El Nino, Florida, and Rising Seas

The MSM has for months been predicting El Nino for California, based on ‘expert’ opinion that the Pacific Ocean has hugely warmed due to global warming. On this website we have repeatedly expressed pessimism, though the arrival of a three-month monsoon would be greatly welcomed in a State that invites the Third World in without concern for adequate water supply.

The rains so far have been normal for most winters, certainly not unusual. When December and January failed to welcome El Nino, February was hailed by the experts as the month it would arrive. Half of February now looks to be exceptionally dry and time is running out. Of course, the 10 day forecast might be wrong and who would be surprised by that – other than the experts! It won’t stop them forecasting doom, gloom and the imminent inundation of Florida by rising seas.

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