Dry Years Ahead – Another Water Shortage

California’s Far Left Governor Jerry Brown has made the State’s current water restrictions permanent. He correctly anticipates that this winter’s rainfall (ludicrously greeted as El Nino) will be followed by dry years. He is pretending that the dry years will be evidence of global warming. In fact they will be a continuation of the droughts that have long created desert States in America’s South West.

Brown, a product of San Francisco’s 1960’s conversion to sodomy, fantasy and lunacy, nevertheless is a proponent of mass illegal immigration and Third World population growth. From his asylum in Sacramento he directs that every Californian small town and city must build, build and build. Developers gratefully contribute to the Democrat Party, and illegal Mexican workers (good men, by the way!) flood in to do the building, as rampant urbanization eats up every open space. Brown’s answer to the choked freeways is mass transit and dense living standards. He has nothing to say about increasing the rainfall since that would require an act of God, and God is not going to help Sodom and Gonorrhea. His Socialist solution is to punish by rationing the existing citizens. We need a Governor Trump!

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