Zimmerman Distrusts Judge – Opts For Jury

The Zimmerman/Martin case has not gone away, though the Mainstream Media, some Florida officials and perhaps Obama himself wishes it had.   As our website visitors will know, for we explained the Media’s motive and role in this case right from the beginning, the Mainstream Media (MSM) wrongly assumed that Zimmerman was White and that the case could be used to ignite Black resentments and turn them into votes for Obama just before the 2012 election. Ever since the election, and as more and more facts have emerged, the task of maintaining that Trayvon Martin was an innocent child victim of a racist White vigilante has become more and more difficult. Almost every one of those facts has revealed the dishonesty of the MSM’s narrative of the crime. 

    Yesterday, former security guard George Zimmerman appeared in Court with his legal adviser and opted to go for trial by jury in order to refute the charge of second degree murder. He could have chosen to employ Florida’s ‘stand your ground law’, which legitimizes using deadly force anywhere if attacked, and in so doing sought immunity from prosecution and obtained a speedy resolution. This however would have required putting the finding of guilt or innocence solely in the hands of Judge Debra Nelson. 

    From the evidence that has so far seeped through the distorting lens of a wholly biased MSM, it would seem that Mr. Zimmerman has a slam-dunk case for employing the stand-your-ground defense, but he and his Attorney O’Mara are wise not to put his fate in the hands of Nelson, or indeed any judge that is likely to be allocated to his trial. Nelson, reflecting Media sentiment and the Black/Leftist agitators and their street mobs, has appeared hostile to Mr. Zimmerman from the beginning. To explain this we must remember what forces are lined up against him and question whether any judge chosen by the State would remain detached and impervious to pressure from the most powerful forces of Government ever marshaled in modern American times. 

    We know that Obama, unprecedented for a President, inserted himself into the legal process and chose sides in this case on the basis of skin color and in disregard of facts. Obama’s henchman at the Justice Department, Eric Holder, has also repeatedly shown that he is willing to blatantly misuse the full force of the Department for political and racial purposes. It would take a brave and un-ambitious judge to earn the enduring hostility of such a powerful and ruthless pair, the enmity of the Ruling Media Class and all the forces of State they can deploy. If this were not enough, the united MSM has, from the beginning of the Martin shooting, done everything in its vast power to have Mr. Zimmerman pronounced guilty without trial. 

    We have diligently followed this case in the MSM and on Comcast and have yet to read an objective report – one that isn’t dishonestly worded in order to portray Mr. Zimmerman as a trigger-happy racist and the late Trayvon Martin as a model student. Here are two of the most recent examples; 

    ‘Prosecutors say he profiled and confronted the unarmed teenager despite a police dispatcher instructing him not to do so.’ 

    ‘Martin was walking back to a town home in the gated community in Sanford Florida with snacks to eat while watching a televised basketball game.’ 

    There is no mention here of what Mr. Zimmerman has claimed or a mention of the employment duties he was carrying out at the time. He was a patrolling security guard charged with protecting the gated community from criminals, for there had been several burglaries in the locality. No-one, except the deceased Martin himself, could possibly know what he was doing in the neighborhood at the time of his clash with the neighborhood watchman Zimmerman. It also seems unlikely that there is anyone who can know what his intentions were for the rest of the evening and night, so the innocent picture conjured up by the reporter is pure invention. Nor can it be alleged from the evidence so far released that Mr. Zimmerman was unreasonably monitoring Martin’s presence inside the gated community. (‘Profiling’ is a highly contentious word that has been high-jacked by Leftists to stop police and others from anticipating that Black youths in certain circumstances are contemplating criminal activity). In regarding Trayvon Martin as a possible criminal – he was not a resident – Mr. Zimmerman was merely doing his job. He was not ‘instructed’ by the police dispatcher to ignore the suspicious youth, but ‘advised’. The MSM reporters know that ‘instructed’ is a misleading word but continue to use it at every opportunity for it is the flimsy cornerstone of the false narrative that they constructed. There is – so far – no evidence that Mr. Zimmerman did confront Martin rather than that Martin confronted him. Even if Mr. Zimmerman had been following Martin and then ‘confronted’ him, these were not unreasonable acts in the circumstances and did not have to result in any kind of physical struggle unless Martin instigated it. 

    I can write about this gated community scenario with some experience for I worked as a security guard and sometimes ‘profiled’ young Black men, and not without good cause! Usually the profiling ended in confrontation because they committed crimes (against Asian business victims) or became angry because their criminal intentions were frustrated by my presence and surveillance. 

    Mr. Zimmerman and his attorney have opted for trial by jury and I have no doubt that that looks like the better option when set against an ambitious and seemingly hostile judge, unfettered by a jury. However, it will be hard for Mr. Zimmerman’s attorney to achieve a fearless and unprejudiced jury especially when a biased judge can do much over the course of a trial to prevent a defense lawyer from conducting an effective defense. It will not surprise Radical and Right if a howling mob is assembled outside the courtroom each day and witnesses for the defense intimidated. Nor will it surprise us if the MSM further inflames the mob and intimidates the jurors and witnesses with one-sided reporting. In the final analysis, the Obama Administration and the MSM have skin in the game, having long ago painted Trayvon Martin as a callow and innocent youth and Mr. Zimmerman as a White, gun-toting, racist wannabe cop. 

    Rush Limbaugh has been doing a sterling job each day reporting on Jason Collins’ sudden emergence from the closet. For those outside the USA – and thanks to the entire MSM, everyone inside the USA must now know who Collins is and what he does anally – Collins is a hitherto unknown pro-basketball player who at 38 years old is at the end of an unremarkable career. 

    This week he very publicly announced that he was both ‘gay’ (i.e. a practicing homosexual) and Black and now very proud to be so. The MSM’s reporters have been united in giddiness by this ‘news’ and big headlines and long columns have been devoted to him, his “courage” and his historic role. The identical theme of all Media reports (and according to Rush the TV shows have matched the newspapers in both the amount of coverage and the twin themes of “courage” and historic role) is that Collins is the first male pro-Sports player to reveal his sexual attraction to other mens’ private parts. Well, they don’t quite put it like that but that is what it amounts to. As always the MSM does not invite us to ponder the crucial physical details that homosexual behavior entails but rather diverts our attention to cleaner – and inappropriate/irrelevant – issues that will further the Media Class sexual agenda. In this case, we are instructed to see Collins as a trail-blazer whose great courage will enable a multitude of ‘gay’ sportsmen and role models for the Nation’s youth to emerge from the shadows of private sexual behavior and at last enjoy their sport and anal sex free from fear, bigotry and disapproval. What a great day this is!!! 

    Limbaugh’s take on this story is actually slightly missing the point. He believes that Collins has, by his admission, ensured another season in basketball, since no manager will dare to overlook him, fearing charges of bigotry. There may be something in this interpretation but Radical and Right have a much better explanation and it really is about making history. Before that, however, we must reveal our view of American basketball, for the MSM narrative is that Collins will be showing American males that ‘he-men’ can be homo. In the UK, the game of basketball is called ‘netball’ and it is a game played at school by girls. It is just another sport that is fun but requires a limited range of skills and nil amount of courage. Like indoor soccer it is a good way to exercise, compete and be a part of something. In the USA, the game seems to require the ability to pat a ball, jump and be around 7 feet tall. Not surprisingly, since African-Americans are among the tallest citizens and excel at athletics, Blacks dominate the sport and perhaps it is political correctness that has propelled this uninteresting (from the spectators’ point of view) sport into celebrity status and big bucks. 

    The big bucks and celebrity status have ensured that many non-academic students have gravitated to the sport and it is a highly competitive route to wealth. Collins, seemingly a third rate player according to Rush, had missed the boat to wealth and celebrity, but maybe not now. 

    On this website we have always maintained that pro-Sports have been absorbed into the now-Ruling Media Class, for their financing depends on the TV exposure and newspaper headlines and coverage that generates advertizing revenue. Basket-ball is a prime example of a sport that would pay ‘diddly-squat’ in wages if not for Media coverage. The consequence for any sport that comes to rely on the Media for publicity and income is that its members have to toe the Media Class line on all matters political and moral. A manager or player who now utters one word deemed by the Media’s Gestapo to be racist, bigoted or phobic, is history within days. A sign of things to come is that anyone associated with pro-Sports who reveals a Christian commitment is also soon on the way out. 

    It is our view that the Media Class and its Leftist allies, both of which are infested with perverts, have been busy building momentum for the same-sex marriage campaign, soon to be decided in the Supreme Court. This campaign is funded by America’s wealthiest and most powerful people and with the power of the MSM they have the capability to plan a winning strategy by mobilizing all its members, buying many politicians and intimidating and blackmailing others. The campaign for same-sex marriage (SSM) has been built on momentum and so each week a new well-publicized event takes place. One week it is a Republican defector from the real-marriage side, the next it is a former Church official and this week it is Collins. Some say they have changed their minds and now see SSM as a matter of human rights. Others say they have ‘evolved’ and some now come out of the closet. The key ingredient is that every week the momentum for the triumph of homosexuality must be maintained by a Media-saturated revelation. 

    The WSJ this week, and right on cue, printed a gushing Collins article by a reporter aptly named Jason Gay. This article was timed to sustain the momentum and confirms what we have always maintained, which is that apart from the conservative-leaning editorial pages, the WSJ is a voice of the Media Class and its agenda. We assume that Jason Gay is the reporter’s real name but perhaps one of our readers can inform us if it is a non-de-plume chosen for its aptness. 

    In our previous article we called for an on-line petition demanding the death penalty for all connected to the Boston Marathon bombing. We predicted that the Obama regime would quietly but determinedly resist the death penalty for any Muslim terrorist now uncovered. Can anyone believe that those in charge of the Boston Marathon bombing investigation and any subsequent prosecution will make any move without clearing it with the White House and Eric Holder? Now news is seeping out that the alleged bomber is being offered a deal to avoid the death penalty. The excuse is that such a deal will result in important information being obtained. 

    This has to be a joke given that Holder hurriedly arranged for the accused to be informed of his Miranda rights so that he would not reveal information. Once again, we are right! 

    A 50 year old woman is being charged in California with putting poison in juices in a Starbucks coffee house. Her name is Ramineh Behbehanian. So far no motive has been revealed and little information has emerged about the woman. Her name suggests that she might be Muslim, a word not mentioned yet by the MSM in this case. We will be monitoring this investigation as best we can to see if this is another act of Islamic terrorism that the MSM will try to misrepresent. Obama frequently claims that Islam is a religion of peace and that only a handful of its adherents worldwide are violent. Any perusing of the news around the world makes nonsense of his words. Recently we received film of Muslim demonstrations around the UK. In town after town angry and fanatical Muslim mobs were filmed marching through the streets demanding complete surrender to Islam from the native inhabitants. No-one would call these marchers mere ‘hand-fulls’. If their belligerence and numbers were not enough to frighten the natives, the police were caught on camera attempting – as demanded by the marchers’ leaders – to stop any filming by the natives since Islam allows no filming. 

    Weather – In middle California, hot weather has arrived, but so far temperatures have not been anywhere as high as forecast. Once again we think the forecasters are busy creating a folk-myth of global warming. In the UK the very long cold winter may be ending to be replaced by a typically cool Spring. 

    Music Choice – Havana Flute Summit’s recording of ‘Maraca’s Tumbao’ from the album ‘Havana Flute Summit’. Catchy and exciting!

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