Zogby’s ‘World of Tomorrow’ Misses the Point

John Zogby, a Lebanese-born American citizen runs a polling company that gets much attention during election times. There was a time when he was a regular guest on the Lee Rodgers morning program on KSFO. The conservative Talk-show host was fond of pointing out Zogby’s good track record in political forecasting whilst at the same time warning listeners that Zogby was a Leftist. Rodgers eventually dropped Zogby when his forecasting run of successes came to a halt. The conclusion must be that Zogby does not always get things right and the same is true of all forecasting, whether about voting intentions or trends in society.  Zogby has now brought out a book called “The Way We’ll Be”. I have not read the book, only Michael Barone’s review, but Barone is a reputable senior writer for U.S. News and World Report and a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, so I will review his review.

The first question I always ask about any new book is ‘Why now?’  Well, we are approaching a U.S. election and American Leftists are getting excited by the prospect of a Leftist clean sweep of the White House and Congress and a Democrat Congressional majority that will be big enough to allow a radical transformation of the American social landscape. The discerning spectator of this election campaign will have noticed that beneath the puffery about economic matters and foreign policy the election is most of all a major battle in the epic culture war that has been escalating over the last thirty years.

Obama is right to claim that he is all about ‘change’, though he and his Media Class minders are rather coy about what that change actually will be. The Congressional elections too are all about change and again most potential voters are not being alerted by the Media to the full extent of the change, for to do so would alienate many, probably the majority of Americans at this time. So, we have a half truth emerging in the election campaign and it is that things are going to change but the conservative public need not be alarmed by specifics.

Zogby in this new book forecasts that Americans as consumers will want ever more variety in the products and entertainments they buy. Barone notes that this is hardly news as we have experienced decades of this already. He is surely right that we have experienced this in the field of manufactured products since the advent of capitalism and free markets. However I would question that this has been true of entertainments. Since most entertainment now comes via the Media the truth is that it contains very little true variety and has been reduced to camouflaged propaganda. Entertainment has also been deliberately ‘dumbed down’ and is now what Lenin would have called ‘dope for the masses’. Zogby is claiming that Americans are moving towards acceptance of less consumption “the public is trimming expectations, making do with less, and finding a subdued peace in the process”. As Barone points out, this prediction is in conflict with Zogby’s previous prediction but I think Barone misses the point.  Zogby’s book is part of the Leftists’ propaganda onslaught for this election. It is an old Leftist trick to dress up selected contemporary facts as evidence of an unavoidable desired outcome. Thus the fact that motorists are now driving less miles because of the price of gasoline is presented as evidence that people are embracing the ‘greenery’ that Leftists desire for the masses (though not for themselves). In reality Americans want more drilling for oil and Leftists oppose drilling anywhere, but this issue must not be allowed to damage Obama’s election chances, hence a book that suggests that ultimately people will be happy to live in a USA where the government rations gasoline.

The nub of Zogby’s book however is his prediction that young Americans-those born since the early 1980’s- are significantly different than their parents and all previous Americans. I am sure Mr. Zogby is pleased to discover through his polling that they are no longer blindly patriotic and reject the notion ‘My country right or wrong’. Nothing pleases Leftists more, especially during the Presidency of a hated Christian and his war, than a decline in old-fashioned patriotism. The issues surrounding patriotism have always been complex and few good U.S. citizens have ever blindly embraced the notion of ‘country right or wrong’. Except for Leftists, who always assume that their country is wrong, most people, through the democratic machinery have concluded that their country is mostly right when it declares war. Few wars that have been embarked on by the U.S. in modern times have been anything but reluctantly accepted as necessary after much heart-searching. Patriotism requires that citizens who have moral or practical doubts about a war that their country has entered into, close ranks, for to protest after war has started encourages the enemy and demoralizes our troops. Protesting and voicing opposition results in more casualties for our soldiers and the young and not-so-young protestors in San Francisco have betrayed the Nation and its defenders.

Mr. Zogby also predicts that future generations of young Americans will also favor same-sex marriage, abortion and other cultural changes that I am sure he would argue are progressive. He may well be right and who should be surprised given that the education system has been used for decades to advance a liberal agenda. I predict that not only same-sex marriage will be legalized throughout the Western world, but that abortion-for-convenience is here to stay along with the banning of Christianity from the public sphere (including all levels of education), the rewriting of history and the abandonment of most traditions. Zogby’s book is intended to further this Leftist agenda by presenting it as almost a fait accompli and associating it with the young as though they have been freed of ancient bigotry. The truth is not that the young have been freed but that the young have been indoctrinated. And not only the young! For who among us can escape the daily indoctrination of the Media Class?

The important question is why and how these cultural predictions of Zogby have come to pass. On this website we know the answer. It is that the Media Class, empowered by technical advances in communication since the 1960’s, has assumed power in the Western world and is busy advancing an agenda that makes its constituent parts comfortable. In the USA the November elections offer the American Media Class an opportunity, through its surrogates in the Democrat Party, to obtain overwhelming political power and thus finally win the cultural war that has been ever more openly waged for at least two decades. In Europe, the Media Class and its Leftist allies have already won this war mainly through the bureaucracy of the EU. The cultural revolution now taking place all over the Western world can only be understood (and resisted) by those who grasp that it is the work of a new ruling Class.

Today I saw the Internet reporting on the John Edwards affair. It is highly instructive that the Media Class which stifled the Edwards story for almost two years is now more than willing to dish the dirt on him. Initially he was protected in the belief that he might win the Democrat nomination. When it was clear that Obama was to be anointed and Edwards might be a useful running mate, he was protected even in the face of overwhelming evidence presented by the maverick National Enquirer. Now that Edwards has made the mistake of partially admitting in public to scandalous behavior he has become expendable as well as an embarrassment to the Democrat Party of the Media. Since no political advantage is now to be gained by the Media Class in protecting him, the Media Class can and is doing what it is so skilled at, which is destroying an enemy. He is suddenly getting the treatment that a conservative or Christian can expect when caught with pants down. He has quickly been publicly distanced from the Democrat Party and is in political exile and so the MSM can dig up his past and shoot holes through his self-serving half –truths. We now learn all about the crooked past of his assistant Andrew Young, the man who claimed paternity of the love child. The MSM must have known all along about Young’s checkered history and about Edward’s affair but only now is the public to be told. The MSM is also digging into Edward’s use of campaign money. One can sense a mood of rage in the Media reporting, for Edwards’ badly-timed confession, just days before the Obama coronation in Denver, is an unwelcome distraction from the planned run-up that the Media has been busy orchestrating.

Recently on this website we commented on the considerable financial support for the same-sex marriage campaign being provided by Ford Motor Co. and P.E & G. Now we can add McDonalds to that list of big companies that are willing to alienate many customers in order to please the Media Class. When Big Business stampedes to support the Media agenda with cash and resources, what chance do conservatives, Christians and Nationalists have to turn back the tide?

In the previous article on this website, we described Putin’s invasion of Georgia as the act of a former totalitarian gangster and forecast that, like Hitler and Stalin he will be watching the reaction of the Western States. When he gets away with Georgia he will be licking his lips over the Ukraine or the Baltic States. I always know we have taken the right side of an international issue when I read Pat Buchanan taking the opposite side. Pat sees the Georgians as having brought about their own problems and of course they have done so because they have been recklessly encouraged by the neo-cons in the Bush Administration and John McCain. At some point he will no doubt apportion a little blame to Churchill too. Pat is not alone in siding with the Russians for Martin Winfield of the BNP (who I presume is expressing his Party’s line since the BNP does not allow internal policy disagreements) is also pro-Russian. It is a tragedy that Nationalists in the West are so anti-American and anti-Jewish that they are willing to apologize for a gangster graduate of the Russian secret police. I know that George Soros pumped money into some of the former Soviet States and I have no doubt that his motives are not good ones by the standards of this website, but who can doubt that the ethnic peoples of Georgia, the Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and all the other former Soviet Socialist Republics, like those subjected by Serbia, wanted out? Pat Buchanan and the BNP are mostly right on domestic issues but on International matters a knee-jerk isolationism combined with conspiracy theories about Jews takes over as though a nation can opt out of world matters. Would that it was so!

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