestioning MSM that Brown was on the cusp of a college career and a boy of exemplary habits. The friend, who so far has been the MSM’s key witness, claims that Officer Wilson from the open window of his vehicle ordered them, using obscene expletives, to get on to the sidewalk. Since they had almost reached home, they declined, and so Wilson got out of his vehicle and shot the fleeing Brown who in his dying moments protested that he was unarmed. Brown’s mother added that she had passed the two chums as she drove to their nearby home.

After several days of near-silence and nights of wanton looting by Blacks, the Police Chief of Ferguson released a video that almost certainly identifies Brown and his companion (the Media’s much-quoted witness) violently robbing a small main-street store. This robbery took place just before the now-notorious street shooting. The video shows a giant over-fed young Black (a relative of the late Brown has confirmed that it is Brown) and a companion entering a tobacconist’s store and helping himself to a box of candy cigars. When the two start leaving without paying, a very small under-nourished Asian (Indian) starts to remonstrate with Brown, who then grabs him violently and pushes him back against the shelves. The poor little man must have feared for his life.

On this website we only write when we can say things that have escaped Mainstreet Media attention – and almost always deliberately. The MSM has not deigned to interview this poor Asian victim of violence and robbery. Presumably, for the Leftists and MSM, Asians and their suffering do not count, at least when events offer an opportunity to create propaganda about Black oppression.

On this website we will draw attention to the fact that this poor little Asian victim is working. Perhaps he is the store owner struggling to make a living, or simply a low-paid employee, but either way he is working to feed himself, whilst the two robbers are clearly not gainfully employed, despite apparent excellent health. For that matter, the many Black citizens of Ferguson who quickly gathered to protest and later loot for freebies seem not to have gainful employment. The Asian and many like him have reason to feel aggrieved about this, for they, like us, are paying for the welfare and food stamps that sustain the robbers and looters in excellent health. It is probable that several struggling Asians have lost their businesses as a result of the looting, yet their plight does not have the slightest interest for our Media Ruling Class and its Leftist allies. If you have any doubt, study the MSM reports! There is much MSM concern for the feelings of the Black rioters and the restrictions on their right to loot, but not a shred of concern for property owners and those who have now lost jobs.

On this website we will also draw attention to, and the ramifications of, the robbery shown on the video. Burglars generally attempt to conceal their identity and crime. Pickpockets and hold-up men usually hide their identities. Brown and his partner-in-crime made no attempt at secrecy and concealment of identity and they robbed in broad daylight in a very public area. Some might attribute this boldness to stupidity but we attribute it to other more obvious causes, including a sense of entitlement, a belief that in their community robbery for freebies is perfectly acceptable, a resentment of those who have started out with nothing yet are ‘prospering’, a view that Asians are inferior, the arrogance of the predator and the confidence that there will be no punishment. To support all these conclusions we point to the fact that the alleged two robbers were sauntering, perhaps swaggering, down the middle of the road with their swag when the police SUV rudely interrupted their walk home to mother.

The MSM which, as in the Trayvon Martin case is scrambling to make the narrative adjust to unpleasant facts emerging on the alternative Media, is making much of the statement by the police chief that Officer Wilson did not know about the nearby robbery when he accosted the two jay-walkers. It seems highly improbable that his police radio would not have mentioned a reported robbery that had just taken place near his patrol route. More likely he had not been officially informed that he should look for two robbers walking in the middle of the road.

It is impossible not to have some sympathy for Brown’s mother who has lost a son, one who she has certainly fed well and physically nurtured over many years. Even if all the material care was funded by other’s taxes – and she may have been a hard worker- (the MSM’s reporters carefully avoid delving into such issues unless they are seeking to smear Christians, Conservatives and Nationalists), she will have invested love and care in him. Perhaps he also has a grieving father. But to claim, as she has, that releasing the video amounts to character assassination by the police, is laughable. To what character is she referring? Does the young man who takes what he wants in a store, in broad daylight and then violently bullies the shop worker, have a character to be preserved? What are the standards of ‘character’ in this and similar communities? Since the residents of Ferguson are ‘protesting’ night after night and are being joined by other similar ‘communities’ we can assume that these are all people who have no concept of ‘character’, no concept of waiting for facts to emerge and who are seemingly easily manipulated by the Media Class and its allies. That is the most charitable explanation. Less charitable but more likely is that these are people who have grown used to freebies, have their men in the White House and at Justice, and are demanding a bigger share of what others have earned.

The attempts by police to stop the looting with force, was portrayed by the ‘community’ and the MSM cheerleaders as provocative, and responsible for inflaming ‘Black’ feeling.  The police, in deference to MSM attacks, then tried marching in support of the looters. This appears to not have achieved anything but more looting. Since the MSM reporting is encouraging a breakdown of law and order and since the protection of people’s property is to be sacrificed to reparations, the lesson for all Asians and property owners is to buy guns, defend gun rights to the death and mount armed guards over property. Meanwhile we learn that Eric Holder’s (Communist) State Police Department did all it could to prevent the robbery video being released. We hope Asians and counter-revolutionaries are paying close attention!

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