Blacklisted By History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy by M. Stanton Evans

Evans’ thoroughly researched and documented retelling of the Joe McCarthy story is a must-read for every serious conservative. This book, launched in the Autumn of 2007, has been shunned by every MSM publication, including the supposedly conservative Wall Street Journal. Since the book is an academic work which covers not only an important period of modern political US history, but also deals with a topic (McCarthyism) that resonates to this day, one would have expected a great debate to ensue. The silence has been deafening for the book has been shunned. Leftist academics, ever ready to earn a buck writing propaganda for the ruling Class, have not put pen to paper. The reason is obvious. Evans thesis, that McCarthy is an American hero who has been smeared with lies and distortions, is unarguable. Not only that, but in the telling of McCarthy’s campaign to unmask the Communists who infested the US Government services, Evans also reveals how so many of the traitors who were driven from Government were placed in influential and well-paid sinecures in the United Nations, the World Bank and other international bodies where they were able to continue advancing Socialism. When McCarthy’s reputation ultimately has been publicly restored, we will know that the Media Class has been removed from power.

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