Zimmerman Trial Political Not Criminal

Despite the outrages of Benghazi, IRS Gate and the many scandals erupting about the Obama White House, we make no apology for returning to the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case that will soon begin in Florida.   We have, from the beginning, leaned to the view that Zimmerman was being sacrificed on the altar of Obama’s 2008 re-election campaign and that the Mainstream Media (MSM) had too quickly jumped to a wrong conclusion that the Martin death offered a great opportunity to mobilize the Black and College vote. George Zimmerman’s present predicament may have everything to do with his last name and the light color of his skin, for the MSM assumed that he was Caucasian. 

    Last week’s decision by the judge to prevent Zimmerman’s attorney from introducing Martin’s recent past behavior into his opening statement – sweet music to the ears of the Prosecution and the Martin family – added to our belief that Zimmerman is going to be denied a fair trial. The Prosecutor went on the record as saying that since the deceased Martin was not on trial, his recent past was irrelevant and that this trial was only about Zimmerman. 

    In our last article we pointed out that Zimmerman, as a community watchdog guard, seems to have acted according to the book on the fatal night when he and Martin had a violent confrontation on a dark street. It was a confrontation that from the evidence that has so far surfaced was only partly witnessed by one person, a local resident. Ahead of the trial we cannot be certain that Zimmerman’s account of the events was and is the whole truth, but it seems a stretch to believe that Zimmerman, having called the police as soon as he spotted Martin in the gated community, was intent on stalking him, motivated by racial hatred rather than to protect the community from a possible criminal. He must have suspected that Martin was a criminal and possibly dangerous, and we now know that Martin was not the baby-faced 12 year old whose face was plastered all over the MSM. The Martin that Zimmerman saw was a tall, active 17 year old, no different in appearance from the many Black youths who shoot each other, burgle homes and join flash mobs all across the Nation. I doubt Zimmerman would have kept Martin under surveillance if he had not himself been armed, indeed he would have been foolish to be a night-time guard unless armed. 

    The confrontation took place and that is beyond doubt and it will be interesting to know if it was on Martin’s route to the house he was allegedly temporarily occupying with his father’s girlfriend. If not, then it is almost certain that Martin was either engaged in some criminal enterprise or seeking a confrontation with Zimmerman. In either case it is possible that Martin was angry that he was being kept under surveillance and this could have been because he felt unfairly suspected/profiled or because he was an angry and trouble-seeking teenager who resented authority figures. 

    No-one can know what Martin’s mindset actually was on that night, but his recent past behavior at school, on the Internet and elsewhere, are the best indicators we are going to have. If Martin had been, up to that fatal moment, a choirboy or a gentle hardworking and ambitious student, it would be a stretch to believe that he sought a violent confrontation with Zimmerman. In that case, we could be suspicious of Zimmerman’s account that he was attacked by Martin without provocation. 

    Even then it is difficult to believe that Zimmerman, having shot Martin after a struggle, would have been quick-witted enough to self-inflict substantial wounds on both the front and back of his head, knowing that the police would arrive at any moment and that the sound of a gunshot would have alerted neighbors. Zimmerman’s head wounds are beyond dispute and it is surely extremely telling that the police who came on the scene subsequently accepted his account of being violently attacked by Martin. That the police carried out a reasonably thorough investigation is borne out by the photos, the medical examination and other details that are on record. 

    The police satisfaction with Zimmerman’s account held up until local Black activists and the Martin family began to protest and cast Martin as a victim of racial prejudice, both Zimmerman’s and the police. And then the MSM, with a re-election agenda of its own, picked up this local story and before long the President himself, motivated either by identification with his Black half, or sensing a political opportunity, put the mighty power of the Government against poor George Zimmerman. With the hindsight of the IRS scandal, we can see how bureaucrats and others see which way the political and career winds are blowing in this revolutionary lawless time. 

    The Prosecutor’s claim that Martin’s past behavior is irrelevant is clearly nonsense, unless the gunshot wound in Martin’s corpse makes nonsense of Zimmerman’s account of the struggle. The only other possible evidence that the Prosecution appears to have is the phone conversation between Martin and his girlfriend. There is much reason to view her and her account as tainted, and that is putting it mildly. 

    Now it is sometimes true that a police investigation is sloppy and that justice has not been done. The local Black population and the Martin family may have been justified in protesting the police conclusion though the victimization attitude of most – though not all – Black Americans is often knee-jerk, easily aroused and indifferent to facts. Any reading of Internet blogs about this trial by African-Americans and White Leftists leaves this writer with the impression that for them facts should not get in the way of a greater truth. They are there waiting to erupt on the streets and the MSM, the Race-card opportunists (Sharpton and Jackson) and the President have jointly created an expectation that Zimmerman must be sacrificed. 

    We continue to write about George Zimmerman’s predicament because we hate injustice and the corruption of the criminal justice system to serve a political purpose. No law-abiding person benefits from it, and as we have seen from the IRS scandal, conservatives and Christians should be greatly alarmed when Government and its agencies cease to be neutral, for this is the road to totalitarianism. Zimmerman is said to be a registered Democrat but he may also be a little guy who was doing his job and has been caught up in a corrupt election campaign and its aftermath. The forthcoming trial will decide if Zimmerman loses his freedom for many years and perhaps his life inside a gaol. In the absence of witnesses on that dark night and in that quiet street, unless impeccable forensic evidence reveals him to be a liar, the jury must surely rely on the characters of him and Martin in order to decide guilt or innocence. If the defense is denied this we must assume that the trial has become a Show Trial and political calculation has replaced justice. 

    On May 29th, the George Zimmerman Defense Fund announced that they are running out of funds to properly prepare the case. Without the necessary funds for the defense, what chance does he have of a fair trial? Radical and Right have made donations and we urge all readers of our website to follow the links below, to the Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund Trust, and do the same 1

    The WSJ today has a picture of the first same-sex ‘marriage’ in France and we are once again invited to have warm feelings about SSM and the ‘wedding’ that took place in Montpellier between two men. We are told that the ‘wedding’ is historic and there is a picture of the two holding hands. We are not told which one is the ‘wife’ in this ridiculous and pathetic piece of make-belief. The guests included a Government Minister. The MSM and the Media Class has long had SSM at the top of its agenda and so no opportunity is missed to manufacture the impression of an unstoppable and popular rolling bandwagon. To aid this propaganda exercise other facts have to be suppressed. The MSM will not tell you that last weekend hundreds of thousands of French citizens again marched against SSM in Paris. The smallest estimate is 200,000 and the organizers claim one million. Four grotesque Ukranian lesbians can be guaranteed maximum and highly favorable MSM publicity for any bizarre and offensive activist escapade and hundreds of thousands of solid normal citizens become invisible! This is the power of the Media Class and this same power will ensure that Obama and his comrades survive all the current and future scandals just as long as he promotes SSM. 

    Weather – It has been another cold week here in middle California but the forecast is for excessive heat today and over the next week. The man-made global warming (MMGW) narrative has been pretty silent in the MSM during the long winter and Spring of low temperatures that have been experienced not only in the USA but all across the Northern Hemisphere, including the UK. Here in the USA we can expect much Media talk of MMGW if the excessive heat arrives. 

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