No El Nino. Of Course Not.

Last summer here in middle California was a little longer and hotter than usual, but so far this winter has been consistently colder. Other parts of the USA have been experiencing intense cold and heavy snow. There is much MSM talk of a warm Pacific Ocean bringing a devastating El Nino to California. For the record, we can tell you that the rains that have fallen so far are only typical of a normal Californian winter. They have in no way replenished lakes and reservoirs and with January almost gone, El Nino is nowhere in site. Daily weather forecasts have been woefully inaccurate and a reminder that the ‘experts’ do not have the tools of an exact science. If the next day’s rain cannot be predicted with certainty, the next decade’s weather is even less certain and we must assume that forecasts of 30 years hence are governed by a political agenda.

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