The Sexual Dead-End: by Stephen Green. Broadview Books 1992

‘The Sexual Dead-End’ is essential reading for every conservative and Nationalist as well as every Christian and every parent of young children. Mr. Green’s book, which describes the homosexual movement’s speedy advance from criminal status (1950’s) to privileged status in Law and State education (1990’s), is packed with evidence. Most of that evidence is taken verbatim from the mass of literature that the homosexuals themselves produce, for they are nothing if not pornographic in habit. Of course much of their printed material was written to be read only amongst themselves, at least until legislation and government began forcing it upon us all, for Mr. Green demonstrates clearly that the homosexual political agenda is nothing less than a world where sodomy is the least of the many degrading practices that we must all accept as ‘normal’ and to which our sons must be exposed to at the earliest possible age.     Green makes the case that there is no demarcation line between male homosexual activity amongst adults and the pursuit of ever-younger boys. Not all homosexuals seek sexual relationships with pre-teen boys, not all homosexuals are insatiably promiscuous and not all are driven to extremes of sado-masochistic rituals, but those that are not are on the fringes of the movement. The activists demand no limits on their appetites and their appetites are unlimited. If you do not believe me, inspect Mr. Green’s evidence for his book is full of their material and it is all from their mainstream. If you want to see a much broader review of this book, see our article on the 28 of October, 2008.

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