Global Warming Did Not Happen

Last Fall the climate experts were telling us that the Pacific Ocean was getting hot from Man-made Global Warming and would deliver a record-breaking El Nino to America’s West Coast. This winter, so the experts told us, California would see hill sides washed away, canyons turned into torrents and reservoirs overflowing. On this website, because we believe that Global Warming is a MSM tactic for people-control and the wealth redistribution of working people, we were skeptical.

Well, here we are almost through February, and no El Nino, just a winter rainfall that is just a little greater than some years, and not enough to end California’s growing water shortage. The dirty little secret behind the ‘drought’ is that the Democrats’ and the Collaborators’ combination of open borders and engineered population growth (motivated by votes and money) ignores nature. California – a beautiful State created by God – is over-run with perverts, fantasists, wealthy Socialists, ambitious totalitarians, the mentally deranged and the Godless and so proceeds to catastrophe.

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