Open Secret: (Gay Hollywood 1928-1998) by David Ehrenstein

Ehrenstein is a Hollywood insider who has been involved in film making and writing. He is openly homosexual and this book will not be pleasant reading for many Christians, conservatives and Nationalists, for it approvingly monitors the growth of homosexual influence in Hollywood film and TV. Still, Ehrenstein is an engaging and skillful writer and clearly knows the film-making industry and its most powerful people. This book is essential reading for all those who wonder why the big screen and the small box are continually pushing the envelope on homosexuality and providing it with a falsely harmless face. Incidentally, by packing the book with quotations from Hollywood homosexuals, Ehrenstein provides credibility to the claims of Stephen Green in his book ‘The Sexual Dead End’ about the spiritual emptiness and transient nature of homosexual relationships. We also get more than a peek into the affinity of sodomy and sado-masochistic practices. On page 27, when covering James Dean and his ‘boyfriend’ Jack Simmons, Randall Riese is quoted as saying, “Simmons silently waiting on Dean hand and foot is scarcely mysterious to those familiar with the master/slave dynamic of the gay leather scene.”

It is in the sitcoms that homosexual propaganda is most successfully promoted. On page 302 Ehrenstein writes, “The gay and lesbian TV writers of today have been pushing the envelope every chance they get”. On page 302: “In short, when it comes to sitcoms, gays rule”. And gays have “risen through the ranks to dominate sitcoms as never before.” As this book is clearly written for a wider readership than just homosexuals in the Media, Ehrenstien is predictably coy about telling us just what homosexual men do with each other beyond worshipping young male bodies but on page 303 he quotes Phil Hartman: “God forbid a straight person should acknowledge that there are pleasures associated with their anus. That’s a big door that people don’t want to open”. Damn right that normal people don’t want to open the lavatory door in search of sexual relationships!

After ploughing through this book I began to wonder if many in the film industry are straight. It is not just actors we should note but more influentially it is the directors, producers and writers who seem to be increasingly of just one persuasion. Many are not only powerful but rich too and they have bankrolled Obama and his Democrat comrades into the White House and Congress. Pipers call the tune and these homosexuals, a core element of the ruling Media Class, will be calling the tune once Obama takes office.

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