ZOMBIETIME! You Are Wrong About Same-Sex Marriage!

One of this website’s links is to ‘zombietime’, an excellent website that does the kind of job the Mainstream Media (MSM) carefully avoids. What makes ‘zombietime’ unique is that the founder infiltrates the most perverted corners of San Francisco and takes photos of the public activities of the sodomites and Leftists. These exhibitionists love to take their behaviors on to the streets but the MSM knows that most of the general public would be both disgusted and alerted to the dangers that the perverts pose. Since the MSM has a large, rich and influential constituency of these people and shares their agenda, it considers it wise to gloat over their activities whilst shielding them from a public that ‘is not quite ready’ for their exposure.

The Zombietime camera man/woman recently infiltrated the San Francisco protests which followed the Californian Supreme Court’s upholding of Prop 8 (the successful voter proposition that limited marriage to one man and one woman). The photo record is worth a visit but on the blog site there are many blogs, including the editor’s, that whilst making derogatory comments about the protestors, express support in principle for same-sex marriage. All miss the point entirely and fall into the trap which the same-sex crowd has set, which is to deal with this marriage issue in isolation. The argument is that if homosexual couples get married it has no effect on heterosexual couples who marry.

The real truth is that the legal and societal recognition of same-sex marriage is intended by the revolutionaries to be a Trojan horse. For once same-sex marriage gains legitimacy (like homosexual fostering and adoption) there can be no rational argument against the next steps. These include the popularization of homosexuality in schools, the exclusion of sodomy’s opponents from public service, the legalization of homosexual relationships with juveniles and then children, the acceptance of cross-dressers and transvestites in all types of employment and ultimately the banning of all speech and religions that condemn or criticize sodomy, homosexuality or both.

Let us be clear about marriage in contemporary society. A huge number of heterosexual couples choose to ignore it and simply cohabit. They obviously experience no serious legal or financial handicaps in their lives. So unpopular is marriage these days that even those who ultimately marry put it off for years and often wait until a pregnancy. Many others cannot marry a partner of the opposite sex because of an already existing marriage. None of this seems to lead to the kinds of emotional crises and outrage that homosexuals are claiming to experience. Not being able to marry, no matter what the circumstances, is no longer a ‘big deal’ and we all know it. Yet homosexuals and the Leftist enemies of Christianity, have with the collusion of the MSM, been successful in portraying the denial of marriage to same-sex couples as a Civil Rights outrage comparable to slavery and the back-of-the-bus treatment of Black people prior to the 1960’s. No wonder African-Americans feel insulted!

I was recently in a Christian Church and listening to the pastor’s Sunday sermon. He is a good man and intellectually smart yet even he implied that Christians are not really in a moral position to oppose same-sex marriage because many fall short of the Christian standards in their own lives. He also is making the mistake of seeing the issue as an isolated one of Civil Rights. Every citizen who cares about the protection of children from corruption has a duty to halt and reverse the homosexual revolutionary bandwagon. Homosexuals, just like those heterosexuals who ‘live in sin’ or marry, are free to indulge any sexual appetite behind their closed doors. And long may it be so!

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