Zimmerman Persecution Continues

Given that George Zimmerman’s trial resulted in his being found innocent in the shooting of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, it should have been possible for this website to move on to other issues. However, the news that the Department of Justice is searching for a justification to land him back in Court with new charges and a long prison sentence, makes it clear that Mr. Zimmerman is not going to be allowed to get on with his life.   It is not enough for this Revolutionary Government that Mr. Zimmerman unjustly faces a life of fear from inflamed Black Americans and Left extremists, so what is going on? 

    One of our website visitors suggested that as Mr. Zimmerman was a registered Democrat and reportedly voted for Barack Obama, we need not waste our sympathies on him. This is a good point and yes, there is an irony in Zimmerman’s ongoing persecution by the Obama Government and yes, he is getting what he voted for. However, this writer has always – no matter his politics at the time – felt strongly when the ‘little guy’ gets bullied by the powerful, especially when the ‘little guy’ has done nothing wrong. Mr. Zimmerman is only 27 and this writer was still a Leftist at that age. Marriage, owning a house, paying taxes and perhaps in the future having kids, may well have changed Zimmerman’s politics over the course of time, especially if he is an emotionally mature man and not doomed to a lifetime of the dysfunctional and resentful feelings that characterize so many Leftists. 

    When I see pictures of Mr. Zimmerman and read his history and then compare both to the pictures of Trayvon Martin that he himself posted on Twitter, accompanied by the most anti-social comments, I cannot help seeing one as the neighbor I would welcome and the other as the young evolving thug who would make my life a misery. For a time I worked as a security guard for an Asian company and saw – and sought to prevent – enough examples of Black on Asian criminality, to understand why the neighborhood watch volunteer Mr. Zimmerman would have been amply justified in profiling and following a Black youth in a ‘hoody’ who was not a resident. 

    Mr. Zimmerman behaved as a good and responsible citizen on the night of violence. Martin may not have been looking out for a burglary opportunity in the gated community when returning to his father’s alleged girlfriend’s home, but it is equally possible, given his recent past, that he was! No-one seems interested in how Martin funded his drug-taking and other activities and maybe he did so by a little burglary. 

    The main reason however for continuing here with the commentary on Zimmerman’s persecution is that we are seeing the unfolding power of a Revolutionary Leftist-led Government and its key component, the Media Class using its Mainstream Media (MSM). No other websites have quite grasped the whole narrative that drives the relentless pursuit of poor Mr. Zimmerman, who is just a hapless ‘little guy’ caught up in a historic revolutionary situation. Mr. Zimmerman finds himself cast as the counter-revolutionary who must be crushed so blatantly, unlawfully and unfairly, that all ‘little guys’ who protect their property and cling to their guns, will be thoroughly intimidated. He cannot be allowed to walk free, for the MSM – the propaganda arm and intimidatory weapon of our new Ruling Class – cannot risk a reversal. Nor can the multitude of reporters and commentators who have driven this case with lies and omissions, tolerate losing, for they believe they have unlimited power. 

    Many conservative commentators now understand that Mr. Zimmerman was selected as a victim because he was assumed to be White, but none seem to realize that the prime original reason for his selection was to galvanize the gullible and always resentful Black voters for the 2012 re-election of Barack Obama. It is foolish and foolhardy to believe that our new Ruling Class, then or now, dances to the tune played by Sharpton and Jackson. Rather it is they who dance to the Media Class tune. The MSM can destroy Sharpton and Jackson any time it wishes. They, and other race opportunists like them, can only get away with their hypocritical but comfortable lifestyles because the MSM ignores their inadequacies and confers on them an uncritical status. 

    We on this website believe that Obama and his side-kick Holder do nurse strong anti-White (and probably anti-Asian) resentments, and this is an important factor in Mr. Zimmerman’s ongoing persecution. They understand that the contemporary situation is that Blacks (not all of course, for we must remember the courageous, post-racial and astute minority represented by Clarence Thomas, Professor Walter Williams, Col Alan West and Thomas Sowell) are now more resentful, envious and relatively unsuccessful than any time in the past 40 odd years – thanks to Media propaganda, welfare-financed destruction of marriage, and Leftist indoctrination. They also know that many young Blacks are increasingly unrestrained in their attacks and depredations against those living around them. We believe that Obama and Holder share the view that it is about time that there was payback. More importantly though, the Ruling Class and its Leftist allies view the Black lawbreakers and unrestrained mobs as the vanguard on the streets, should the need arise for violence to further their revolution. The members of the mobs and the home-invaders would be even bolder in their depredations if the law-abiding, potential counter-revolutionaries were disarmed and fearful of standing their ground. 

    Poor George Zimmerman is the unwitting poster child representing the armed resister. He represents those home-owners who have earned their meager prosperity and are willing to defend it. Such people are not only nauseating to Leftists but are a potential obstacle to the completed revolution. Gun control is now a powerful component of the anti-Zimmerman campaign, for the extreme Left that includes the Democrat Party, wants nothing more than a disarmed ‘respectable’ America. ‘Stand Your Ground’ legislation empowers the law-abiding. 

    President Obama today, has made a speech in which he attributes some of Trayvon Martin’s fate to the image of the young Black predator that now (realistically) prevails. The late Trayvon Martin, at least temporarily, is no longer the son he never had. However, we have learned in the last four years that Obama rarely tells the truth and is capable of any deceit. This latest pronouncement is not his call to the Black community to change itself but is a calculation (based on the latest Rasmussen poll that shows that only some 21% of Americans believe that Mr. Zimmerman should be charged with a new crime) that the majority of Americans have not been taken in by the MSM campaign and that its claim that America is incensed by the Florida Court’s jury decision, is simply not true. If he meant his words, Obama would immediately halt the DOJ’s search for any tit-bit that might provide a cover for getting Mr. Zimmerman back in Court and in captivity, and thus a lesson to all. Instead, the DOJ is busy providing facilities for informers and unprincipled opportunists to make accusations. Does anyone seriously think that Eric Holder and his Gestapo at the DOJ do anything without the approval of their boss in the White House? 

    The ongoing persecution of Mr. Zimmerman has not yet, as far as I am aware, brought forth one Republican legislator in protest. Columnist Ann Coulter has joined the ranks of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and others, in exonerating Mr. Zimmerman and attacking the Government and MSM for their morally-unjustified persecution. But the Republican Party, to its shame, remains silent. Have I missed a statement by Sarah Palin, Jed Bush, Gov. Christie, Michelle Bachman or John McCain? 

    Turning to other topics, have Lois Lerner or Jon Corzine yet been charged or is the DOJ too busy with the Zimmerman persecution to pursue real criminal behavior? Regarding the Orwellian misuse of the English language by Leftists and MSM reporters we can add to ‘unrest’ (mob riots and stealing from shops) the terms ‘Reproductive Rights’ (the murder of the almost-born) and ‘advocacy groups’ ( Leftist agit-prop organizations mostly funded by George Soros). 

    Weather – Global warming (though not man-made) has gained some credibility this last two weeks with very hot temperatures in middle California and in the south of England. So far this week, here in Middle California, I am sure that the temperatures have not risen as high as predicted. I was recently visiting the southwest of England and out of curiosity visited little Starcross that stands low on the Exe estuary. It is a little bit of England that has not yet been ‘improved’, ‘developed’ and ‘urbanized’ and therefore still delightful. I think at least one resident believes Al Gore’s predictions of rising sea levels, for I saw a small rowboat parked on a tiny front yard, close to the front door and directly below a bedroom window. No doubt the owner is ready to leap in when the sea comes bursting over the railway line that separates the village from the tidal waters. 

    Music Choice – Julian ‘Cannonball’ Adderley was a fine alto sax player who died too early (1975) from a stroke. With his brother Nat Adderley (on cornet) he made many fine recordings and played music with joy and humor, in stark contrast to today’s miserable, whiny warblers and strummers. I recommend their recording of ‘The Jive Samba’, a tune written by Nat, who was a considerable composer, and recorded in San Francisco in 1962. Austrian Joe Zawinal was on piano, Yusef Lateef on flute, Sam Jones on bass and Louis Hayes on drums. Today’s ubiquitous guitar is nowhere to be heard!

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