Zimmerman Show Trial Approaches

With the trial in Florida due to commence in one week’s time, the Mainstream Media has been ramping up its attempts to assure the conviction of George Zimmerman.   The Miami Herald’s reports have left no doubt about which side it is on with reports that refer to ‘Trayvon’ and ‘Zimmerman’. This week however, Judge Debra Nelson and the Florida State Prosecution, both of which are eager to help the Media Class and President Obama put Zimmerman behind bars, received a significant setback when the Fifth District Court of Appeal ruled that Zimmerman’s Attorney can depose Benjamin Crump. Nelson had twice denied the Zimmerman Defense Team this opportunity and she has now been over-ruled. 

    Those not paying close attention to this political Show Trial may be forgiven for thinking that lawyer Crump is a member of the prosecutorial team, since from the beginning he has been playing a leading role in releasing evidence that purported to show Zimmerman guilty. It is hard not to believe that he has been hand in glove with the Prosecution and occupying a leading role in it. In fact, Crump is representing the Martin family, and therefore part of the movement to mobilize the partisanship of the public in general and the African/American ‘community’ in particular. One might question why the Martin family needs a lawyer, given that the State is treating Martin’s death as a murder and Zimmerman as the murderer. Since the Martin family is alleged to be poor, we ask how they can afford to employ a lawyer over many months. It may be that Crump, who is African American, is providing his services free, though few lawyers do this. It could be that there are sinister organizations in the background which are funding him and the family and it would not be a stretch to believe that a Soros organization would do so. Some unkind souls on Conservative websites have suggested that Crump is expecting to represent the Martin family in a civil lawsuit after the approaching trial is over. Not only would he and the family stand to reap a financial settlement but there will be book deals with a colluding Media Class and then a Hollywood film. There are big bucks at stake for Crump and the Martin family, but biggest if Zimmerman is convicted. 

    At this stage of this article it is worth laying out again what appears to be the bare bones of the case. Martin, a seemingly angry and disaffected Black teenager, had recently been shipped to his father’s girlfriend’s house in a gated community in Sanford Florida. He was suspended from school for his behavior, though the prosecution and the Judge have deemed his recent behavior has no bearing on the case. Because the gated community had been the scene of several crimes (burglaries?) it had created a neighborhood watch and on the fatal night of Martin’s death, George Zimmerman was the official watchman. Zimmerman, we are told, was a married resident of the community, and it is widely claimed by his supporters that he had a history lacking racism of any kind. 

    In the dark of evening Zimmerman, who was sat in his vehicle (presumably the community was quite large and he used it to patrol, or it was a cold evening and he preferred some comfort to patrolling on foot) spotted Martin walking along a community street and concluded that he looked ‘suspicious’. He understandably did not recognize Martin as a resident and phoned the police to report the presence of a possible criminal intruder. The police call-operator received the call, confirmed that the police would respond, and told Zimmerman that ‘he did not need to follow or – by inference – confront the suspect. This may be the standard advice that police departments give in all such cases and stems from several motives including the ‘leave it to us professionals’, to concern for the safety of the security officer, since at this stage nothing was known about Martin, who may have been armed and dangerous. Zimmerman did not take the advice – it was clearly not, as some claim, an instruction – and proceeded on foot to keep Martin under surveillance. If Martin had broken into a home and Zimmerman had intervened, he might have been lauded as a hero. 

    All of the foregoing seems to be beyond dispute though what followed is brief and seemingly lacking in witnesses. This is not surprising, given that it was a dark evening and in America few people walk the streets except in well-lit Downtown and busy areas. 

    A violent confrontation took place between Martin and Zimmerman, which was partially and inconclusively witnessed by one resident who said Zimmerman appeared to be underneath Martin on the ground. Zimmerman fatally shot Martin with one shot, alleging in his statement that Martin was on top of him and inflicting injuries to his head. The police were quickly on the scene and carried out an investigation. Zimmerman had substantial head injuries consistent with his explanation that he was under Martin on the ground. Ballistic evidence, if honestly given, will show whether Martin’s fatal wound was consistent with Zimmerman’s account to the police. We dismiss as fanciful the allegations being made by agitators that Zimmerman inflicted the head injuries upon himself. 

    We have deliberately used the words ‘if honestly given’ in regard to the ballistics evidence, since the Mainstream Media (MSM), its Leftist allies, the President of the USA and his AG have all combined to cast Trayvon Martin as an innocent and very young boy who was the victim of the historical racism that still allegedly plagues Black people. A racially-charged atmosphere has been created around this ‘incident’ (it may not be a crime), and given that big and powerful players have ranged themselves against Zimmerman, who can be trusted to give evidence that is untainted by manipulation, threat or intimidation. 

    Enter Mr. Crump, for he produced an alleged witness ‘8’ in the form of Martin’s girlfriend ‘Didi’. She, Crump claimed, was on the phone to Martin immediately prior to the confrontation and her testimony will show Zimmerman to be the aggressor. Unfortunately, as we understand it, Crump interviewed Didi before the police had a chance to do so and it is alleged by the Zimmerman defense that he ‘schooled’ her. Crump certainly misrepresented her age to the MSM, when claiming that she was Martin’s girlfriend. When this allegedly distraught ‘girlfriend’ did not attend the Martin funeral, the reasons given appear to have been invented to give more credibility to her standing as Martin’s girlfriend. One can see why the Zimmerman defense team wishes to put Crump on the witness stand, since he may have deliberately tainted the girl’s testimony and involvement. 

    It is worth going back to the police assessment of the fatal night’s incident, which was that Zimmerman’s account of events was believable and backed up by the available evidence, though at that time the ballistics evidence might have cast doubt on Zimmerman’s version. However, the subsequent initial ballistics evidence appears to have supported him. The prosecution has obstructed the defense throughout by withholding evidence and the decision to prosecute was made only after an orchestrated local and national outcry had set aside the initial police decision not to proceed. It was surely a political decision and not based on the available evidence. That the State has continued with the case strongly suggests that Zimmerman will be found guilty ‘no matter what’ it takes, for much is at stake. Not only the reputations of the State Attorney’s Office and the Judge but the President himself, who claimed that Martin was the son he never had. 

    Zimmerman, whose defense is out of funds – unlike the Martin family and the State – faces a hostile Judge, a hostile MSM, and a hostile Government that is constantly revealing itself to be lawless and near-omnipotent. Zimmerman, and any witnesses that might have supported the defense, will face a trial venue that is being set up to intimidate them. In the last week we have learned that the MSM will invade Sanford en masse and we can safely predict the reporters and cameramen will not be there to report objectively but to celebrate ‘racial justice’. It is said that the State has enlisted the help of several Black pastors to “calm” the African American mob that is expected to assemble. Clearly, all are being prepared for a show of strength on the streets. It is reported that real estate prices have sharply fallen in the area and local businesses are ‘boarding up’ in the expectation of mob violence should the jury have the temerity – or is it the courage? – to find George Zimmerman ‘not guilty’. 

    Al Sharpton, a race huckster who has his own NBC TV program, is already leading the charge and Jesse Jackson will not be far behind. We predict that there will be rioting and looting (all across America) even if Zimmerman is found guilty, for so many young Blacks, despite or because ‘their people’ are in the White House and Justice, have been told to feel angered by racism and exclusion. 

    On this website we cannot see how Zimmerman can get a fair trial in Florida, where the mob is being assembled, and the Government is lurking in the background. Some website visitors have found consolation in the fact that it only takes one brave soul to create a hung jury and that the lack of a credible prosecution case surely will stir the conscience of at least that one. We shall see, but the sight of Lois Lerner boldly facing down House Republicans, lying and then taking the Fifth, indicates that the Ruling Class is now able to act lawlessly with disdain. 

    Good news last week was that Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio survived a recall attempt, despite huge sums of money pouring in from out of State to remove him. The bad news was that Michelle Bachman will not run again for the House. Like many emerging great conservative candidates (with a spotless reputation), she was relentlessly targeted by the MSM, the homosexual billionaires and the rich Leftists, besmirched and ultmately worn down. 

    We often mention the words that the Ruling Class uses selectively in the MSM such as ‘inclusive’, ‘far Right’, ‘vigilantes’, ‘divisive’, ‘activist’ etc. One more propaganda word to look out for is ‘polarizing’. Sheriff Joe is always described as ‘polarizing’ and so are all who stand for normal marriage. We on the Right should take up this word and use it accurately and continually. Who could be more ‘polarizing’ than Obama? Every conservative should refer to him at all times as our ‘polarizing’ President. Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz are regularly described in the MSM as ‘firebrands’. Surely Al Sharpton deserves the label ‘firebrand’. The Black and Leftist mobs who are about to assemble in Sanford are best described as ‘race vigilantes’. In the UK, the organization ‘Unite Against Fascism’ is properly deserving of the introductory phrase ‘violent Red mob’. Let us start to use these words appropriately and reclaim them. 

    We recommend watching the speech recently given by Britain’s Paul Weston, a campaigner against Islamic violence and Imperialism, and Chairman of a new political party Liberty GB 1. We know nothing about him or his little Party but his speech is irrefutable and Cameron, the British MSM, its rich Ruling Class and the violent Left will surely unite to shut him up. Weston speaks with lucidity, reasonableness and quiet passion and has the polish that BNP leader Nick Griffin so lacks. No doubt Griffin will soon be telling us that Weston, like Tommy Robinson of the EDL, is the tool of neo-Cons and Jews. 

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