Liberty Versus The Tyranny of Socialism: (Controversial Essays) by Walter E Williams

This paperback is a collection of essays covering the period 2001 to 2007. Williams is an African American and a long-time Professor of Economics at George Mason University (USA). Many American conservatives will know him as an occasional stand-in for Rush Limbaugh on Talk Radio, when he is funny, very entertaining and extremely knowledgeable on economic issues. If Americans had wanted to elect a Black President able to understand and solve the Nation’s current economic and financial problems, then Williams was the ideal candidate. Unfortunately, Williams is highly intelligent, extremely lucid, expert in his subject, a patriotic American and totally non-PC – so quite unqualified for the job! To give an example of his willingness to enrage both Black race activists and White Leftists, Williams reminds Blacks that they are lucky to be living in the US and not in Africa. He is also a strict Constitutionalist and believes that the US Government should not be involved in activities except where there is a clear mandate in the Constitution. This would rule out Federal education, Federal welfare and all the other Government services which now empower politicians through taxation and spending. He is particularly good at making his points through analogies and I recommend this book to serious conservatives in both the US and the UK.

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