Zimmerman Released on Bail

We make no apologies for returning to the Zimmerman/Martin case, for it is a crystal-clear example of the Ruling Media Class and its Mainstream Media selecting one event from among many, hugely amplifying it, twisting facts, hiding facts and inventing facts – whilst ignoring real news – and all in pursuit of its own agenda. In the Zimmerman/Martin case, the Media Class has no concern of its own for the late Trayvon Martin, or for Black Americans in general. It has unashamedly sought to railroad a possibly innocent Latino, George Zimmerman, to a life in prison and failing that to a life as a fugitive from the mob.

Its recourse to all this cynical manipulation of both News and minority emotions has three motives.

The first and primary motive (and on this website we nailed it from day one) is to achieve the re-election of President Obama in November by arousing racial anger in Black communities and thus mobilizing Black voters. The intention of the Mainstream Media (MSM) has been to resurrect the Dixie racial atmosphere of the 1950’s and early 1960’s. The Media Class is fully aware that a large number of African Americans, handicapped by 50 years of welfare dependence that has left them uneducated, marginalized, dysfunctional and envious, are easily mobilized by inflammatory propaganda. It also knows that there are many Black ‘leaders’ whose livelihood depends on fostering a sense of victimization and who can be relied upon to pour gas on to the flames. And it knows full well that in an America that has been compartmentalized and divided into race, gender and Class (by a coalition of the Media Class and the Left), almost all Black Americans will be unwittingly herded back to the plantation.

The second Media Class motive that is at work is that of aiding its Leftist allies in the election campaign, for the Left needs always to portray America as an unjust, exploitive and victim-filled society. Leftists are invariably motivated by internal conflicts and irrational emotions, including anger (at parents), envy, an insecurity that creates a longing for controls and a need to be controlling, and guilt. These are the factors that fuel the Leftist’s intolerance of dissent and a longing for totalitarianism. The Media Class is happy to ally itself with Leftists because totalitarianism can be used by a Ruling Class to impose an unpopular revolutionary moral agenda.

Finally, the Media Class is attempting to combine the President’s color and self-identification with Black America, to immunize him from criticism. If the facts of the Martin case can be twisted to look like the historical persecution of Black people is still at work, then anyone who opposes Obama’s re-election is doing so from racial prejudice and can be smeared as a racist.

It is the opinion of this website (and others have increasingly shared it) that the MSM initially assumed that Zimmerman was White and then found it difficult to drop this case and find another better suited to its racial agenda. Consequently it has had to overcome some big hurdles, including classifying Zimmerman as ‘half White’ whilst portraying Obama as ‘all Black’. It has also had to re-invent Martin’s age and history and hide Zimmerman’s mostly respectable background. But nothing is too big a propaganda challenge for the ascendant Media Class. And now Black mobs of feral youths, criminal elements hungry for loot and those Leftists who crave revolution in the streets, are poised to have their day (or more likely days) of violence. Still, mob violence is a gift to the Newsrooms and blame will be attributed to those American people who work hard, save and prosper.

Since the facts surrounding Martin’s death may not be enough to convict George Zimmerman, the MSM and Holder’s (in)Justice Department are looking to crucify the suspended police chief of Sanford. Someone, no matter how innocent, will have to be sacrificed. We might guess that Ms. Corey, the specially appointed State Attorney is making sure that it will not be her. Two judges have sidestepped getting into the sights of the mob, the MSM and Holder, and the third has drawn the short straw. Meanwhile, on the Internet, Black and Leftist tweeters en masse have been plotting the murder of the yet-untried Zimmerman and Eric Holder’s usually frenetic Department has been resolutely looking the other way.

It has been possible to glean some new facts from the Internet’s conservative sites and answer a few of the questions we asked in our previous article. George Zimmerman is married and his wife is – or was until the Media’s campaign – attending Nursing School. Zimmerman himself was working for a mortgage risk management firm but understandably stopped working after the traumatic struggle with Trayvon Martin. The Martin ‘girlfriend’ who is said to be the source of evidence that will prove Zimmerman’s guilt was not a girlfriend and did not attend his funeral – or at least that is what has been claimed by some sources.

We shall learn whether this fact is true in due course, that is if Zimmerman lives long enough to stand trial. He is in hiding from the mob and presumably in great fear for his life. His family may also be extremely fearful of the violence being openly whipped up, yet ignored by Eric Holder and his Boss President Solyndra. In case anyone thinks this unlikely (because the MSM hides real News), Matthew Owen is fighting for his life in Mobile, Alabama. His crime was simply being White and available for punishment from a mob of some 20 Black people armed with weapons who beat him to a pulp. He was told that his beating was ‘for Trayvon’. He is not the only White victim of Black violence (‘for Trayvon’) this week. Meanwhile, Eric Holder and his ‘Justice Department’ have no interest in these particular Hate Crimes.

We – radical and right – have one other query that arises from the known facts of the struggle between Martin and Zimmerman. How did Zimmerman manage to get his gun out and shoot Martin in the chest if Martin was (according to Zimmerman) astride of Zimmerman and banging his head on the ground? No doubt the forensic report (if truthful) will reveal whether Zimmerman’s account is accurate.

At the beginning of this article we accused the Media Class of working and lying for Obama’s re-election. It is our constant claim that the Media Class put Obama in the White House and that he is its President. In an article in the Washington Post (which together with the New York Times fulfills for America’s Media Class the same role as the UK’s BBC does for the UK) dated April 21st, reporter T.W.Farnam wrote the following about the Obama election fundraising: “The influx during the first quarter of the year shows the President is getting an especially warm embrace from Hollywood and the broader entertainment industry, partly making up for a drop in support from Wall Street . . . according to a list of fundraisers released by his campaign on Friday.”

“The Obama campaign has 533 people who have each raised at least $50,000. Of this year’s bundlers, 117 are in the top echelon, raising at least $500,000 each, nearly double the number the campaign reported at the end of 2011 and more than double the 47 who reached that level in 2008.”

“The campaign has 13 top fundraisers from the Entertainment Industry including actor Tyler Perry, film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg and Miramax founder Harvey Weinstein. In 2008 just 3 of the top fundraisers hailed from the industry.”

In February “a Foo Fighters concert for 1,000 people in the backyard of a Soap Opera producer and a separate $35,800 plate dinner” raised a large sum for Obama. On May 10th Obama will be at the home of George Clooney for another “high dollar dinner, slated to be the biggest event of his re-election with an expected haul of more than $3m. Overall, Obama has raised at least $53m in California ($21m from the LA metro area).”

“This news is especially good for Obama because top Hollywood personalities have the deep pockets needed to make large contributions to the super PACS. Comedian Chelsea Handler, who hosts a late-night talk show on the E! Entertainment TV network gave $100,000. . . . Katzenburg, who previously gave $2m to the group, and comedian Bill Maher, who gave $1m. . . . “For people in Hollywood, and the creative community, I think the main motivation is advancing progressive ideas” said Bill Burton, who runs Priorities. “They care deeply about equality and the environment and a long list of things that are important to Democrats.”

Don’t you like the word ‘backyard’ to describe the place where a Soap Opera hosted 1,000 Hollywood fat cats – surely an overly-large house for someone who ‘cares deeply about the environment’!!! And I like how these people describe themselves as ‘creative’! ‘Deep pockets’ can be translated to mean that these comrades to the world’s poor are filthy rich doing very little work. Whilst Bankers, Oil Industry bosses, and Miners are vilified and demonized by Obama, his Leftist comrades and the MSM, these ‘deep pocketed’ morons, get a pass. So do Trial Lawyers, a traditional source of Democrat contributions and who make up about 1 in 5 of Obama’s top bundlers.

For the record Chelsea Handler – who I had never heard of – has boasted of having an abortion at aged 16 and has written books about her ‘one night stands’ describing the variety of sexual encounters she went through throughout her life. Also for the record – no pun intended – Foo Fighters are an ‘alternative’ Rock Band from Seattle. I took a look at one of their albums of creativity entitled “A Mother of Time”. The creative lyrics that have taken them to the top of modern Showbiz are typified by this extract.

“Let’s change the subject to someone else. You know lately I’ve been subject to change. Normally I reel in the strange. Hangover, I’m older'”.

Clearly a masterpiece that Cole Porter, Ira Gershwin, Noel Coward et al would have been proud of!!!! Even the pimply, strumming Beatles and Reggie Dwight (aka Sir Elton John) have done better!

The truth is that filthy-rich creative people with deep pockets from the Entertainment World fund Obama and his revolutionary comrades because they are using political power to destroy the Judeo / Christian culture that makes them aware they are perverts, narcissists and hypocrites.

Weather – Rain continues to afflict drought-suffering England and the North East of the USA has experienced more snow and rain, all thanks to Man Made Global Warming and carbon fuels. Meanwhile here in central California a couple of hot days promised MMGW but the cloudy weather has returned to make this an unusually cool Spring.

Music Choice – In case Foo Fighters’ lyrics were too challenging for you, try Jack Jones’ version of ‘Me and My Big Ideas’. This quality song, written by Gladstone and Spence, was on the Jones 1961 album “I’ve Got a Lot of Livin’ to do.”

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