Beware Republicans Who Say ‘Move on!’

The Mainstream Media has lost no time in creating a ‘House Speaker’ narrative that portrays Congressional Conservatives as an unreasonable and disruptive minority recklessly dividing the Party and indulging in gesture politics.

This MSM intervention is to be expected, and note the attackers are not Democrat politicians. Democrat attacks invariably trail behind in this Revolutionary civil warfare. It is the MSM, always marching in lockstep, which decides the strategy, defines the tactics and orchestrates the offensive.

The Media/Leftist narrative in the ‘House Speaker’ affair is that Boehner, McCarthy and their supporters are moderates and realists who recognize that it is futile to obstruct Obama’s march of progress. Those Congressional Conservatives who have brought down Boehner are wild-eyed extremists who are linked to the extra-Parliamentary Far Right forces of the Tea Party, Conservative/Nationalistic Talk Radio and a fringe of Internet racial and moral bigots.

It is more than possible that there is truth in the widespread accusations that Boehner has an alcohol problem and McCarthy is embroiled in an affair with a colleague. They are probably not alone in the Republican ranks for having succumbed to the temptations of Washington’s artificial social life. We have to assume that many Conservatives set off for Washington full of good intentions and are seduced and then compromised one way or another. Since they represent the Party of traditional, Christian morality, when they succumb to the glittering temptations, seemingly out of the spotlight, the ever watchful corrupt Media obtains its hold over them. The price for MSM silence is political ‘moderation’. No doubt the fallen sinners see Democrat colleagues wallowing in the good times and forget that the MSM protects its comrades and destroys its opponents.

Republican ‘moderates‘, even those who wear Conservative clothes at election times, practice what the MSM calls compromise and which is actually surrender. A few of the current Republican primary candidates have actually said that it is time to move on and accept the Far Left’s revolutionary gains. Kasich has said that same-sex marriage is now ‘settled law’ and so time for Republicans to drop the issue.

Of course, the Media Class and its Far Left allies never accept settled law. The Defense of Marriage Act was settled law, confirming that real marriage was between a man and a woman. ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ was also a settled practice in the military. These were not Far Right principles but simply the continuation of two thousand years of accumulated wisdom and practice. Yet the Far Left Democrat Party did not move on and accept the confirmation in law of normal behavior. Nor have they been open to compromise. Instead they furiously doubled down on the issues surrounding unnatural sexual relationships and continue to reject any hint of compromise. Indeed they are constantly advancing a pervert’s agenda. Obama openly sneers at compromise and very publicly demands surrender.

On this website we totally reject ‘moving on’. There should be no acceptance of SSM and its associated nonsense, no acceptance of Obamacare, no acceptance of unconstitutional government, no acceptance of illegal immigration, no acceptance of limitations on free speech, no acceptance of limitations on the right to bear arms, but a complete rejection of every Revolutionary policy of the last seven years and a complete reversal of those policies.

The House conservatives who are standing firm against their compromising colleagues deserve our support and encouragement. It is telling that the compromisers are happy to compromise with the Ruling Class but never with their Conservative colleagues.


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