Zimmerman Case: Martin’s Girlfriend Is A Liar

On this website we asserted from the beginning that the Media Class and its Mainstream Media (MSM), by recklessly and enthusiastically jumping to a hasty conclusion, had fallen into a serious error.   It was obvious to us that the Media Class had seen Trayvon Martin’s unfortunate death as an opportunity to advance its agenda and had paid little regard to the facts, so eager was it to help get Obama re-elected. This whole sorry episode and the turn it is now taking must be viewed in its context, which was that there was no certainty that Obama would be re-elected in 2012 but the Media Class was desperate to ensure that the moral and economic revolution that he was spearheading should be completed. One voting constituency that had to be firmed up was the Black vote. Much hinges on the Black vote for Democrats for not only is it monolithic at all times, but Black inner city ghettos are a wonderful place for voter fraud. In 2008, the Black vote – historically with relatively low voter turn-out – had been handily galvanized and inflated for a Black candidate. However, given that Obama’s first term had brought little economic benefit to the inner cities and that he had also sucked up to his homosexual masters in Hollywood, it seemed likely that the Black vote would remain monolithic but turnout would drop significantly. 

    There is nothing stirs the Black community better than a MSM-orchestrated horror story of racial victimization, White on Black. Young Blacks can die from gunfire on the streets night after night but as long as the killers are Black too, the Black community, White Leftists and the MSM show almost nil concern. But let a White man kill a Black man and racial feelings are quickly aroused. The MSM is skilled at manufacturing fear and victimhood and Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their gang of sordid Race hustlers are always ready to drop everything and hurry to the microphones and cameras proffered by the ‘reporters’ of ‘all the news’. Just for good measure, some other minorities and all those Whites who suffer from an excess of empathy, are also mobilized by a story of Black victimization. 

    And so on an ordinary day in America, after a normal night of Black on Black killings in the Inner cities, news reached the MSM’s editors from Florida, that there a White adult security guard in a gated community had recently shot dead a very young, unarmed Black college student. 

    To a MSM that is in campaign mode for the Left at all times, and was gearing up for extra duties for Obama’s crucial (for the Media Class) re-election, here was an incident tailor-made for maximum exploitation as propaganda. Presumably, so great was the fever among the editors and reporters that no-one thought to check the story for facts. Just as in the earlier Duke University Lacrosse scandal, the templet was self-evident, Black victim/White oppressor and 1860 could be resurrected as if it was yesterday. The Media Class was confident that African-Americans could be whipped into a frenzy of victimhood for Leftist politicians and the MSM have been busy honing victimhood for ‘minorities’ for decades. 

    One can imagine that MSM reporters were busy filing their ‘reports’ even before they got to Florida, and even as The Rev. Jackson (he whose son is a crooked Democrat politician) and the Rev. Al Sharpton (remember Tawana Brawley?) were hitting the streets. Right on cue, College groups of radicals, egged on by Professors of the Arts, Social Studies, Black Studies and Women’s Studies, were busy all across America’s campuses arranging protest marches of their gullible, guilt-ridden fellow students. No doubt reporters, other Leftist agitators, and the Race hustlers knew the ‘facts’ they wanted: macho, uniformed, gun-toting White protector of private property and racist, vigilante killer and young teenie Black dedicated college student (on the cusp of a medical career) as victim. 

    To make the dead Trayvon Martin really fit the bill, he was first presented in the MSM (as always marching in lockstep) as a 14 year-old, spindly, candy-loving innocent. Once the State Prosecutors saw where promotion and the good life lay – and if they hesitated, the intervention of President Obama identifying Martin as the son he never had must have been very persuasive – they began holding news conferences and fitting the facts to suit the templet. To make Martin’s age seem most convincing, his girlfriend, k/a Dee Dee, who was now conjured up as the key witness for the prosecution, had to be of similar age. We were told that she was just sweet 16 and left to speculate that she had never been kissed. We are still being told by the prosecution that she was on her cell-phone to Martin for hours that day and moments prior to his death by shooting and thus able to relate his last pleading and fearful words. 

    Curiously, as I understand it, Martin’s phone records have not been revealed to the defense and neither have ‘Dee Dee’s. 

    In Court this week, the Defense was able to wring from a reluctant and embarrassed prosecutor the information that ‘Dee Dee’ (she is still unidentified) had lied to him about her age. At the time of her crucial phone call she was 18 and is now 19 years old. This is significant for we now know that Martin was 17, was a tall and physically assertive youth on the cusp of – not a productive career – a troubled future. A 16 year old girlfriend was a key part of the false picture of him as a callow kid. 

    This is not the only lie that ‘Dee Dee’ has told. When she was not at the Media-drenched funeral of her late boy-friend, the public was offered the excuse that she was in hospital and this was widely publicized by a colluding MSM. The defense asked for her medical records and lo and behold the prosecutor has been forced to admit (through gritted teeth) she has lied again. There is no medical reason for her absence from the funeral, it seems. We might wonder where she was on that emotionally important day. Perhaps she was too overcome by grief to attend or perhaps she is getting cold feet about her looming Court testimony. At any rate she is a liar and the prosecutor is not much better. Predictably, the MSM that was once all over the case is now looking the other way and still marching in lockstep. 

    The forensic facts that have so far emerged and the one witness that has credibility, appear to underpin George Zimmerman’s narrative. It is possible that there are facts to come that will cast a different light on the night’s deadly event. However it is beyond argument that the Media and the Left-including the occupant of the White House – have been willing from Day One to ignore facts, present lies without any scrutiny and to assume Zimmerman’s guilt and Martin’s innocence. The only motive for such injustice is that a higher cause was being served, or as we always put it about Leftists – Their Ends Justify Their Means. 

    We have to admit that the MSM was successful in re-electing Obama to the White House and that the campaign to crucify the hapless Zimmerman contributed to the bolstering of both the Black and the college vote. We who get our news from the Internet’s real News sites have re-learned from the Duke University scandal that the Left is unapologetic when caught in lies, propaganda and racism. Those 88 Duke University Professors who penned and pinned a guilty verdict on the White Lacrosse players in a trial by intellectual mob are wholly unrepentant, even now when all the facts have emerged and the accuser has been proven to be a shameless and worthless liar. Here we see the kind of people who are being paid high salaries, provided with guaranteed jobs for life whilst teaching students such worthless – nay hate-filled – subjects, as Black Studies and Women’s Studies. [For more information visit Free Republic Feb 28th under heading “Duke Settles federal case with former lacrosse players” and taken from the Greensboro News and Record. I am grateful also to a blogger who pointed to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Group of 88. Here you will learn that the signatories condemning the players before the facts were 80% of the African and African American Studies (AAAS), 72% of Women’s Studies, 60% of Cultural Anthropology and 44.8% of Romance Studies. All are reported as unrepentant. This is chilling when one considers that these educators are poisoning young minds.] 

    Liberty is Under-pinned by Gun Ownership – Let us call a spade a spade! Those Leftists who most actively campaign for ‘gun control’ are not at all concerned to reduce group killings by mentally ill men, though some ordinary citizens and parents might be. The anti-gun lobby, and we include Obama, Pelosi and their comrades, want to disarm the citizenry, and particularly those citizens who are conservative and who value individual liberty and resist the ‘ant nest’ society that is Socialism. The Comrades of the Left realize that more than any other single factor it is widespread gun ownership that prevents them from easily imposing their new society on the unwilling. Their new society demands severe restrictions on speech, severe restrictions on property rights, severe restrictions on parental rights, severe restrictions on the market-place and severe restrictions on where you live and what you consume. 

    If you doubt me, just think of those parents in Germany who wish to Home School their own children (and face automatic imprisonment and the removal into State Care of their children); or those Nationalists in the UK who wish to campaign against mass immigration or the removal of the National flag from public buildings; or those citizens in Canada who wish to speak publicly against sodomy. They cannot! These are not the banana republics of South America or Africa but countries that have been known for freedom. Until recent times I thought of Britain and Canada as bastions of free speech but not any longer. Again I am grateful to a Free Republic posting of 4th March, this one by Squawk 8888 It is from the Sun News March 3rd by Ezra Levant and titled “Enlightenment, please, Supreme Court plunges us back into the Dark Ages”. I quote “Canada’s Supreme Court ruled that the Government has the power to censor anyone who publicly says anything ‘likely to expose a person to hatred or contempt’. ‘Not all truthful statements must be free from restriction’. The Court deemed ‘sodomite’ was an offensive word. 

    We on this website believe that the US Constitution is a wonderful document that has enshrined free speech and many near-unique freedoms for two centuries. Yet we would be wrong to believe that today’s Leftist politicians and activists regard the Constitution as anything other than an obstacle to their kind of progress, and most certainly they do not see free speech and many of our other freedoms as desirable. Indeed they abhor them. Our new Ruling Class and its homosexual constituency no doubt cannot wait for the words ‘sodomite’ and ‘sodomy’ to be outlawed for they can only advance their unnatural and unhygienic practices by allowing no discussion of the mechanics of their sexual encounters. In short there are many powerful groups in society today including our new Ruling Class and its President, who would like to get rid of much of the Constitution merely by Presidential edict. Widespread gun ownership, much of it in the hands of political opponents, is what is giving them reason to pause. In the UK, Canada and Germany, gun ownership is severely restricted by Government and, not surprisingly, so are the many freedoms we still enjoy here in the USA. Since the truest argument for an armed population is to limit Government power, it stands to reason that the people must be able to be as well armed as the Government’s enforcers and as well armed as the lawless. 

    One last reference to Free Republic! Posted by Iceflyer on 28th Feb under the heading of “Giant Rally of Thousands” there are pictures of the tens of thousands of pro 2nd Amendment demonstrators in Albany, NY. “Seeing is believing”, especially when the source is not the MSM, which again looked the other way. 

    Weather – Here in middle California it is cloudy and chilly, in short a continuation of the long winter we have experienced. In the UK our informant tells us that it has now been dry for two weeks and typical for the time of the year. Generally, the Northern Hemisphere remains unusually cold so not much evidence of MMGW. 

    Music Choice – In the 1950’s, the UK produced a number of popular singers with pleasing voices. None were as good as their American counterparts, but then America in that period was full of hugely talented Italian and Jewish crooners. One of the better British singers was a working class boy from Hull, who on leaving the army took his chances behind the microphone. Adrian Hill, who was born in 1926, had a string of hits in the UK during the 1950’s under the name Ronnie Hilton. Hilton had a very pleasing and tuneful voice and endured into the deteriorating 1960’s, when the pimply juvenile strummers began to get promoted for pimply audiences. His last hit was the curious “A Windmill in Old Amsterdam” which he wrote and recorded in 1964. It is a humorous rhyming lyric to a nice tune, and is in stark contrast to the garbage which now makes aging pimply youths mega-rich and prone to spout Leftist politics. Hilton died in 2001. Give his good-natured tune a listen!

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